Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2329

Chapter 2329: 2329

Beasts didn’t only come to the city to die or to lay eggs; the beast springs were another focus!

A minority of cultivators could stay away from temptation . They continued riding with their beasts, especially the older experts .

Finally, a few beasts made it to their destination, a mountain stream or a pool of water . They patiently waited .

“Boom!” These sources of water had spring coming out without warning . The liquid had the color of breast milk instead of a clear shade . The waiting beasts finally got what they wanted and started drinking their fill .

“What’s going on right now?” The young cultivators that tagged along were unaware .

“That’s the beast springs . C’mon, collect some now . ” The experts from the last generation came prepared . They jumped off their beasts and collected the liquid .

“What does it do?” The youths jumped down to help while asking .

“Add lifespan by just drinking, or be used to refine pills . ” A senior couldn’t wait and ordered his juniors to be faster .

So it turned out that this liquid could prolong life . Though it couldn’t reach the mythical level of immortality, delaying death was possible, especially for the ancestors who have used longevity pills before . They have reached diminishing returns so they needed something different .

This liquid was indeed one of the best options, so they risked everything to come here .

At this time, some saw a magical scene . After drinking, some beasts started to shed their white fur, making it look as if they were standing on snow . Next, black and shiny fur started to grow .  

Other beasts shed their skin for an entirely new layer .

“That’s incredible, it’s like they’re becoming younger again . ” The spectators gasped .

An older cultivator immediately copied them . He got in the spring and started to crazily drink the liquid until his stomach bloated .

“Why am I not losing my white hair?” Not a single strand of white hair shed, let alone growing a new head of hair .

“Idiot . ” His ancestor shook his head and laughed: “It’s called beast spring, so the effect is stronger and faster for beasts, not for you . Time is required to absorb the essences within . Because of this, alchemists take their time to refine this liquid . If one can just drink it and becomes younger, then it wouldn’t be your turn to take them . Progenitors and powerful beings would have monopolized the liquid, and it would be called eternal spring, not beast spring . ”

The old cultivator had a pained expression due to his bloated stomach and nearly cried: “What, what should I do now? I’m too damn full . ”

“Just take the time to digest it . ” The annoyed ancestor stopped caring .

Of course, it wasn’t that easy to find this liquid . When there is an abundance, the beasts didn’t mind sharing with the cultivators . But when the opposite was the case, the beasts wouldn’t mind attacking instantly the men .

“Boom!” Skeletons also crawled out of the ground and ran for the beast springs .

“Start killing them!” Battles broke out in these areas between the three sides . Blood and casualties became inevitable; the stench of death permeated .


One more thing attracted everyone’s attention - the dao bones .

A cultivator made it to a towering pinnacle and saw a divine tree hidden among the thick forest . It actually had a piece of dao bone with a warm yet dazzling glow . Runes would periodically flash .

“A dao bone!” The cultivator wanted to climb the tree, ecstatic .

The moment he made contact, lightning suddenly coursed through the tree and struck him, rendering him to ashes .

Another noticed a yellow dao bone deep in a valley . This caused quite a stir so people started infiltrating the valley . One unlucky soul decided to enter despite the potential risk .

Before he could react, a yin energy appeared, causing him to be frozen . The guy fell straight to the ground - the end of his story . This scene naturally deterred the other spectators .

Dao bones would only appear in the dangerous areas, virtually impossible to reach . The greedy would throw away their lives for naught .  

Furthermore, even those who actually obtained these dao bones couldn’t do anything since they failed to understand its mysteries .

“Could you explain these dao bones to me?” A junior became vexed at his inability to obtain one but remained curious .

“I’m not sure . ” His ancestor replied: “Rumor has it that occasionally, after the death of a coinbeast, only its best bone would remain . This bone would be gestated by the heaven and earth and contain the profundity of the grand dao . If you can understand it, you would be able to see the most primal mysteries, truly helpful to cultivation, perhaps even better than a progenitorial merit law . Why? These laws are created by the progenitors and are most suitable for them . But by comprehending these mysteries and morphing them to your own use? They can be the most suitable for you and become a part of your foundation . ”

His juniors enjoyed this lesson about the dao bones .

A different ancestor added: “Elucidation True Emperor obtained a dao bone as well . Because of this, he could activate the dao source of Resting Bull . Otherwise, just his scripture alone wasn’t enough to revive a withered dao source . ”

Unfortunately, obtaining a dao bone was harder than reaching the heaven . Some extremely powerful ancestors tried, only to fail . The rarity increased the value of the bones .


While everyone else was aiming for the eggs, springs, and dao bones, Li Qiye’s group rode the Kui farther along, straying from the rest .

They also met skeletons along the way, but these skeletons were far inferior to the Kui . They were smart enough to back off .

Eventually, they saw a great mountain range presiding over the land like an imposing coinbeast lying down . All the previous mountain ranges they have seen in their lives failed to compare to this one .

Before getting close, one could sense a boundless air of the beast billowing as if the king of all beasts was here . This terrorizing aura naturally made people shudder with an indescribable feeling . Even the imperious Kui restrained its aura and slowed its pace, seemingly showing respect .

“Unbelievable…” Wu Binging was startled after feeling this beast aura .

“Our goal . ” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound .

Perhaps there were other beasts capable of getting to this place, but they would stop before reaching the mountain range, only daring to observe from the distant .