Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2469

Chapter 2469: 2469

“Boom!” After Zeng Yibin and his men made it to the top, one of them walked to the front of the stone hall and stomped on the door .

It was instantly blown flying .

“Who is being so rude?” A lazy voice came about . Li Qiye slowly walked out with a beautiful girl behind him, Liu Chuqing .

He had a faint smile on his face with no sign of anger .

“Me, Zeng Yibin!” Yibin arched his chest proudly, knowing that many people were watching .

As Ma Mingchun’s grandchild, he was relatively exceptional among the young generation . Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle the tough army life and returned to his clan .

Of course, he couldn’t compare to the real geniuses and was only a little well-known, no match for his older cousin, Ma Jinming .  

Doing something dominating like this satisfied his ego and vanity . After all, others wouldn’t dare to do this right now .

“No idea who you are . ” Li Qiye drowsily said .

“Now you do . ” Yibin arrogantly said: “I am a child of the Zeng Clan, the captain of the eighth battalion of the Central Legion with one decorated star…”

He had a good background and eventually became a low-ranking general in the legion . This raised his status so he looked quite pleased when introducing himself .

“Oh? Battalion captain? No, just a nobody that isn’t qualified to even lick my feet at the Golden Hall . ” Li Qiye casually said .

The gloating youth’s expression became extremely unsightly as if someone had just poured cold water over him .

Unfortunately, he couldn’t quite retort because this was indeed the case . Someone of his level wasn’t qualified to enter the Golden Hall, let alone prostrating before the king . Only a commander like Ma Mingchun could be there .

During the reign of Lucidity King, the dynasty produced countless talents . An insignificant and low-ranking general like him wasn’t worth mentioning, just another fish in the ocean .

The spectators laughed in response because Yibin’s demeanor just now was so wretched, like a dog finally able to bite a downed tiger . Though the king was even more useless, he was still the king .

“Hmph, keep on acting cool, this general won’t stoop down to your level . ” Yibin snorted and coldly answered .

He was still boasting about his position despite not being one any longer .

“Get the hell out . From now on, we are in charge of this peak . ” He declared .

“Why should I?” Li Qiye smiled and said .

“Because I like this place . Our Central Legion is about to occupy this area, so be smart and scram, don’t invite needless trouble . ” Yibin revealed an unfriendly expression .

A spectator in the distance quietly asked: “The Central Legion is really coming to Nine-linked Mountains?”

“No way, he’s coming up with an excuse . ” An older cultivator said with uncertainty .

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye asked .

Yibin’s eyes chillingly flashed as he responded: “I’m afraid it’s not up to you . It will be considered obstruction against official military business . I’ll break your arms and legs then will throw you down the cliff like a dead dog . ”

He laughed and looked down on Li Qiye as if the guy was an ant . This style gave him great pleasure, satisfying his ego and previous grievances .

Keep in mind that a general like him wouldn’t be able to meet the king at all . This fool, as long as he was on the throne, was still a supreme existence - able to look down on a general as if they were ants .

This was no longer the case . This imperious king was now a dog without a master . No one would give a damn about him .

He could treat this king like an ant now - an amazing feeling of schadenfreude .

The spectators didn’t say anything . They didn’t know whether Yibin was acting on his own accord or if he was under the orders of Commander Ma Mingchun .

“Don’t you know who he is?!” Liu Chuqing was furious and stepped up for Li Qiye’s sake .

“Of course . ” Yibin laughed loudly in response: “How could lowly characters like us not know about our great king? Oh no, our legs are growing weak because of his prestige and royal aura, we should prostrate and worship him now…”

The sarcasm was too clear . He continued on with a fierce glare: “Unfortunately, that’s all in the past . Move now or I’ll make you wish for death!”

Even the nice Chuqing couldn’t handle this tone . She scowled and said: “Such impudence! His Majesty is not someone you can insult . Leave now, His Majesty will spare you . ”

“Who are you?” Yibin was a fool but after seeing Chuqing’s incredible presence, he could tell that she must be someone important .

“Liu Chuqing of Waterfront Pavilion . ” She had no intention of hiding her identity .

“Waterfront Princess!” Though Yibin has never met her before, he has heard of her fame and took one step back, astonished .

The crowd felt the same way and needed to take a composing inhale .

Chuqing rarely showed herself in public so people have only heard of her before . Nevertheless, virtually everyone here knew who she was .

The princess of Waterfront was prestigious and had an amazing bloodline . More importantly, her talents were rumored to be top-notch as well .

People haven’t seen her in action yet, but Waterwatch Saber Saint once lamented that he was only the second place in the pavilion in terms of talents .

Keep in mind that the saber saint was the best genius in Waterfront, famous alongside Eight Formation True Emperor or even above .

The crowd felt perplexed, not knowing why the princess would be together with the new king .

“You… you’re Waterfront Princess?” Yibin was shocked, realizing that he couldn’t afford to mess with someone like her .

Provoking her might invoke the fury of Waterwatch Saber Saint .

“Yes . ” She nodded without putting up a haughty act .

“Hehehe…” Yibin sneered with disdain at Li Qiye: “Hiding behind a woman, what a coward . No wonder why you lost your kingdom, someone like you will never amount to anything, not worthy of being a king…”

He directed his attention towards Li Qiye instead .

“How dare you?!” Chuqing grew red, wanting to teach the youth a lesson .

Li Qiye pulled her back behind him and smiled deeply: “I see, then I should stop hiding behind her then . ”

He gave Yibin the side-eye and said: “You wanted to break my legs, right? I’m right here, come . ”

“Be careful . ” She was worried about him and whispered .

“Good, still have a backbone .  That’s a king for you . ” Yibin was very pleased with himself, not expecting for his taunt to actually work .

“Men, if he doesn’t move, then break his bones and throw him away . ” He revealed a cruel smile .