Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2470

Chapter 2470

The spectators pondered about Zeng Yibin’s intent . The experienced youths shook their heads .

They weren’t empathizing with Li Qiye, just annoyed at Yibin’s gloating demeanor .

When the king still had his kingdom, he probably wouldn’t have dared to let a fart out . Look at him now, acting all high and mighty .

Few in this world would care about the weak, but they didn’t like this gloating act from Yibin either .

During any other day, someone like him was only a minor character, insignificant in the grand scheme of thing . Such arrogance and bossiness earned him the resentment of the crowd .

Of course, the spectators didn’t feel like speaking, let alone helping the king .

Yibin himself might not be a genius, but he was still a member of the Zeng Clan, the grandchild of Ma Mingchun . That’s an impressive background .

Plus, the king was only a dog without a master right now . Who would want to interfere for his sake?

After receiving Yibin’s order, the muscular men behind him surrounded Li Qiye with eyes full of aggression .

They were part of the army and wouldn’t show any mercy the moment Yibin gives them the go-ahead .

“Your Majesty, will you break your legs yourself or do we have to help you?” One of the men smiled and asked .

The scene became quite tense; all spectators held their breath due to the excitement .

Suddenly, loud exhales disrupted the ongoing situation . Yeng Yibin and his men all turned around .

They saw an old man sitting on a boulder nearby with a wood cutter hanging by his waist and a bundle of firewood beneath . He sat on a boulder and enjoyed his smoke .

No one knew when he got there; it was as if he had been there the entire time but no one noticed his existence .

He puffed out a ring of smoke and noticed everyone looking at him . He tapped his pipe to get the ashes out and coughed: “Excuse me, I’m at the wrong place, continue on . ”

No one had a clue who he was . Yibin ignored this and ordered: “Start . ”

He had no other choice and delaying this matter might create further problems .

“Your Majesty, don’t blame us for being merciless . Blame yourself for being blind . ” One man smiled grimly .

Four of the group exchanged glances before shouting: “Let’s go!”

They reached for Li Qiye, each aiming for a different arm and leg - wanting to raise him in the air .

This didn’t look like a simple bone-breaking move, more like dismemberment via running horses .

“Clank!” Suddenly, a snow-white flash appeared .

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” The shade of red emerged .

“Oh no, my wood cutter . ” Everyone, still confused, heard the old man shouting and saw him holding his waist .

However, the wood cutter was nowhere to be seen .

In this split second, there was a sharp white blade flying in the air . It severed the arms of the four men from the shoulder down, as easily as cutting tofu .

“Ah!” The men finally realized what had happened after seeing blood gushing out from the wounds and screamed .  

This wood cutter hovered in the sky and blood dripped down from its tip, one drop at a time . No one was controlling it; it seemed to have its own mind and moved on its own volition .

“Come back, I need you to stay alive!” The old man anxiously shouted again .

Everyone immediately thought that he was putting up an act .

“Old man, you’re courting death!” The other men immediately turned towards him with a shocked expression .

“Clank!” They took out their saber and sword before lunging for him like tigers and wolves .

“It has nothing to do with me, you got it wrong!” The frightened old man waved his hands in denial .

However, these men wouldn’t listen to him . The wind-cutting howls of their lightning-fast slashes came straight for his neck .

They wouldn’t give the enemy a chance to retaliate at all, not caring who the old man actually was .

“Whoosh!” The hovering cutter suddenly flashed and came for them .

“Watch it!” The men noticed this and turned their blades upward .

“Bang! Bang!” Their sabers and swords crumbled with pieces flying everywhere . Blood came next .

The knife cutter dashed through the air, creating a beautiful white arc before slashing down . More arms dropped to the ground . All became armless men, unable to resist at all .

Their weapons were crushed and gone were their arms .

“Ah!” They let out miserable and heart-wrenching scream .

The spectators were alarmed after seeing the one-sided battle .

“It’s a master . ” Everyone could see that the old man was a hidden master .

“Run!” After the initial jolt of pain, the men realized that they needed to ignore the pain and retreat as fast as possible .

“Pluff!” The cutter flew up in the air before descending once more, decapitating the escaping victims .

These poor, headless victims still ran for a while longer without a head . When their head dropped down and rolled on the ground, they could see their body falling to the ground with blood gushing out . They opened their mouth, wanting to scream but no sound would come out . Their blood on the ground flowed together and formed thick streams .

The spectators watched in a daze, shuddering .

The imperious Yibin was frozen . His men were all experts that have survived numerous battlefields . None of them was weak but they were instantly murdered by this old man . The guy’s power was insane .

“Shit!” His wits returned and he decided to run for that was the only option .

Honor, reputation, face? None of them mattered . Nothing was more important than staying alive so he mustered all of his strength to flee .

Unfortunately, the blood-stained cutter unleashed another vertical slash .

“Thump!” Yibin didn’t make it far before his legs got cut off . He immediately rolled on the ground .

“Ah!” Once he stopped rolling, he finally noticed that his legs were missing . The pain and realization made him scream .

“Shit!” The pale youth used his arms to crawl instead, leaving behind two trails of blood .