Child of Light - Volume 3 - Chapter 8

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Volume 3: Chapter 8 – Encountering Bandits

A short and stout middle aged man walked over, “Hello sir, was it you that wanted to use the amethyst card to pay the bill?”

“That’s right. What’s the matter?” I lazily answered. I’ve eaten my fill, right now my greatest concern was going to bed.

“May I ask you what your profession is?” The middle aged man asked with a smile.

“I am a mage. What does this have to do with the meal? Let me pay the bill immediately, I want to go.”

“It’s like this, the reason why we are called Signature tavern is because every person that eats here either has great ability or a position in society. So long as you write your signature here, you can eat a meal for free.”

“So there was such a good thing. Then I’ll give you my autograph.” Eat a meal without paying, not bad.

“Then what is your mage rank?”

I took out my magic union identification card, “Great Mage, is this a high enough rank?”

The shop keeper’s face showed a pleasantly surprised smile, “That is high enough. Without doubt. Then I will inconvenience you.”

With just a casual signature on the names of four delicious dishes, I was excused from paying for several gold coins worth of food. It seems that the magic identification card has it uses, not bad.

Later generations testified to the shop owner’s wisdom, for the Child of Light’s autograph was later auctioned off for 20,000 diamond coins.

I randomly picked a hotel to stay the night. Tomorrow morning, I’ll go to the east city gate. That was where I made an appointment with the strong man yesterday.

There were a truly great amount of people and great many carriages parked on the roadside. I suppose this is the caravan I’m supposed to escort. Isn’t that the strong man? From a glance, he looked like he was chatting with a few merchants.

“Hi, I’ve come. When are we leaving?”

“Ah, you came. Let me introduce you. This is the leader of the caravan we are escorting, Mr. Li Ci Meng.” He said pointing at a stout merchant. “This person is a great mage. Ah that’s right. I still don’t know your name. My name is Long Meng Hai.”

“My name is Zhang Gong Wei. Greetings everyone, I am honored to be escorting you all with Long Meng.”

Mr. Meng looked at me be doubt, “You are a great mage?”

“That’s right, what? Not convinced? Oh great light elements, heed my call, friends. Congregate in front of me, become a holy light annihilating everything.” I only displayed my own strength, so that I could take it easy during the journey.

Following my incantation, my body suddenly dispatched a dazzling white light pushing away everyone within five meters of me.

“If any of you have the slightest knowledge of magic, you should that was a rank six spell.” My voice transmitted from within the Holy Light.

My powerful spell caught the interest of everyone present, and they all gasped with surprise. I withdrew my holy light, “With this you should be convinced.”

As expected of a merchant, Mr. Meng immediately walked over with a smile across his face, “Excuse us, we shouldn’t have doubted you, great mage. With you on this journey, our safety is guaranteed.

Long Meng also walked over. A moment ago when I released the power of Holy Light, he hadn’t been able to resist even the slightest. He said ashamedly, “To tell the truth, I had also doubted your abilities at the beginning. Now I know how silly I was. In this escort mission, my mercenary company and I have decided to listen to your orders.

With everyone flattering me, I got a bit carried away. “You don’t have to do that. I just didn’t want everyone to think I was only here for food, hehe. You’ll still be in charge, I don’t want to. If something happens, it will be fine to just call for me.”

Like that, the journey had started with me and Long Meng’s mercenary company escorting about a hundred merchant carriages.

Because I had displayed my strength, everyone had treated me with admiration, letting ride in the most luxurious carriage and receiving the best rations during meal time. I also became a freeloader. It seemed that magic was truly not widely learned. Knowing magic had many benefits, not only having to not pay for food at a restaurant but I can also freeload off of the mercenaries, haha.

My carriage is at the center of the caravan. It is said so that I could look after the entire caravan from front to end.  Just when I was about to fall asleep, someone had shook me awake. It was Long Meng. He looked exhausted, his brow beaded with sweat.

“What’s the matter?” I lazily asked.

“It’s bad. It seems we’ve come across bandits.” Long Meng said nervously.

“That’s not possible. There are people that dare to rob such a large caravan?” In my mind, I imagined about twenty to thirty bandits.

“We have a large amount of men? Why don’t you go out and take a look?” Long Meng was clearly a bit nervous.

It seemed somewhat amiss, I dropped from the carriage, and was stunned by the situation before me. Now I knew why Long Meng had sweated so much, because I had also broke a cold sweat.

On top of the hills, I saw group of more than three hundred men before me. Such a large bandit group, how did I end up with such terrible luck? I originally believed I could comfortably complete this mission, but it seems this time there’s going to be a bit of trouble.

Long Meng’s mercenary company and I came together to the front. The bandit group had arrived in front of us in a flash, and scattered in every direction, creating an impenetrable encirclement.

“Tell your leader to come out and answer.” A bandit arrogantly yelled.

Long Meng, Mr. Meng, and I all looked at each other, who will go?  They suddenly pushed me out. This, this is too unjust! But I already came out. Let’s take a look. Honestly, to run away by myself is unacceptable. It’s possible to flee but I’m not that afraid. I walked forward a few steps.

“May I ask how we may help all of you gentlemen?” After I asked, the bandits immediately gave an arrogant, heartily laugh.

“Who do you think we are?  Leave all of your belongings behind at once and I, your father, will release you. Or else, hehe.” Their black battle armored boss said loudly.

“Elder brothers, we all aren’t that easy. Won’t you let us go?” I pleaded.

“Let you go? We waited a month with great difficulty for an attractive, wealthy target and you want us to let you go? What a delusion.”

It looks like it’ll be impossible to pass. I was suddenly hit with a bright idea, and recalled what Teacher Di and I had discussed. The people of the Xiuda Kingdom truly value face, especially the pride of a knight. It seemed I can exploit this.

“Excuse me, you, leader, are you a knight?” My words were hard and firm, piercing through the leader’s black battle armor.

Before he replied, a bandit viciously said, “Of course. Our boss is a heaven knight.” That leader wore an obviously proud appearance. Not bad, they fell into my trap.

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