Child of Light - Volume 6 - Chapter 14

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Volume 6: Chapter 14 – Naming Dragons

Since he had already apologized like that, what more could I say? I rubbed my butt before standing up. “Why did that stupid dragon call you Xiao Xiao Lan?”

The blue dragon replied, “It is how we call each other here. We call each other by colours. Let’s use that green dragon as an example. The Dragon King will call him Xiao Xiao Qing. A dragon from the same species, but younger by a generation, will be called Xiao Xiao Qing, therefore I am the pitiful Xiao Xiao Lan.” As he said that, he gave me a grievous look.

I curiously asked, “What if there are two dragons of the same species in a generation?”

The blue dragon’s expression darkened. “In our Dragon clan, that will rarely ever happen. Every species generally has only one heir. If two dragons really appeared in the same generation as you said, they will be called Xiao Xiao X1 and Xiao Xiao X2. Even though I am already 8000 years old, I am still younger by a generation from Xiao Qing. However, I am a well known figure in the Dragon clan’s young generation.” As he said that, he showed off a posture that he thought looked very cool.

I wanted to fall down and faint. These dragons were really uncivilized. I meant well as I asked, “How about I give you a new name? Xiao Xiao Lan doesn’t sound good.”

The blue dragon immediately became elated. “Ah! My human brother, I thank you for that. Please quickly give me a name.”

I thought and replied, “I will call you Ice Blue. How about that? Is that impressive enough?”

The blue dragon silently said that name. “Ice Blue…Ice Blue.. Wah! That’s perfect! I have my own name. I have my own name.” As he said that, he turned and ran away.

I shouted at his back, “Hey! Please bring me something to eat!” I didn’t even know whether or not he heard me, but I shook my head before solitarily going back into the hole I had woken up in earlier.

‘How can I win against that stupid green dragon? His power is just too strong. Even if I team up with Xiao Jin to fight him with all our might, we may not be able to defeat him.’

I had only a month’s time. Even if I improve as fast as possible, it would be impossible to defeat that dragon. I never thought that I, a Magister, couldn’t even defeat a dragon. The Dragon King said that their magic defenses were good. He definitely wasn’t bluffing me. Any magic spells lower than the advanced spells would be useless against them.

‘If I want to defeat him, I must move as I fight him. His body is so huge. His agility will definitely be lower than mine. I must be the first one to attack him during the competition by using short distance teleportation to hit him. After that, I will use my chantless Light Sword. However, the attack power of the Light Sword will probably just be an itch to him. What to do? He definitely won’t give me time to chant my spells. It looks like I can only use the magic and battle spirit fusion strike. I may stand a chance then. The goal for this month is to strengthen the power of the magic and battle spirit fusion strike and lessen the time of its gathering speed. I can only see my fate after that.’

With a goal, my mood improved. Just when I wanted to prepare and start practicing, I suddenly felt something similar to an earthquake.

The whole floor was flooded with “Hong! Hong!” sounds. It sounded like dense thunder clouds were coming.

‘What was going on?’ I used a short teleportation spell to get out of the hole. I was shocked at what I was seeing in front of me.

I saw all kinds of dragons. There seemed to be 200 of them. It looked like the entire Dragon clan’s forces had gathered. Some were flying and some were standing. Their sizes and shapes differed, but they all were threatening in their grandeur.

What shocked me was that their target seemed to be me as they formed an enormous circumference around me and slowly moved towards me. There were peculiar gazes from all of the dragon’s eyes. They seemed to want to gobble me up.

Not to mention myself, but even if it was the God King seeing so many dragons, he would most certainly have a headache.

I forcefully smiled and said, “Wah! Greetings to all of you. I’ve just arrived and look forward to all of your advice.”

The crowd of dragons didn’t care about me and continued to constantly surround me. This was bad. It couldn’t be that they think of me as dessert, right? But I’m so small. I probably wouldn’t even be able to satisfy a single dragon and there were so many. How were they going to share me? Such a thing shouldn’t be the case. Could it be that stupid green dragon called them over? That also shouldn’t be it. The only one that could move the entire Dragon clan should be the Dragon King. The green dragon wouldn’t have this ability.

When the crowd had me completely surrounded, four hundred large eyes met my small eyes. I vigilantly said, “What do all of you want? I am the Dragon King’s guest, so you can’t just do whatever you’d like.” Seeing that they hadn’t replied to me and that all of their dragon claws began to stir, I knew this was going to be bad. They must have come here due to the matter regarding the life force of Xiao Jin. I hastily said, “Wah! Dragon brothers, if you want to vent your anger, please let me keep my little life, and also when you hit me, please don’t hit my face.” After I said that, I crouched down and used all of my magic power to protect my entire body.

After a long time, there still wasn’t any response. They were still looking at me as before. Suddenly, there was movement from within the crowd of dragons and the blue dragon that ran away earlier squeezed himself into the middle with me.

The few small dragons at the side made some sounds towards him. Ice Blue puffed out his chest and said, “Leave it to me!” I didn’t know what he had just promised to them.

After Ice Blue said that, he walked over and lowered his huge head and seemed to curry favor with me. “Human brother, the name that you have given me is extremely resounding. For so many years, my clan members have never had their own names. Can you also…..”

Sigh! So it was for this. I wiped away the cold sweat from my forehead and calmed down. I replied smilingly, “Isn’t it to give all of them names? There won’t be a problem. Don’t worry. I am well known for being handsome, outstandingly elegant, with the manners of a jade tree and am a powerful yet exceptionally witty mage amongst humans. How can this matter be consideredas a problem to me?”

Ice Blue was stunned and asked, “What does handsome, outstandingly elegant, with the manners of a jade tree and a powerful yet exceptionally witty mage mean?”

I toppled heavily. I smiled awkwardly, “They are all phrases that describes something that is good. Alright. Let’s not continue to talk about that. Are they all here to get a name?”

All of the large and small dragons simultaneously let out a long dragon roar. They had confirmed my question. The sound was definitely loud enough to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

I jumped in shock and said, “Alright. Please lower your voice. You’re scaring me to death. You can come forward to me in accordance of your age, from the youngest to the oldest.”

These dragons with tyrannical powers were all like obedient babies due to wanting me to give them a good name. Every dragon that came over looked at me with hope filled eyes. There wasn’t even a hint of a dragon’s usual loftiness.

“‘You are covered with red scales and there are three spikes on your back. Your dragon breath is fire. You look really bold and powerful so I will give you a name, Flamy.”

“Your dragon scales are purple,……, I will call you Purple Dream.”

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