Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2737

Chapter 2737

The gigantic snake had armor-like scales from top to bottom . It actually had a pair of hands growing out of its body too, holding two axes .

“Ssss!” Its tongue looked like a whip .

“Ah…” The youngest among them, Lu Ruoxi, turned pale and took several steps back .

“That’s a big one…” Many of the groups became intimidated .

“Keep the formation, don’t falter . ” Li Jiankun shouted to boost their morale .

“I’m taking it down!” Jiahui remained fearless and initiated combat . She thrust her sword forward as if it was a poisonous snake too .

“Go!” Jiankun was afraid that something might happen to her so he followed suit .

“We’re coming!” Zhiting and the rest rushed forward .

They couldn’t back down since their target was the lair of these creatures .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The snake swung its axes around in a violent manner .

Its scales were extremely tough . Jiahui and the others made direct contact but couldn’t harm the snake at all .

Ruoxi lacked actual battle experience and was carelessly struck by the tail . She went flying while vomiting blood .

“Careful!” Zhiting jumped over to catch her, leaving herself vulnerable to an incoming slash .

During this perilous moment, Jiahui darted over and stopped the axe with a great shield . Both her and the shield got blown flying . She rolled on the ground for quite a while .

She stabilized her stance and showed great courage, attacking the snake lower section from below without caring about her own injuries .

The experience at the divine mountain truly transformed her . This girl used to be bashful and too shy to talk . Now, she always had a calm demeanor and feared nothing . She had matured from the pain and near-death experiences .

“Rumble!” The seven’s alternating attacks were useless, seemingly facing defeat .

Weizheng was nervous the entire time and almost came to help . Alas, he didn’t dare to take the initiative without Li Qiye’s command .

“Fools!” Li Qiye said: “If one person can’t win, then work together to maximize the output . Li Jiankun is the strongest, so he’ll be the main force to stop the two axes . Jiahui, focus on its weak spots to deliver a fatal blow . Xiu Ling and Xiu Qi, you two attack the sides . Xuehong, attack its rear . Zhiting, play the role of support and block its sight . Ruoxi, circle and distract it . ”

The losing group found morale after receiving clear instructions from Li Qiye .

“Ready up, go again!” Jiankun rushed straight forward with a shield and sword .

“Bam! Bam!” He directly confronted the two axes .

“Poof!” Zhiting unleashed a fireball straight at the snake’s head in order to blind its vision .

“Now!” The two brothers, Xiu Ling and Xiu Qi, attacked the two sides .

Meanwhile, Wang Xuehong ran to the back of the creature and smashed its head with his hammer .

At the same time, the youngest girl ran around everywhere and unleashed numerous different weapons . She didn’t stop moving in order to avoid retaliation .

In the beginning, their teamwork still had flaws but as this went on, they started to understand each other and got used to combat . This made the flow of the fight much smoother .

“Ssssss!” The snake bellowed miserably .

Jiahui took advantage of a rare chance and penetrated the monster’s body before swiftly retreating .

Its gigantic body whipped back and forth before falling on the ground like a pillar . Blood flowed down the ground and the snake became stiff .

“We did it! We did it!” Wang Xuehong celebrated loudly and finally felt pain all over .

The group smiled and felt a great sense of achievement . They never dared to think about taking on such a dangerous task before but today, they have successfully taken down a powerful foe .

“Sssh!” The celebration was short-lived since more green eyes flashed deeper in the valley .

“Not the time to celebrate . ” Li Qiye coldly uttered .

The group gathered for formation again . There was no time to relax and rest .

“Just like before . ” Jiankun was afraid but still maintained a cool head .

“Go now, don’t let them attack together, let’s take care of the closest ones first . ” Jiahui added .

“Now!” Jiankun was the primary force and needed to be the vanguard . He led the group deeper into the valley .

“Rumble!” Loud explosions and bangings happened all over the valley . Trees collapsed everywhere .

A contest between seven humans and numerous snakes . Jiankun took the brunt of the damage as the vanguard so he was grievously injured .

“He won’t die and I can save cure anything less . ” Weizheng wanted to join several times but Li Qiye stopped him .

Weizheng smiled wryly after hearing this, aware of the type of training now . He could only pray for the kids at this point .

The battle never stopped in the valley . The group had killed several gigantic snakes after a while but was nearly routed too .

“Idiot, you usually only get one chance . Miss it and your friends will die!” Li Qiye occasionally criticized the group, always drawing blood on the first prick with his sharp tongue . Even Jiahui wasn’t spared after making a mistake .

Weizheng finally saw his merciless teaching method . Normally, he felt that the supreme ancestor was still very lenient towards the juniors . Now, this was no longer the case . The ancestor was brutal and held nothing back .

Ten hellish days have passed in the valley . The disciples barely managed to survive and whenever they made a mistake, they were instantly chastised .

They also retreated several times in order to stay alive . After ample rest, they would rush in again despite having unfavorable odds .

Their teamwork has gotten tremendously better, the same for their courage and sense of solidarity .

Later on, Li Qiye rarely needed to instruct them . They suddenly were able to realize their own mistakes and correct them . The merciless training increased their speed and reaction time too .

On the tenth day, the snake king bellowed and fell to the group .

“We did it!” They made it to the lair after killing the snakes in this valley and began to celebrate .

After the group recovered, Li Qiye opened his eyes and said: “This is only the beginning of a long journey . Gather your stuff, time to go . ”

The group got a chill but still followed his orders with haste . Two days afterward, Li Qiye stopped again and threw them into an abyss .

“The fog will toy with your mind . This is a test for your dao heart . Don’t go insane down there now . ” Li Qiye said .

The group below looked around and saw nothing but darkness . They became nervous, thinking that this was hell .

“Calm down, don’t separate and keep on reminding each other . ” Jiahui had experiences with this and warned .

They were tortured for more than ten days down there . Jiahui’s dao heart was tough enough for her to get out sooner . However, she stuck around in order to help her peers . The group eventually made it out .


As they headed for Reincarnation Mountain, Li Qiye took advantage of all the perilous locations along the way . He wouldn’t let them out without passing the trials .

In the beginning, the group dreaded these trials . As time went on, they became accustomed to the toughness and improved greatly .

Not just in cultivation but also teamwork, camaraderie, and battle experiences…

The seven didn’t abandon each other during the most dangerous events .

This type of training didn’t come by easily by lingering around in the sect . That’s why this arduous journey was necessary .

Weizheng was happy to see this . He was certain that these seven would become the pillars of Mountguard in the future .