Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 16

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Volume 9: Chapter 16 – World Shattering Collision

When the two unparalleled powers collided in midair, they miraculously did not give off any sound of collision. The silver and purple light rays filled the entire sky as they confronted each other.

I half knelt on Xiao Jin’s back, using Sukrad’s staff to support my body as I stared at the two powers in the sky. The condition of the Demon Emperor wasn’t much better than mine, but he obviously still had leftover energy as he stood on the Dark Demon Dragon’s back.

The power of the silver and purple magic started to collide and encircle each other, almost creating a hurricane as a sphere of power ascended to the sky.

The Demon Emperor suddenly hollered at me in fright, “Quick! Brat, we’ve got to  combine our strength to push it upwards. Once they completely fuse, there’ll definitely be a large explosion. Only a minority of us will be able to survive the blast.” I also found that the situation didn’t feel right. The two rapidly revolving light rays had formed a silver and purple large ball, and it was constantly compressing.

I said, “Xiao Jin, quickly charge over.”

The Demon Emperor and I simultaneously charged over to the light ball. Xiao Jin immediately gave me some pure power without me asking him for it. I focused to cast a light barrier to push against the light ball with all my might. At that moment, the Demon Emperor had shown that he had powers that surpassed mine. The hair on his head raised, making him seem like a lofty Demon God. With his hands, he released an enormous power ball onto my light barrier to reinforce its defensive power. The power that he used didn’t seem to have any dark elements, as that power filled ball didn’t conflict with my light barrier.

Xiao Jin and the Dark Demon Dragon both also shot out gold and black power filled balls, and the two extraordinary forbidden spells rapidly elevated upwards.

The Demon Emperor shouted, “Quickly, use more power! It’s going to explode!” Actually, even if it exploded, he wouldn’t die, but he seemed to think a lot about his subordinates.

I used all of my power, and with blood continuously flowing out from my seven apertures, the large silvery purple ball had finally shot towards the clouds under the powers of a human, Demon race, and two dragons.

Just as we wanted to heave a sigh of relieve, that enormous cloud above us exploded, causing the entire cloud to disperse and form drizzles. There was another silvery purplish sun that appeared in the sky. The energy from it had caused the Demon Emperor and I to violently shake. I spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on Xiao Jin’s back. The Demon Emperor’s condition was similar to mine as fresh blood flowed out from his mouth, and he collapsed to sit on the Dark Demon Dragon’s back, panting heavily.

With my remaining consciousness, I saw Xiao Jin with the Dark Demon Dragon encompassing their wings around the Demon Emperor and I, as they rapidly descended.. What were they up to? I hadn’t seen any creatures that have wings would suddenly withdraw their wings and willingly smash themselves towards the ground.

However, I quickly knew the reason why Xiao Jin had used his wings to protect me. Xiao Jin’s body suddenly shook violently. He gave out a mournful cry, and descended at a quicker pace. When he opened his wings, I saw that the numerous scales that were  on the top of his wings had shattered. Xiao Jin’s originally golden body had already turned golden red in colour. I shouted from heart ache, “Xiao Jin!” But I didn’t had any more energy so how could I help him?

Xiao Jin stabilized his body as he landed with difficulty. The Dark Demon Dragon was also nearby; it seemed to have suffered severe injuries as well. The troops of the demon army, who were all watching on the ground weren’t hurt at all. The demon race quickly surrounded me and Xiao Jin, with the Gods Village quickly rushing to enclose us from them.

The Demon Emperor, who was in a tattered state, jumped down from the Dark Demon Dragon, and walked unsteadily over. Ke Lun Duo went forth to support him as the Demon Emperor said to me, “I was actually injured. This is the first time since I first became the ruler. You should be arrogant of your deed. The winner and the loser should be very clear now. Let’s carry out the promise you said earlier.”

Jian Shan helped me up as I feebly replied, “Demon Emperor, I admit that there’s a gap in our powers, and I’m willing to surrender to be caught, but…….”

The Demon Emperor interrupted me and said, “Are you asking me to let your friends go? Don’t even think about it! It’s impossible, even if it’s this dragon, he won’t be able to escape. Do you think I’ll release the tigers back to their dens? I don’t want to encounter someone like you after a few years. I still want my old bones to stay in this position for a few more years.” From his words, I could hear his respect towards me. His attitude was completely different from the start. Even though I lost, in that battle, I had sufficiently proved that I had the power to be his opponent, and that won some respect from the Demon Emperor.

The Dark Demon Dragon said in a serious tone, “Your Majesty, I plead for you to let that five clawed dragon go. He’s the future hope of the Dragon race.”

The Demon Emperor looked at the Demon Dragon in astonishment and replied, “It can’t be that you had forgotten how they treated you, right?”

The Dark Demon Dragon replied, “Even though they were heartless, I can’t be heartless towards them as I’m a member of the Dragon race afterall. Can you please let that dragon go on my behalf?”

The Demon Emperor sighed and replied, “Alright! However, I won’t let anyone else go, especially Zhang Gong Wei.”

The Demon Dragon replied, “Thank you, Your Majesty. I only care about my clan. You can decide on what you want to do with the other matters.”

I was on cloud nine when the Demon Emperor let Xiao Jin off. I pleaded with Xiao Jin, “Xiao Jin, quickly go! You don’t need to care about me.” Xiao Jin stood up, his body filled with severe injuries. “Master, how can I abandon you to escape with my life. If I’m to die, I want to die with you.”

I teared from being moved, and replied, “Xiao Jin, I know that you treat me well, however, it’s as the Dark Demon Dragon had said; you’re the future hope of the Demon race. You definitely can’t die with me here. I  promised your parents that I would ensure your safety. Quickly, listen to me and hurry up to go away from here.”

Xiao Jin stubbornly shook his large head, not wanting to go away.

I anxiously conveyed to him, “Xiao Jin, quickly go! You can come back to find me after you have recuperated from your wounds. I feel the Demon Emperor won’t kill me that easily. Quickly go!” Xiao Jin used his deep large eyes to look at me, obviously agreeing with my words. After a long time, he roared out mournfully. He flew with one of his wing’s injured. He conveyed to me, “Master, I’ll definitely come to save you. If the Demon Emperor kills you, I’ll bring the entire Dragon race to annihilate this place.”

Seeing Xiao Jin’s fading figure, I smiled in gratitude.

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