Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 12

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Volume 8: Chapter 12 – Annihilation of the Origin

I gently waved Sukrad’s staff to form a beautiful light halo in the sky. After a short while, six figures appeared on top of the hill. Zhan Hu asked, “How is it? Did you find anything?”

I pointed at the position in the Southeast. “Take a look at that side, the monsters seem to be coming from there. They start to disperse to the surrounding hills from that direction. Let’s go and have a look.” After saying that, I took the lead, flying in towards the direction that the monstrous energy was coming from.

As we followed the monsters, we stumbled upon an enormous hole in a dense forest. Countless monsters were climbing out from the hole, and so, we landed on a small hill nearby, and hid ourselves from view.

I said, “I think it should be here; it is where they are all coming from.”

Zhan Hu said, “There is definitely someone commanding them. After they climb out, they would teleport to where we were. The people summoning them must be in there as well. What are we supposed to do now?”

The Great Elder muttered, “We can’t just enter it as it will be too risky. You don’t even know what will happen down there. How about, the seven of us gather our powers to destroy that hole. It might be possible for us to eliminate them and draw out the person inside.”

The few elders expressed their agreement.

I thought for a while. “It isn’t necessary for all of us to use our powers. How about I first use my Holy Sword’s power to check the situation out. If the enemies don’t all die afterwards, I will have to depend on you elders to finish the job. Also, I’ll be void of energy after using the Holy Sword’s power. Big brother Zhan Hu, please guard me after I finish casting the spell.”

Zhan Hu asked in surprise, “Zhang Gong, have you already harmonised with your Holy Sword? Being void of strength, wouldn’t that be too risky?”

I shook my head. “I haven’t, but I can already use some of its power to a certain extent. My current magic power recovering speed is extremely fast; I just need half an hour’s time to recover fifty percent of my magic powers, so it shouldn’t be a problem for Big brother to support me for half an hour, right?”

Zhan Hu resolutely nodded his head and replied, “I’ll do as you say.”

The Great Elder said, “This……”

I interrupted him by saying, “Don’t hesitate. You’ve also seen the Holy Sword’s power. It may be possible to completely solve the problem with that move.”

The Great Elder replied, “Alright! However, you must be careful.”

Actually, there was selfish motives in my decision. Big brother Zhan Hu had used too much of his strength during the previous battle. Making him stay by my side to protect me was to let him have a better chance of recovery. Even though no one knew what kind of situation would rise from using the Holy Sword, the monster might not even choose to attack this hill. Moreover, the five elders would definitely attract most of the enemies. In comparison to making him fight alongside the five elders, Big brother Zhan Hu would be safer here with me.

I whispered, “All of you please guard me, while I begin.” I closed my eyes and slowly mustered the silver Holy Sword to rapidly circulate around the meridians in my body. With me as its center, the surrounding air become violent, which caused the elders, and Zhan Hu to be pushed 5 meters away from me.

The monsters climbing out from the hole sensed that something wasn’t right, and moved towards our position. The Great elder shouted, “Everyone, form an array. We mustn’t let them to disturb Zhang Gong.”

An intense light ray surrounded my body, radiating all around me. The Holy Sword shone a silver light above my head, with my magic powers strengthening it. Compared to the previous time, the gathering speed was much slower, but I felt that the power of the Holy Sword this time would be much greater than the time I fought against the five elders.

As the monsters neared, the elders and Zhan Hu prepared for a fight, but the monsters below the hill stopped out of fear. Zhan Hu commented, “What are they so afraid off? Ah! It’s the Holy Sword’s power.”

My entire body gave off a divine aura, and six wings of light appeared on my back. My hair was completely golden, and my eyes suddenly opened to shoot two golden rays of light. I raised Sukrad’s staff and chanted, “The God King bestowed upon me the Radiant Holy Sword that shall shine with the soaring radiance of the vaults of heaven.” As I chanted, the silver Holy Sword flew towards the sky, emitting a great number rays of light, with beauty that outshone even the sun. You could say the power of God was in those rays of light! They gathered like clouds in the sky, diluting the originally black monstrous energy.

The various monsters let out mournful blood-curdling screeches under the radiance of the Holy Sword’s light rays, before it slowly dissolved in the air. Actually, it wasn’t that I had strong powers and I was capable of annihilating them. Rather, the power of God from the Holy Sword was just a bane to monstrous energies.

The Holy Sword flew straight towards the hole. When it neared it, the sword suddenly curved up towards the sky, rapidly gathering all sorts of elements towards it. The enemies in the hole also found something wasn’t right. They shot out a thick grey mist to see if they could counter the Holy Sword’s power.

The Holy Sword raised up to a higher altitude. Turning under my command, as it shone intense silver light ray to counter the grey mist that had shot out from the hole.

When the Holy Light, and the grey mist came into contact, the grey mist was unable to get near the Divine light ray. The Holy Sword turned into a silver light ray, and disappeared into the hole.

The monsters that were surging out from the hole; momentarily vanished from the light ray emitting out of the Holy Sword. Miserable shrieks filled the sky.

The entire ground started to quake. “Hong!” The initially 10 meter deep hole exploded, filling the sky with dust. The hole became a massive crater. My entire body softened, and as I collapsed onto the ground. My strength had disappeared along with that attack. I finally understood what the Holy Sword power was. It didn’t even use my power for its attack, but it absorbed nature’s power around it. After condensing the powers into God’s power, its attack commenced. My power was just a medium for this holy sword!

The few elders, and Zhan Hu immediately surrounded me while focusing on the hole, and checking if there were any left over monsters that might appear.

A trace of a black fog came out from the hole, and was preparing to escape into the distance but was discovered by the sharp sighted Zhan Hu. He shouted, “Don’t let him get away!” He took the lead to charge over, throwing a punch filled with golden battle spirit to block the path of the fog.

The five elders hastily cast the previous battle spirit boundary that they previously used on me, trapping the black fog within it. Big brother Zhan Hu continuously attacked the black fog. The black fog moved in a flash, and suddenly condensed. A person covered totally in gray appeared before Zhan Hu. His body was emitting a monstrous aura. He said sinisterly to Zhan Hu, “God clan, you unexpectedly had the power to get here.”

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