Child of Light - Volume 9 - Chapter 7

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Volume 9: Chapter 7 – The Demon Race’s “Gourmet Food”

The two of them glared at each other as they cast out the power gathered. A yellow light, and an enormous transparent light blade with a dazzling golden light radiance collided in mid air. All of the powers seemed to have converged at one point, making it seem as though time had stopped for a split second.

The immense power exploded with that point as its center. Zhan Hu and Wallace were blown away from the impact of the incomparably formidable power. I yelled, “Be careful!”, as I cast a  defensive light barrier in front of everyone to protect them.

After a moment of intense shaking, the ground calmed down. The explosion of the immense powers caused an enormous crater to form. Zhan Hu and Wallace were individually crouching at the edges of the crater, panting heavily.

The werebear soldiers in the surrounding area were rocking unsteadily from side to side, with the collision causing dirt to cover them due to the strong destructive power..

There was a fanatical look in Su He’s eyes who was standing behind us. He was obviously deeply captivated by this competition of strength.

Wallace broke out in laughter before he said, “That was really delightful. I have never been this satisfied before.”

Zhan Hu replied smilingly, “Are we still continuing the fight?”

Wallace shook his head. “I’ve had enough. I never expected that your demon race really had experts reaching through the clouds. It can’t be that I wouldn’t figure out you were holding back your strength right? If there’s a chance in the future, you should have a spar with my Beamon Boss. He will definitely be extremely excited.”

Wallace’s sanguine response had made Zhan Hu’s good feelings towards him increase. He forthrightly replied, “Alright! If I’ve the chance, I’ll definitely want to be enlightened by the power of the Beamon King.”

Wallace cupped one fist in the palm of his other hand and said, “Brother, I’m sure we’ll meet again some day. My comrades, let’s go.” After saying that, he turned around and walked away with large strides, quick like a shooting star.

I walked over to Zhan Hu and said, “He’s quite an interesting fellow.”

Zhan Hu replied in smiles, “That’s right. His straightforwardness is really adorable. With him as my opponent, it makes me feel a lot less lonesome.”

Dong Ri, Jian Shan, and the other villages that came from the God’s village expressed respectful looks. Zhan Hu replied, “Stop looking at me like that. You’re giving me goosebumps. There aren’t any of you weaker than that bear.”

Su He said, “Wah! Boss, I really worship you. My reverence to you is like an unending torrential river.”

Zhan Hu scolded mockingly, “If you could add your flattering skills into your cultivation, you would have been an expert by now.”

Su He replied, “I….I..I.”

I said, “Stop saying I,and prepare to continue moving on.”

Su He was startled, and asked, “Doesn’t Big Brother Zhan Hu need to take a break? Why are we moving out so quickly?”

I replied smilingly, “You belittle Big brother Zhan Hu too much. He should at most have warmed up.”

Zhan Hu smiled, and said, “Zhang Gong can always understand me. Brothers, let’s go! It’s time to embark on our journey again.”

After two days, we tasted the demon race’s delicacies for the very first time, and understood why Mu Zi, and currently Su He loved to eat the human race’s food so much. The food of the demon race is generally just meat. The restaurant we were eating at was the local’s highest grade restaurant. The food they made had a fishy urine smell and when we ate it, it was so dry and bony, making everyone spit it out. Finally, we resorted to the food we brought to fill our stomachs.

Su He said mockingly, “Brother, now you should know the pain of our demon race.”

I didn’t have to time to care about his sarcasm; I was calculating how long the food I brought would last. “Could it be that the demon race has no vegetables or fruits?”

Su He’s expression dampened. “Most of the demon race’s lands are extremely infertile. We could only grow some pastures so usually we just rear demon beasts for food. As for these vegetables and fruits you mentioned, I’ve never heard of it. The Demon Emperor’s place may have it.”

We looked at each other after we heard what he said, the demon race’s life was so tough. I sighed, “So your life here is so harsh. If the entire world could remain in harmony, we could use your demon beast to exchange for food.”

Su He’s eyes lit up and said, “Do you mean what you said? If that was the case, it would be great.” After he said that, he shook his head and sighed before saying, “I know that won’t be possible. Firstly, you can’t make the decision for the human race, and I can’t make the decision for the demon race. There is also a thousand years of hatred between the demon and human race. It won’t be that easy to mend their relationship.”

I looked fixedly and said, “I don’t think you’re a useless prince, but rather a person that can govern with deep plans and distant thoughts.

Su He seemed to realize that he said the wrong things and hastily corrected himself, “It was just a moment of being rueful. You should think about it. Who doesn’t wish to have a peaceful, and stable scenario? It’s for the best that the world is in harmony, especially for people like me. We can play with the human race, and have good food, right? Hehe!”

He had exposed his true colours. The good impression of him I previously had for him  immediately dissipated. I grabbed onto Sukrad’s staff and snappily said, “Forget it. I’ll just be wasting my spittle to talk to such a person as yourself. Let’s go! It’s time to make our move.”

Su He chuckled, but  he just wordlessly stood up and left the restaurant.

As I walked, I told everyone, “From now on, we’ve to cut down on our food. If not, we’ll have to eat that demon race’s food.”

Zhan Hu chuckled and replied, “No need for that. The food they made was awful only, because their cooking techniques are too terrible.”

I replied in amazement, “Big Brother, it can’t be that you know how to cook, right?”

Zhan Hu puffed out his chest, and said, “What? You don’t believe me? Have you forgotten what I used to do? As bandits, which one of us lack survival skills? You just have to wait and see what I can do for the next meal. However, the task to capture the demon beast…..”

Jian Shan shouted, without waiting for me to reply, “I..I..I! If you really know how to cook, I’ll definitely catch it for you.”

I turned my head to Su He and asked, “Are there any wild demon beasts?”

Su He nodded. “There are definitely some in the large mountain forests, but they are rather fierce. Naturally, they’re nothing when compared to you guys though.”

I looked at the map, and replied, “We’ll set this mountain forest area as our destination. This is to secure our food source. Big brother, I’ll have to rely on you.”

Zhan Hu replied, “Stop worrying! Brother, you should be careful not to bite your tongue at that time instead.”

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