Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 18

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Volume 3: Chapter 18 – Taking the Initiative to Provoke

“Dong Ri, Rest assured. Tomorrow I will definitely go with you to seize justice from them.”

I made us meditate together. Like this, we quickly entered the land of dreams. Tomorrow I will definitely speak out for him.

Early morning, when Dong Ri and I woke up and was just about to start our body strengthening exercises, Teacher Wen stopped us. Teacher Wen said, “Today I am giving you the day off. Rest well.” Saying this, he turned around and left.

Dong Ri and I looked at each other with surprise. We both knew that Teacher Wen gave us this time in order to take revenge. This is great. I immediately urged Dong Ri to quickly change his clothes, so that we could go find that gang of despicable fellows and get revenge.

“Principal, Is Elder Principal here?” A familiar voice came from outside the room and I quickly ran out to look. It turned out to be the gate guard.

I smiled and said, “Elder Brother Guard, What business do you have? I think Teacher left to inspect the academy.”

“Ah, so it’s Zhang Gong. It’s not good. Something big happened. Duke Bi Qi Zhu brought several Earl Elders to come see the Principal. It looks like something terrible is approaching. I don’t know what’s going on. They’ve brought their own clan’s future generation. Altogether there are about a hundred or so in total. Their relentless demands is slowly eroding away the gate’s guards.” He said while panting.The guard looked very worried.

Ah? Impossible. We still haven’t gone to take revenge. Unexpectedly they actually came to get revenge against us. Although they have infuriated me, I calmly said, “Elder Brother Guard, first go into the academy and find Teacher Wen. Dong Ri and I will go to the gates and take a look.”

Dong Ri and I arrived at the academy gate with the speed of lightning. Damn! It was truly noisy, just like a market. A large group of people were crowding at the academy gate. Dong Ri pulled on my ear and quietly whispered into it, “Zhang Gong, look. Those brats over there are the noble children I hit yesterday.”

I thought to myself, little brother, you can really hit. All those you hit were the children of government officials. It’d be useless to say anything now. Together, Dong Ri and I walked over. Dong Ri didn’t dare to say anything, so I took the initiative to yell, “Everyone quiet down! What happened? What troubled you so much that you came to disturb the knight academy?”

A bloated fatty that could not have walked more slowly came over and said, “Who are you? Tell your principal to come out and talk. I am Bi Qi Zhu.” Although he was very fat, , I sensed from the radiance in his eyes that the duke was not a simple person, but was actually a master.

I politely said, “Hello Duke Elder. I am a student at this academy. Bringing so many people to this academy’s gate, I fear this has caused a rather bad disturbance. When Principal Wen is satisfied he will come out. Could you wait at the side of the road for a moment?”

He wrinkled his brow and frowned, saying, “What clan are you from? I’ve never seen you before. Are you a commoner?”

I nodded, “That’s right. I was born from commoners.” Without waiting for me to finish, he interrupted me, “So it turns out you were such a lowly peasant. You don’t have the privilege to speak to me. Go off to the side.”

Hearing his words, my anger immediately surged, “What’s wrong with commoners? Are commoners not people? Are only you nobles considered people? Without us commoners, what would you nobles eat, drink? Is it not because of your ancestors that your names carry a bit of weight? What is so amazing about that? I will not move out of the way. What could you possibly do to me?”

My words made the commoners present let out a breath of their resentment. The commoners have suffered long enough from the bullying of the nobles. Behind me, Dong Ri continuously pulled on me. Later, I would know that this Bi Qi Zhu snobbishness was extraordinarily large.

My words clearly infuriated him. “Oh good. A filthy peasant dared to oppose me. Men, come teach him a lesson.” This is a populated area. Can he not distinguish this? We have to find a desolate area away from the city. He prematurely called his men to come fight me. His subordinates knew their boss’s intentions and prepared to cripple me for life in order to relieve their boss’s anger.

Dong Ri suddenly came out from behind me and said, “What do you dare to do? This is the knight’s academy. We do not tolerate the disorder you bring.”

Not only did Dong Ri’s appearance prevent me from escaping the trouble but contrarily had gotten himself into trouble. From within the duke’s crowd yelled a person’s voice, “It was him! Yesterday it was him that hit us!”

Bi Qi Zhu glared at Dong Ri and fiercely said, “So it was you who hit my son! Humph! I will give you an ugly death! Come! Surround them for me! Do not let them run!”

Bi Qi Zhu henchmen immediately surrounded us. Our situation was far from good. I sensed that Dong Ri behind me had cowered back a bit. Attentively, I responded to his feelings, “Afraid of what? Have you forgotten I am a magister?” My words greatly increased Dong Ri’s confidence. With a magister, what could you possibly be afraid of?  Even if you fought, it would be impossible to lose.

We were surrounded like water in a bucket, with three rows surrounding another three rows. You don’t have to be this extreme. We are only two children. The fat duke sent out orders, “Go. Arrest them for me.”  It seems he wants to find a proper place to “punish” us. Although the masses were dissatisfied and infuriated by the conduct of nobles bullying commoners, but with Bi Qi’s large forces they dared not to speak out.

“Who dares to try?” I am truly furious. My past temperament had always made me avoid conflict. Maybe it was because my current strength is exceptionally powerful and also because they’ve bullied us too much, that I was at the end of my patience. I’ve decided that I would no longer run but would instead battle of life and death.

I secretly chanted an incantation to protect Dong Ri and I from within. A layer of faint white light wrapped around us like a ring. Apart from Dong Ri, everyone had thought it was battle spirit. It was actually my spell, Divine Halo.

Bi Qi was very surprised, and thought to himself, these two brats are truly powerful. No wonder they could hit my son. It is a good that I’ve brought many people. “Everyone, together! I don’t believe they can block all of us.”

“Truly shameless. You have to use this many to defeat us?” I said with disdain.

Hearing my words, most of the men that Bi Qi brought had ceased their advance. It seems they still greatly value their honor. A knight’s spirit is deeply rooted into their minds. It will be much easier this way.

I chanted, “Oh great light elements, my friends, I request of you to let out an endless radiance.” This is a rank 5 light attack spell. Its appearance was exceptionally scary to others, even though the spell’s attack potential was not every strong.

Following my chant, a dazzling white light burst out from my body, enveloping a range of 50 meters. The thugs approaching within 10 meters of me were thrown far away. A few of the weaker thugs suffered heavy injuries.

I coldly snorted, “Whoever no longer wishes to live, do not hesitate to come over. Let’s see if us brothers can put this worthless lot into order.”

The people present don’t dare move. Bi Qi seeing this situation go amiss, swayingly walked to the front, his slender small eyes on his chubby face were already blinded forming two slits, “What you had just used was magic? Fine brats, it seems I have underestimated you. I will let you look at my strength. Know that my dukedom was not a product of coincidence. Humph!”

As his voice fell, I felt the pressure on my body increase. The Duke’s small stature let out grandeur that reached to the sky. This is far too unthinkable. Don’t tell me, could it be….?”

The Duke’s words confirmed my notions. He proudly said, “You didn’t expect that I was actually a radiant knight from my appearance did you? In Xiuda, strength is not limited to one’s own appearance.”

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