Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1345

After seeing the fortuitous event that unfolded, many cultivators also began to eagerly await for treasures that were floating up and down. Everyone wanted to get lucky and have a treasure fall into their laps.

Of course, very few were truly lucky. Outside of the youth from earlier, two other cultivators obtained fortunes; treasures automatically fell into their hands…

Ruyan noticed something and murmured: "Is this the treasures picking their masters?"

"From a certain perspective, that is indeed the case." Li Qiye smiled: "Some karma and fate predestined long ago."

Xiong Qianbei could only watch and heaved a dejected sigh: "It will never be my turn to have such a fortune."

He knew himself quite well. On this ship, with regard to talents, cultivation, power, dao heart… everyone else was superior. Needless to mention Li Qiye and Fairy, even the other three were incredible geniuses. If they couldn't obtain anything, how could it be his turn?

"Fortune and fate don't necessarily have anything to do with talents." Li Qiye shook his head: "If it's fate, then it's fate. When your turn is up, even if you are a lump of dog shit, it will still be your turn. But when it isn't, even if you are the most supreme genius, don't even think about it…"

The ship continued to float up while he was speaking. Not far from where they were, a group of eight eyes could be seen. They were large like the eyes of bulls. The eight eyes made strange noises before floating towards the group.

Li Qiye stopped speaking and looked at the eyes before smiling: "Look, someone is lucky. Wait for it…"

The eight eyes circled around the ship as if they were checking out the group. All eight blinked at the same time and tumbled down onto Xiong Qianbei's hand.

The old man was dumbfounded and couldn't think straight. He didn't expect to obtain this fortune when the others were much more excellent. He thought that if it wasn't Li Qiye, it would be the daoist or someone else instead.

But right now, the eight eyes chose him. He would never have even dreamed of such a thing.

"Is, is this really happening?" If this was a dream, he didn't want to wake up. He was still in disbelief. This matter was too surreal and out of his comfort zone.

"You tell us. I want to be a pile of dog shit to obtain a fortune as well." The daoist laughed in response.

Qianbei eventually pinched his thigh and a sharp pain came along. He finally believed that this wasn't a dream.

"Whoo!" He hugged the eight eyes while happily giggling: "Daoist Puresun, you shouldn't bother with a little character like me. These items won't be able to get into your sight."

The daoist smiled. He wasn't really jealous of the fella, it was a simple joke.

Qianbei calmed down and bowed towards the group: "Thank you, Young Noble and schoolmasters. Without your help, this old man would never have been able to obtain this fortune."

He came this time for the sole purpose to broaden his horizons, he never even dared to think about getting anything. But now, the reality was that he actually obtained something. He understood and felt grateful for Li Qiye who made this happen by bringing him along.

Li Qiye accepted his gesture and looked at the eight eyes in Qianbei's hand: "Do you know the origin of these eyes?"

He looked down at the eight eyes. His current jubilated state left his mind in shambles, and he didn't understand the origin or uses of these eight eyes anyway.

"Please enlighten me, Young Noble." He bowed again and said respectfully.

Li Qiye explained: "In the ancient times, there was a mysterious beast named the Eight-eyes Celestial Bull — part snake and part bull. This was an era with ferocious beasts everywhere, but this type of bull was a king among kings; they were extremely fierce and powerful. They have eight eyes, each with a different ability. Even though this particular one died here, its eight eyes have survived. Thus, you can just imagine how powerful it was during the ancient time."

He looked at the old man and continued: "A large part of why it chose you is due to your bloodline. Even though this bloodline is very thin at your generation, it still flows through you nevertheless."

"The bloodline of my Xiong Clan?" Qianbei was startled. He knew very little about his ancestors.

Li Qiye flatly replied: "If you want to know more about your ancestors, then go back and look through your ancestral records and family tree."

Qianbei had more questions, but he didn't dare to ask at this moment. Many cultivators on the other ships were envious of him. Alas, fortune always went to others instead of themselves.

The ship continued to float with treasures all over the place. There were more than just weapons and artifacts left behind by people of the past. The most precious parts of the bodies of some creatures were preserved till this day.

During this journey, more people obtained treasures like Qianbei, but the number was still very small.

Eventually, Li Qiye stopped and looked at the void then said: "We're about to arrive, mentally prepare yourselves. The Bonesea has many amazing things. I can take everyone there, but it will be up to you to get the treasures."

The daoist grinned: "Just visiting to open my eyes is enough to not waste my life. As for the treasures, let it be up to fate."

His Gu Chun's four branches had many treasures. Their treasury was something outsiders could never even begin to fathom, so for the daoist, experience was more important than treasures.

The always-playful and enchanting Ruyan quietly asked Li Qiye: "What about the Windchase Break?" This time, she was very dignified without trying to tempt him. In fact, Jianshi was staring at him with her clear eyes as well.

They came with great hope because he previously said that their Windchase Break was located at the Bonesea. Obtaining other treasures didn't matter to them. They only wanted to find their lost technique since nothing was more important to the Void Imperfection Three Schools.

Li Qiye looked at the two and smiled: "If an opportunity presents itself, I will lend a hand. Even if it isn't meant to be, I will forcefully seize it! Yes, you two sisters have served me quite well in the recent days, so I can't mistreat your school."

Jianshi blushed from this teasing while Ruyan smiled without any bashfulness at all: "If you stay at our schools, we will treat you like a living god."

Li Qiye chuckled and shook his head: "A living god? That doesn't sound bad, but I was born a poor man and unaccustomed to the lavish lifestyle. I should stick to my poverty-stricken ways instead."

Ruyan frowned and glared at him. Jianshi, on the other hand, only sighed in her mind. She knew that her school couldn't keep someone as great as Li Qiye, a true dragon that will soar in the sky. How could a small pond like theirs contain such a beast?

After a good while, Li Qiye looked at the sky and said: "Get ready, we're about to arrive at the watery area. Hold your breath or you will look quite ugly from choking." The group held their breaths after hearing this.

Originally, all the ships were floating up into this boundless void with no end in sight. However, once they drifted to a certain level, a loud bang sounded as if they touched an invisible barrier.

There seemed to be a crossing between two worlds. The previous was a boundless void while this one was full of water. In the blink of an eye, all of the ships reached the sea.