Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2331

Chapter 2331: 2331

As the group went on, Li Qiye finally became interested when they made it to a stone wall . He chuckled and said: “A bit interesting . Friend, you can go now . ” 

He patted the Kui before jumping down . The two girls quickly followed him .

The Kui didn’t mind and went on its own, disappearing into the mountains .

Li Qiye turned his focus towards the wall, same with the two girls .

It was located at the ridge area of this mountain . Below are a series of protruding edges, seemingly circling around the wall . The girls took their time and didn’t notice anything . This was only a regular cliff .

It had holes and crevices with rocks filling in along with bits sticking out, definitely not a flat surface . Its shade was a common gray, decorated with the random vines and weeds .

The strange part was Li Qiye’s fixation, treating it as a beautiful natural beauty . The girls didn’t get it at all .

He leaped up to the edge of the cliff and touched the rough surface . He was gentle as he would to a lover . The girls also jumped up and stood on the protruded part with him .

“Such perfection, they could be considered the origins . ” He said with emotion .

The girls failed to see the perfection in this ordinary cliff . They have seen too many like it in the outside world . They touched the surface and found it coarse enough to prick their skin .

“So why is it perfect?” Bingning asked out of curiosity, unable to see the mysteries in this place .

“Look carefully . ” Li Qiye’s finger slightly touched the wall with a strange rhythm and order .

“Pop!” The wall resembled more of a lake now with rippling waves .

What the two girls saw became different, no longer their own shadow . Bingning saw a vast expanse and an explosion signaling the start of a universe .

It came quickly but also left with haste . Everything was ephemeral and disappeared before she could see them clearly .

Ximo’s vision also only lasted for a split second . She saw a divine sword containing the secrets of heaven . Unfortunately, she didn’t get a second glance .

When they regained their wits, they looked at the stone wall again . It was still the same as before, crude and ordinary .

An illusion would be the logical assumption, but intuition told Bingning that the scene she saw earlier was real .

“What happened?” She asked in astonishment .

“You’re looking at a dao bone . ” Li Qiye was amused at their reaction .

“A, a dao bone? This wall?” Both the girls became wide-eyed .

“Indeed . ” He smiled .

Bingning was greatly affected . She had heard of stories about dao bones before . Normally, it would only be the size of a fist . A large one would be that of a water basin .

But this wall, or rather cliff, was gigantic . Could a dao bone of this size be real?

“It’s way too big . ” She murmured .

“That’s why no one can take it away . Its origin is ancient and earth-shattering, far more precious than a dao scripture . ” Li Qiye revealed .

The two girls found it hard to remain calm . Bingning copied Li Qiye and also touched the wall with one finger . However, the result wasn’t to her expectation .  

“Why can’t I create the same images again?” She wondered .

“If everyone can create the origins, then it wouldn’t be considered mysterious or profound, right?” He smiled: “This required the power of a progenitor or another similar existence . You right now can’t do it, unless you are born with an immortal heart . ”

“Would this allow one to learn the dao?” Ximo had limited knowledge but she had heard stories about dao comprehension using dao bones .

“It’s possible, predicated on excellent talents, an unyielding dao heart, great vision, and impeccable intelligence . ” Li Qiye answered: “Just an ordinary dao bone can be difficult already, let alone this one . ”

With that, he sat down and began to meditate with his eyes closed . The two girls did the same, wanting to learn for this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity .

A hush fell over; only the sound of the winds and flowing water could be heard . Even their breathing became muted .

As time passed, Ximo couldn’t sense or feel anything despite an earnest effort at meditating . Perhaps this dao bone was rejecting her .

Bingning fared better, seemingly grasping on to something yet losing her grip . She tried repeatedly to no avail as if she was far from reaching the level of understanding the dao bone . Eventually, she decided to give up, aware that certain things couldn’t be forced . This learning opportunity alone was already a new peak for her .

On the contrary, Li Qiye seemed to be sleeping, staying as still as a statue . Nothing could distract him right now .

“Let’s watch carefully . ” Bingning sighed quietly . The two of them stood nearby and tried to not bother Li Qiye .

One second after another, then minutes, hours, he still didn’t move .

Rustle suddenly interrupted the silence . Bingning raised her guard instantly .

“Someone’s here . ” She darted next to Li Qiye, realizing that qi deviation could happen if he were to be interrupted during his meditation .

Ximo came closer to protect him as well in spite of her meager cultivation .

Sure enough, a group approached from the distance . All of them were strong; a few old men had the aura of a True God .

“Sword Sovereign…” Ximo recognized the young leader to her dismay: “The ancestors too…”

She took a deep breath as her expression soured after seeing the rest of the group .