Child of Light - Volume 8 - Chapter 15

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Volume 8: Chapter 15 – Beginning to take shape

I heaved a sigh of relief and said, “It’s great if they’re fine. Dong Ri, there’s quite a sum of money in this card. You should head to Pulima City with 20 brothers of the God’s village to get some rations and daily necessities. You must be fast, so you should fly there.” Dong Ri took the Amethyst card from my hand before he replied, “Don’t worry. I will definitely be back in two day’s time.”

The Great Elder said, “Jian Shan, you go and pick some of the villagers who haven’t used too much of their energy to accompany him.”

Jian Shan came out of the crowd in a flash, and patted Dong Ri’s shoulder. He said, “Brother, let’s go.”

Watching them leave, I smiled and shouted, “Alright! Everyone, let’s get moving. The brothers that are wounded should rest up before building our home. I will have to trouble a few elders to instruct the group. Big brother Zhan Hu, please guard me as I try to recover my magic power as soon as possible.”

Since all of us were experts, we only needed three days to form our foundation base. To build the houses, we didn’t cut down all of the trees. Instead, we just cleared the middle of the forest for our dwellings, and using chopped wood to build most of them. Since it was done in a hurry, the houses were built rather large. Each house could accommodate approximately 10 of us. The few elders of God’s Village were extremely knowledgeable in the construction and let the villagers use the remaining branches to form a fence, barricading the entire housing area. Dong Ri and Jian Shan, on the other hand, had made two trips within three days to Pulima City, and successfully purchased rations and daily necessities.

When the sun set, I gathered the elders, Zhan Hu, and others.

“Zhang Gong, what’s the matter?” Zhan Hu’s worry hadn’t changed at all.

I replied seriously, “Big brother, you still remember what Lisdun Weibo said, right? The Monster race is currently trying to infiltrate the Demon race. We definitely shouldn’t just wait for it to happen, so I have decided to go to the Demon race.”

Xiu Si frowned and replied, “The Demon race and the Beast race are currently starting a war with three of the human Kingdoms. If you head there now, won’t it be too risky?”

I sighed, “I must head there even if it is dangerous. There’s something that I haven’t told you.The woman I love is over there”

Zhan Hu was shocked. “You’re good. You’ve found a wife, but didn’t tell your Big Brother.”

I smiled apologetically as I replied, “It isn’t that I didn’t want to tell you, but it’s because the girl I love is from the Demon race. I was afraid that you wouldn’t accept that.”

Everyone was stunned, excluding the five elders from the God’s village. “Big Brother Zhang Gong, how did you get into contact with the Demon race?”

I  shook my head dejectedly. “When it comes to my feeling, I cannot control them . Not only did I fall deeply in love with the Demon race’s princess, I’m have become a wanted criminal in the Kingdom of Aixia because of her. Your brother is now a criminal.”

Xiu Si was the only one that remained calm. He said, “Zhang Gong, you should tell us everything that transpired.”

I nodded. I related everything that happened in order, from the time I returned from God’s forest.



After telling them everything that happened, everyone became silent.

I said, “Therefore, for official and personal reasons, I must head to the Demon race.”

Zhan Hu patted my shoulder. “Brother, Big brother supports you. Let big brother accompany you.”

Xiu Si said, “The defense of the Demon race against the Monster King is of great importance so we must head there. Zhang Gong, how many people are you preparing to bring along with you?”

Seeing their support, my eyes reddened. I replied, “Lisdun Weibo had given me 12 purple lenses. We can use them to disguise ourselves and infiltrate the Demon race If that’s the case, then it‘ll mean that only 11 people can come along with me. It won’t be good if too many head there. The trip to the Demon race will be extremely dangerous. Truth be told, I had planned to head there by myself.”

Big brother Zhan Hu resolutely said, “It’s impossible to go alone. I must accompany you.”

I replied, “Big brother, I understand your intention, but this place needs you and the elders to manage it…….”

Zhan Hu replied smiling, “Enough! It’s useless for you to say anything as I’ll definitely head there with you. How can it work out without me? Moreover, I also want to have a look at the Demon race. It is sufficient for Xiu Si to manage this place as he is much smarter than me.”

Xiu Si retorted angrily, “You’re just tossing this terrible mess to me? I want to go as well!”

Dong Ri laughed and said, “Enough, stop fighting. Let’s go with Big Brother Zhan Hu’s suggestion. Big Brother Xiu Si, your intelligence has been acknowledged by everyone so you can’t resign from this position.”

Xiu Si replied, “Dong Ri, you brat……”

Ding Ri giggled and said, “I’m definitely following Big Brother Zhan Hu as I also want to see the Demon race.”

Xin Ao and Gao De argued noisily that they wanted to go as well .

Seeing that no one was  afraid of danger and were trying to outdo each other, I was moved by their actions and said, “Everyone, stop fighting. There aren’t many experts, so Big brother Xiu Si, I’ll have to leave this place to you. Big Brother Zhan Hu, I don’t dare make you angry so I’ll count you in. As for Xin Ao and Gao De, your injuries haven’t completely recovered so it’s better for you to stay here to help Big Brother Xiu Si instead.”

The Great Elder from God’s village said, “What are we few elders suppose to do then?”

I respectfully said, “You few elders are the most prestigious and top experts here, so hope that you can stay here and train our brothers. With your tutelage, I’m absolutely sure that their improvement speed will be superlative.”

The Great Elder said smiling, “You brat, stop flattering us. Anyway, we elders have given our old bones to you, so we’ll do whatever you say.”

I chuckled and said, “Big brother Xiu Si, you heard it. When the time comes,……..” I gave Xiu Si a sly look.

Xiu Si immediately agreed. “Please be at ease. I’ll definitely respect the elders.” After I left, everyone improved tremendously under the guidance of the elders. Xiu Si sincerely respected them and learnt many ultimate moves from them. This is just a temporary summary of the future parts of the story.

The Third Elder from the Nature Elves said, “Who are the remaining 9 people that you’re preparing to bring?”

I thought for a while before I replied, “I have already troubled you and your clan members greatly. The Nature Elves will always be our best allies. If you’re willing, you can stay here. The Nature Elves have wings, so it wouldn’t be suitable to come with me to the Demon race. I will bring along villagers from the God’s village who are of the Radiant Knight standard. They are pure martial techniques users, so it’ll be easier not to be suspected as imposters.”

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