Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2589

Chapter 2589: 2589

Li Qiye didn’t flinch once while inside the sphere of fire due to a protective glow nullifying every single shot . Barrages continued to no avail, only managing to destroy the area around him .

In fact, people got the feeling that this was a rebirth via fire . The firepower not only failed to hurt him but also seemed to be increasing his strength by refining his constitution .

“That’s unreal . ” Everyone became stunned .

“Who the hell is this guy? How can he stop this massive attack so easily?” Even the ancestors were astounded .

“Fire!” The barrage stopped for a second before another command was heard .

The small ships lit up in a blinding manner again and maximized their output . In this split second, all of them shot out a materialized ray with enough force to cut through time and space . These rays tore the area asunder while surging towards Li Qiye as the common target .

There was a lack of explosions and fire versus the previous barrage . However, these rays were far more terrifying .

Each ship has gathered all of its energy onto its respective beam, allowing the ray to sever anything . Powerful weapons and tough metals weren’t enough as a defensive measure .

“Buzz . ” Temperature crazily surged like 100,000 concentrated suns . Because of this, everything started to melt .

The dao laws, worldly forces, and spatio-temporal affinities weren’t spared either . Everything became blurred, whether it be the blue azure or the earth below .  

“That’s terrifying . ” The horrified crowd was startled, thinking that they were next .

“I don’t think he can survive this time around because that ray is unreal . Eternals going all out still can’t stop it . ” One expert stated .

One ancestor activated his heavenly gaze for a better look before shouting in horror: “Oh Lord!”

“What? His body is incinerated, even the true fate is done for?” Many came over to ask, thinking that the sight of Li Qiye’s death was too gruesome .

“He’s perfectly fine, it’s so strange . ” The ancestor took a deep breath and said .

Other ancestors who were True Gods also opened their gazes . Sure enough, Li Qiye stood in the hottest area in a leisurely manner . Though these rays could burn and meld everything, they didn’t do a damn thing to him outside of lighting him up .

One could see a light emanating from him to stop the fast-shooting rays . These ancestors naturally became scared .

“Is this brat still human? So young yet possesses such a terrifying power already . ” One of them shuddered .

“How does he compare to Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor?” Someone couldn’t help but ask .

“I don’t think they’re comparable . ” An old True God shook his head: “The emperors are battle-hardened with brilliant talents and power among the young generation, but this so-called Fiercest is already amazing, being able to do this much . ”

“How boring . ” Li Qiye yawned while being struck by these rays: “Using the dao to control machines is a good method, but it is not being masterly done here, far inferior compared to the machine race . ”

He smiled: “Okay, don’t block my view anymore, scrap metals . ” With that, he slowly raised both hands .

“Buzz . ” The melted space seemed to be torn asunder like the chaotic opening of a new world . Next came the light of dawn to signal the start of all things below the blue sky .

The hundred ships or so suddenly lost control and floated up and down . Gravity and weight have been affected .

“Not good!” The generals realized that they couldn’t control their ships .

Li Qiye circled his hands and the area turned into a gigantic maelstrom . One could actually hear splashing sounds like the ups-and-downs in an ocean .

“Rumble!” The ships naturally spun with the vortex at an increasing pace . Finally, they became part of this maelstrom, quite a majestic scene .

“Boom! Boom!” After this formational shift, the cannons on the smaller ships suddenly aimed towards the ten big ones and began firing at full force .

The big ships were caught unprepared and trembled from the attacks . Some hulls were directly penetrated .

They immediately retaliated with their own cannons . With just one barrage, more than ten small ships were destroyed .

“We’re on the same side! We’re on the same side!” The disciples and generals on the surviving smaller ships shouted in horror, unlike their fallen brothers who couldn’t even scream in time .

“Buzz . ” The ten main ships exuded a blinding light that eventually culminated in the form of a barrier .

Deafening explosions resounded as a result . The barrier effectively nullified the continuous barrage from the smaller ships .  

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Though the smaller ships went all out against the ten main ones, the barrier was simply too strong . Of course, it was shaking back and forth along with the area .

Meanwhile, the crowd was in awe at how Li Qiye managed to seize control of the smaller ships .

One ancestor took a deep breath and said: “Absolute control over space . Once he starts doing that, everyone within that domain will have to follow his whim . ”

“Go now!” Li Qiye chuckled and pushed his hands forward .

“Boom!” The rest of the smaller ships condensed in the vortex and flew forward like a massive continent, aiming for the bigger ones .