Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2626

Chapter 2626

Venerable Deer Merchant’s arrival excited the crowd . They even rubbed their fists, seemingly getting ready . [1]

They patiently waited for the deer merchant to break into Mingluo and defeat Fiercest . This would grant them an opening for their own schemes .

Fiercest was something else . His take-down of the tree left them speechless and robbed them of their courage . No one dared to take half a step inside the city .

In their opinion, it was unrealistic to rely on Lightning Sword God and Famed Bamboo Heavenly Monarch .

This was no longer the case . The deer merchant’s arrival gave them hope . Everyone knew about the ongoing feud between these two .

As the leader of the federation, the deer merchant would never drop this issue . A siege against the city was only a matter of time, hence the crowd’s excitement and anticipation for Li Qiye’s defeat .

The reality was that they had no feud against Li Qiye . Some even admired him for protecting the natives . Unfortunately, treasures were too tempting .

The city was filled with immortal pulses right now . Even the blind could see that the stone was about to come out . They couldn’t just let him have it .

However, the deer merchant didn’t do anything after arriving . The lustful and beautiful forest with spirit deers remained but there was no sign of him .

Of course, no one dared to enter the forest without an invitation for fear of death due to his notorious reputation .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A series of drumming interrupted everyone’s rumination .

“Alright, someone is finally attacking the city . ” This was the first reaction .

However, they looked up and didn’t see an army, only a gigantic imperial ship slowly approaching .

On the deck was an old drum with a middle-aged man going hard at it . The drum echoed in a mighty and oppressive manner .

The ship was luxurious beyond words, made from precious Brilliantcloud Immortal Wood and decorated with gem squares for both the floor and roof . There were antique decorations such as paintings emitting either imperial or eternal aura .

They naturally came from powerful beings but were just used as decoration right now .

There was one imperial banner on the ship . Normally, only an emperor would hang such a banner .

“Is it Puresword True Emperor?” However, someone noticed the word “Lu” on it .

People couldn’t come up with an emperor with that last name in Imperial . They knew that there were two emperors right now - Jade-break and Puresword .

The most shocking thing was the impressive blessings and augmentations on the ship - more than enough to crush the firmaments for an eternity . This seemed to be the power level of a progenitor .

“Which True Emperor is this? Probably above Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor . ” The crowd was startled .

They also noticed a throne looming in the crowd . The same rule as the banner applied - emperor only .

A youth sat there, dressing on the verge of being ostentatious; his attitude full of disdain . His eyes were up in the sky as if looking at other people would dirty them .

Arrogance aside, one could see unyieldingness and ferocity in his appearance as well .

Five old men stood behind him - all incredible True Gods acting as servants . This pointed to the youth being a heaven-defying existence .

Even Jade-break and Puresword True Emperor didn’t have Eternals as servants . After all, Eternals were important and prestigious . One would need to be a progenitor to have this treatment .

Many could see that this youth wasn’t a True Emperor . His aura was ferocious indeed but it wasn’t as strong as the ones coming from the Eternals behind him . This naturally stunned the crowd .  

“Is there an unstoppable Lu Clan in our world?” This question popped up .

“Who is this youth?” No one recognized the youth or knew his background .

“Boom!” The ship landed on the ruins outside the city .

“Su Mobai, Sha Yucheng, come for a drink . ” The youth spoke, appearing very egotistical .

People glanced at each other since he addressed Lightning Sword God and the heavenly monarch with their real names .

Su Mobai had quite a reputation being the first disciple of Puresword True Emperor . The heavenly monarch was on the same seniority ranking as the True Emperor since they were sworn brothers . Many in Imperial assumed the role of a junior before him .

But now, this youth called them by their given names as if his status far exceeded these two .

“Brother Lu, excuse us for a lack of reception . ” An awe-inspiring response came from the tree . A ray of light shot out . Next, the monarch landed on the great ship, pulsing with the glow of an Eternal . One found it hard to actually see his face .

“It is an honor to see you, Brother Lu . I regret not spending more time together during our previous meeting at the Mu . ” Lightning Sword God also jumped on the ship and cupped his fist, acting appropriately to the occasion .

The crowd took a deep breath and exchanged glances, still perplexed about the youth’s identity .

The two weren’t angry at the lack of courtesy . In fact, they were so polite towards him .

“Let’s enjoy ourselves today, I have brought plenty of good wines . ” The prideful youth said .

Next, he looked over towards the forest and cupped his fist: “Senior Deer Merchant, Esteemed Kings, I, Lu Weijun, greet you . ”

Though this was a greeting, judging by his expression, he carried no respect for these five .

Remember, one would be hard-pressed to find an ancestor as strong as the deer merchant right now . Any junior would be full of reverence when talking to him . On the other hand, this youth remained casual as if it was no big deal .

“You’re too polite, Virtuous Nephew Lu . How is Senior Hundred-days doing?” An ancient voice came from the reclusive merchant inside the forest .

His reserved tone towards this junior shocked the crowd again, confirming the heaven-defying background of this youth named Lu Weijun .

1 . Enough context to change Lu Keweng into Venerable Deer Merchant . All previous chapters are updated . To be honest, I like using the pinyin more than this long title