Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2375

Chapter 2375: 2375

The vibration felt across Moneyfall wasn’t deafening yet everyone could feel it in their heart as if something had just exploded .

The knowledge of something terrifying lurking in the shadows overwhelmed them .

“Imperial Demise!” All gazes turned towards this land .

Even those who didn’t know about Imperial Demise turned their head in the right direction because it was the source of this terrible feeling .

“Indeed . ” One ancestor murmured: “Maybe the shadow monster in there has awakened, the thing that killed Regalia Ancestor . ”

“Who disturbed it?” The big shots turned pale while trembling .

“That’s suicidal, but I suppose the person already seeks death, that’s the only explanation for entering Imperial Demise . ” A sect master replied .

Numerous experts were startled . Though they didn’t know who it was, they thought that this person was insane .


“Boom!” The shadow didn’t speak before unleashing a destructive palm strike . Everything returned to the origin by this power . Time and space became nothingness .

Only a progenitor would be able to stop an attack of this level .

Li Qiye became amused: “You are lost, halt and show me the way to the real Moneyfall!”

He was holding a bubbling eye made of water, obtained from Beastcoin City where the Kui underwent a massive change .

“Buzz . ” This circular bubble became resplendent, able to illuminate the entire world and expel all the darkness in this land .

The shadow was turned to wisps of black smoke and sucked in by the bubble . It was scared and wanted to run . However, the two things seemed to be one so this fusion was inevitable .

It didn’t take long before the shadow was completely absorbed and placed in the center of the bubble . Now the eye was finally completed . Just a while ago, it was only a white eyeball without the black pupil .

The eye moved around in Li Qiye’s hand in a creepy manner . He took a look and chuckled: “This is your true form . Lead the way . ”

It seemed that the eye could understand him . With a buzzing noise, it turned increasingly bright and started to melt in this blinding radiance .

It took a liquid form and became a lake, but in the center was a mass of darkness . This darkness began a stair-like vortex leading to a deeper part of the lake .

Li Qiye began walking on the steps . “Pop!” Space seemed to be melting as well, becoming one with the water . Finally, no one could distinguish between the two affinities any longer .

Meanwhile, he made it farther and finally disappeared into the darkness .


At the same time, divine beams shot out of Vermillion Martial Court and lit up the entire system, affecting the sky of Myriad Lineage .

An invincible aura emerged as a figure soared to the sky . The existences in Vermillion felt the pressure and got on their knees .

“Dracoform Martial God!” People were rightfully horrified .

“Dracoform Martial God is coming into being!” This shocking news swept through the world .

All systems and powerful ancestors became startled .

This number one expert was virtually peerless in Myriad . He hasn’t appeared in a long time so he was more of a legend now . People would only occasionally brought him up during story-time .

An ancestor murmured: “A storm is coming to Myriad . What is actually worth the martial god coming out?”

“Boom!” Someone broke through the spatial fabric of Moneyfall and instantly made it there .

A majestic aura permeated this area and shocked the crowd .

Cloudcrossing Falcon God had appeared, but he didn’t have the same aura as this one .

People looked up towards the horizon and saw an old man approaching .

He wore a gray robe, lacking the same fanfare as other experts . However, each of his steps made the earth tremble .

He appeared experienced, still stately despite his old age . The first impression was that he was an unstoppable martial artist .

His body was perfect, devoid of unnecessary muscles or fat .

“Dracoform Martial God!” One ancestor shouted .

“He’s here…” The crowd became astonished and filled with dread yet they couldn’t avert their eyes .

Dracoform didn’t need to show off his aura; just each step already garnered enough attention .

“Martial God…” Wu Bingning knew what was about to happen . She tried to escape but it was too late .

It looked like he was only walking from the horizon, but once she took action, the next step of his allowed him to appear before her .

To him, ten million miles only took a single step to cross .