Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1121

Chapter 1121: Buddhist Debate

“Humm—” Waves of Buddhist lights radiated from the old monk. Each of the rays seemed to be their own Buddhist World with billions of worshippers and monks…

The three thousand worlds sang Buddhist songs. Each brilliant wisp eventually turned into individual profound dharmic beliefs.

These lights that could convert billions of existences represented different Buddhist paths.

A Buddhist wheel rose from behind the old monk’s head. It could carry the three thousand worlds. A golden lotus emerged beneath him and raised his body…

This monk no longer looked ordinary like before. He had become a Buddhist Lord capable of converting deities with just one phrase.

A Buddhist light also emanated from Li Qiye. He shouldered the entire universe as the world rotated around him. Both sacred Buddhas and deities had to prostrate before him. His words became the only laws in this world while his dharma became the universal order.

In the nine heavens and ten earths, only his dharma was allowed to exist for eternity. All the other laws were baseless and false before its might; they weren’t worth mentioning and were no longer even allowed to exist.

At this time, the monk formed a mudra and spewed out a mantra: “Where are you from?”

Li Qiye smiled while forming a lotus mudra with his hand. He responded with the most orthodox Buddhist speech: “From the heavens.”

“What is the will of the heavens?” The monk’s mudra continued with Buddhist hymns engulfing the three thousand worlds in an awe-inspiring manner. Anyone would kneel before him and his non-dispersing Buddhist aura for an eternity.

“One cannot measure the heavenly providence.” A lotus flower blossomed in Li Qiye’s palm that then began to wither into nothingness.

However, its withering brought about a new lotus bud and the creation of a new world.

In this way, people saw the process of destruction and rebirth in a continuous and never-ending cycle.

“How vast is the heavens?” The monk asked once more. His words resembled a deluge of heavenly flowers, like the coming of a fairy from the heavens or the reincarnation of a golden dragon.

Li Qiye revealed a smile full of mercy. It was capable of shielding the entire era and converting all the creatures within as well as washing away the darkness of the world. He maintained this eternal smile and answered: “Impossible to explain, futile to disclose. Borrow my eye of wisdom so you can see it clearly.”

The monk smiled. A Buddhist eye shot out a spiritual light. At this second, this eye allowed him to see the great momentum of all generations. It illuminated the eras and gauged the nine heavens above and hell below. He eventually said: “I cannot see the heavens even with the eye of wisdom!”

“The heavens exist before the eye of wisdom!” Li Qiye answered. The soul swayed while the sun and moon became resplendent. The Yin and Yang turned chaotic. In front of them was only one world and one blue sky… These visions emerged before their eyes.

While Li Qiye was debating against the old monk, Li Shuangyan and the others saw an unbelievable scene at the base of the mountain. They saw the Nihility Temple suddenly disappear as a vast Buddhist sea took its place.

A supreme Buddha sat in this vast sea and a huge lotus flower bloomed beneath him. He sat there with his eyes closed and a motionless mouth…

Even though the supreme Buddha did not speak or take action, the moment anyone saw his Buddhist light, they would feel the urge to worship him and listen to his scripture on their knees.

Mei Suyao and the girls were experienced. With discolored faces, they immediately protected their dao hearts while using their fastest speed to run away from the mountain.

“Shit! After so many years, this damned place didn’t weaken at all and instead actually became more and more powerful. This is simply inconceivable.” Little Autumn was aghast in the face of this scene and kept on cursing.

The girls had serious expressions. Those with shallow dao hearts would have been converted already. Such a scene would jolt just about anyone.

Mei Suyao knew more than the other girls. She glanced at the Buddha with its eyes closed and murmured: “What is that, is that the legendary Di Shi?”

“No, I’m afraid not.” Little Autumn shook its head: “This might be the ambition of the broken pot. When someone leaves their desires behind for the pot, they would be amplified to no end. This must be Di Shi’s thought to become Buddha back then!”

Little Autumn took out a large piece of metal. It was only a scrap without any value. It then threw it into the Buddhist sea.

The unthinkable happened. The piece of metal continued to break apart while expelling its impurities. Eventually, this large piece of scrap turned into a small refined metal full of Buddhist light.

A while later, an even more inconceivable transformation occurred. It turned into a small lad, or rather, a novice monk. It prostrated before the lotus flower of the Buddha and began to chant scriptures. The light on its body became increasingly bright.

Everyone was shocked to see this scene. The girls took deep breaths of disbelief. If outsiders were here, they would be astonished as well.

A piece of metal actually turned into a monk in such a short period of time. Perhaps people would attribute this to a type of illusion.

“Is this a demonization?” Bai Jianzhen’s eyes were wide open. She felt incredulous while looking at this myth-like event.

One must know that even if a piece of metal was lucky, it would require countless years and baptisms before becoming a demon. For anything that wanted to become a demon with its own sentience, they had to undergo years of refinement before reaching the final step.

But now, this metal became a person in almost no time at all. This broke everyone’s common sense.

Li Shuangyan turned paled and murmured: “This power of conversion is too terrifying.”

“It is not the power of conversion.” Bu Lianxiang gazed at the sea and slowly explained: “There is something in there, something unimaginable. It has the most terrifying power in this world.”

She was referring to the Myriad Thoughts Pot. It had an unimaginable power and no one knew just how mighty it was.

“It’s that broken pot.” Little Autumn swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Its old master wanted to seize the pot and had to pay with his life.

It could only stand there filled with greed since it didn’t dare to mess around. Plus, even if it wanted to seize the pot, it knew full well that this was an impossible endeavor.

Not to mention the fact that it had to compete with the pot first, it would also have to flip over the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. Such a thing couldn’t be done by even Immortal Emperors.

“Truly horrifying.” Mei Suyao commented: “No wonder why Immortal Emperor Hao Hai never wanted to enter the plateau again. So he wasn’t only afraid of Spirit Mountain, it was the entire plateau.”

She understood why such an invincible being chose to stay away from the plateau completely.

This scene lasted for a while before the Buddhist light slowly dispersed along with the sea and the gigantic Buddha.

The girls held their breaths. They wanted to go up the mountain since they didn’t know the result of the debate.

Eventually, Li Qiye showed up at the entrance of the Nihility Temple.

The girls were moved to see him and their anxious minds were finally relieved.

“Success!” Little Autumn’s voice was shaking from excitement: “He really did it, he finally defeated those bald donkeys!”

Li Qiye slowly went down the mountain while the ecstatic group immediately rushed forward and gathered around him.

At this moment, his body was quivering and he couldn’t stand straight. The girls were quite frightened and quickly went to hold him.

“Young Noble, how are you?” Chen Baojiao was quite worried after seeing Li Qiye’s pale face and extreme fatigue.

“It’s fine, help me sit down.” Li Qiye struggled to take a deep breath as he gasped in between.

The girls helped him sit down with haste while Bu Lianxiang channeled a pure power of the grand dao into his body. This slowly restored his blood energy as his face turned pink again.

“Are, are you alright?” Even Bai Jianzhen was worried. It was rare to see Li Qiye in such a sorry state.

Even if they couldn’t watch the debate, they could imagine the perils within.

“I’m actually better off.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “You all should go and see that old monk. He probably can’t even stand right now. He’ll probably have to stay in bed for some years.”

“Hahahahaha! He still has a way to go before competing with me!” Li Qiye burst out into laughter. He finally won in the scripture debate against the Nihility Temple. No wonder why he was so excited.