Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 3619

Chapter 3619: Challenge

Fate was an intangible concept for the students. This didn’t explain who would be able to grasp the hammer.

Teacher Du only smiled and instead focused on one person who just got here.

“Young Master Li, you’re here too.” He smiled.

Li Qiye and Yang Ling finally arrived and saw the massive crowd. Yang Ling had to pull him through them to make it to the cauldron’s mouth.

Other students naturally glanced at Li Qiye since a teacher took the initiative to greet him. Moreover, Li Qiye had some fame right now in Duality.

Of course, this was strictly limited to his strange style with the boar. The majority hasn’t met him before and merely became curious.

Some also disliked him and showed it on their face, such as Lin Hao’s fans.

“Young Master, will you give it a shot?” Teacher Du waved at him and said: “This hammer is a treasure of our academy, only the dao lords and a few sovereigns can pick it up.”

This request surprised the students right away.

“Teacher, you’re playing with us, right?” One student regained his wits and laughed: “Senior Brother Lin Hao is one thing, even First Sister couldn’t do it, let alone a woodchopper.”

Others started laughing as well. Another said: “Teacher Du is trying to be partial and letting everyone have a shot regardless of who they are.”

“Such shallow opinions.” The usually hot-headed teacher was in a good mood today. He smiled and shook his head, not annoyed in the slightest.

The students became bolder after seeing this and didn’t hold back.

“Teacher, the geniuses of our academy can’t do it, let alone someone at the conqueror level.” Another student stated his skepticism.

“That’s right, a person who can wield this hammer can’t be at the conqueror level and definitely not an ignorant woodchopper.” Those who didn’t like Li Qiye took advantage of this opportunity to insult him.

“If he can lift the hammer, then I’ll swallow all the dregs here.” One more took it to the next level.

Not all of them actually looked down on Li Qiye since the hammer was only used by the top masters. Putting aside the past, Dugu Lan in recent times couldn’t pick it up.

However, Teacher Du ignored them and smiled at Li Qiye: “Young Master, feel free to try.”

“Do it, Young Master, teach those dog eyes a lesson, stop them from looking down on others.” Yang Ling felt indignation for Li Qiye and urged him.

“Junior Sister Yang, don’t be so naive.” An older female classmate shook her head and said: “How could someone at his cultivation lift this hammer? Trying will only invite embarrassment.”

“Our young master’s methods and ace cards are beyond your imagination.” Yang Ling retorted.

“That’s useless, only absolute power matters here. Princess, you don’t understand. To be frank, one needs to be at the Myriad Dao Heavenly Physique to even try, this is the starting point.” One student disagreed.

“Just let him do it so that we all can watch. I guess some are better at inviting humiliation and embarrassment than others.” Someone who didn’t like Li Qiye snorted.

Teacher Du didn’t bother correcting these students and waited for Li Qiye’s choice.

The latter’s eyes were fixated on the cauldron fire. It was weak enough to go out from a gust of wind. He frowned and walked closer.

“Stop right there, you can’t come closer!” Liu Jinsong immediately shouted at Li Qiye.

“What, there’s an order?” Li Qiye glanced at him.

“Yes, and I'm first in line. No one should think about cutting before I finish.” Jinsong coldly stared at Li Qiye.

Others became annoyed but didn’t bother contesting him. After all, the fire was still too small right now. They would be wasting their effort.

“Oh? So are you refining one now?” Li Qiye chuckled.

Jinsong considered this disrespectful. His expression soured as he uttered: “A junior like you shouldn’t worry about what I do. Scram to the side while I still have some patience or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Teacher Du furrowed his brows after seeing Jinsong’s attitude but continued to observe. He wasn’t worried about Li Qiye’s safety.

“That’s my line. Be smart and run away or I’ll make mincemeat out of you.” Li Qiye’s smile turned into a smirk.

The audience was stunned to hear this. They didn’t expect Li Qiye to be so haughty.

Jinsong’s father was a general in Vajra but he didn’t need a strong backer. He wasn’t a piece of trash needing his clan to back him up. In Duality, he was considered an excellent student, maybe not comparable to the five heroes but far stronger than most.

“Make mincemeat out of me?” Jinsong wildly laughed from being too angry: “Hahaha, this is the funniest thing I’ve heard recently.”

He then glared at Li Qiye and sneered: “You’re only at the conqueror level yet you dare to run your mouth before me? I can kill you within three moves and offer your dog head to the cauldron.”

“I see.” Li Qiye casually responded: “I just need one swing to get rid of you.”

“Hahaha!” Jinsong’s anger reached its limit. How could he let a conqueror-level junior speak to him in this manner?

“Let’s see what you got then.” Jinsong waved his hand to challenge: “We’ll do it right here. Just know that when we start, I’ll definitely kill you. It’s not too late to get on your knees and beg for forgiveness.”

“No need.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Senior Brother, don’t kill him so fast, teach him a lesson first, show him how vast this world is!” One student shouted.

“Yes, this is what he gets for booking down on Duality! Beat him into submission, knock his teeth out and make him roll around in pain, asking for mercy!” Another shouted.

Many started clamoring and jeering. In their eyes, Li Qiye stood no chance against Jinsong.