Chapter 458: Conjuring The Storm

At this point, Qiurong Wanxue couldn’t help but point to the sky above and ask: “What’s that?”

The sky was shrouded by thick clouds of blood that spanned the entire ocean. It was as if blood was flowing in these clouds that blocked the sky. Occasionally, flashes of lightning would appear as if they were about to rend the sky asunder.

Li Qiye looked at the clouds of blood and replied: “That is a very terrifying thing.” He then looked at the vast sea and continued: “We have to go. We have tarried for too long, Imp might have already reached that place.”

“Do we fly?” Qiurong Wanxue asked while looking at the vast sea.

“No, we can’t fly in this place. If you forcefully fly, lightning will tear you apart. An invincible power looms over this place so no one can fly. We will have to ride the waves.”

After hearing this, Qiurong Wanxue attempted to fly up. She only got a few meters off the ground before an extremely heavy force pushed her back down.

“This ocean is very vast. If we ride the waves, it will still take several days. I’ll assist you for a while.” Li Qiye hugged her by the waist and didn’t give her the time to refuse. He surfed on the ocean surface with a speed as fast as lightning.

Qiurong Wanxue started to blush since she was being held by the waist by Li Qiye’s robust hand. And when she leaned against his tough physique, she felt hot all over as she lost her strength; a numbing sensation slowly spread throughout her body.

Qiurong Wanxue’s eyes rippled with emotions as she secretly glanced at Li Qiye, but he was still riding the waves nonchalantly.

She gently leaned on his shoulder. Although this vast expanse didn’t only have the two of them, she was lost in this feeling of safety and didn’t care for the eyes of others. She only wanted to hug him even tighter.

Even though Li Qiye was as fast as lightning, this sea was extremely vast so he could not reach the shore in a short amount of time. During this trip, other cultivators were also recklessly flocking deeper into the unknown. Some were riding treasure ships, some were riding aquatic creatures, and some were riding the waves like Li Qiye.

However, all of them stopped at a deeper juncture in the ocean. Many tried different methods to pass this, but all had failed.

Even geniuses had to give up at this point, such as Ghost Monk, Golden Child, and Hundred Clans Child. Even emperor’s descendants such as Titanic Crescent Saint Child and Ghost Insect Evil Child were blocked as well.

These arrogant prodigies utilized a variety of methods and exhausted many treasures to no avail.

Everyone felt that the treasure mountain of Necropolis had to be on the other side, so no one was willing to leave; they all stayed here, waiting. Many of them decided to form alliances to surpass this difficult blockade.

Of course, the biggest camp was Ghost Insect Evil Child’s because he was the descendant of an emperor’s lineage. The groups of Ghost Monk and Hundred Clans Child also had very high appeal.

Amidst the discussions on how to proceed through this sea, a surprising piece of news emanated throughout the entire Sacred Nether World.

“Tian Lunhui has come out from his cultivation session and is coming to Necropolis to learn more about the mysticisms of this place.” No one knew who spread this news at such a rapid pace.

This news reached the eastern Nether Border and Necropolis. Not to mention the younger generation, even the previous generation became quite alarmed.

After hearing this, a ghost king from the previous generation exclaimed: “Tian Lunhui, the most mysterious of the three heroes, has finally made a move!”

Tian Lunhui, one of the three heroes in the Sacred Nether World, could be described as a force that could cause the world to cower. He came from the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom and was its descendant. Some even said that the current ghost king of the kingdom wanted to pass his throne to Tian Lunhui but was refused since Tian Lunhui wished to focus on cultivation.

The All-Eras Ancient Kingdom was a lineage with two emperors. Although it was not comparable to the forever-brilliant Myriad Bones Throne, it was still very formidable. Some considered it a miracle of the Emperors Era.

Two emperors came out from the kingdom with the gap of a single generation. This was indeed a very rare occurrence.

What was even more unusual was that the founding emperor, along with the second emperor, had two very unique imperial titles. They were called Immortal Emperor Yi Shi and Immortal Emperor Er Shi! 1

There was a rumor stating that after Immortal Emperor Yi Shi shouldered the Heaven’s Will, he swore to control the reincarnation cycle to achieve everlastingness and to build an eternal kingdom.

This oath shocked the entire world. Reincarnating for generations to achieve eternality — such a domineering determination!

Since time immemorial, no one had ever successfully controlled the reincarnation cycle. People said that no one could go on forever in the samsara cycle or that reincarnation was only a legend.

However, oddly enough, when Immortal Emperor Er Shi was born, he already had Immortal Emperor Yi Shi’s totem. This caused the entire world to clamor! Many believed that Immortal Emperor Er Shi was the reincarnation of Immortal Emperor Yi Shi. 2

Just as many had predicted, Immortal Emperor Er Shi indeed shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became an Immortal Emperor, further propagating the idea that he was the founding emperor’s reincarnation.

Because of this, many cultivators believed in this form of reincarnation. However, after Immortal Emperor Er Shi, there were no more signs of reincarnations in the All-Eras Ancient Kingdom. It was as if he was no longer successful.

That is, until the day Tian Lunhui was born! On the day of his birth, he had the totem of Immortal Emperor Yi Shi.

He was destined to be extraordinary! When the news of him carrying Immortal Emperor Yi Shi’s totem came out, the entire Sacred Nether World was astonished. Countless ancestors and legendary masters believed that Immortal Emperor Yi Shi had successfully reincarnated once again.

Some even called Tian Lunhui Immortal Emperor San Shi. 3 He was born with a glorious and incomparable beginning as if fate had determined that he would become the new Immortal Emperor.

Regarding sects, Tian Lunhui was not equal to Di Zuo, who came from the Myriad Bones Throne, but as one of the three heroes, his fame was no less than Di Zuo’s.

Tian Lunhui did not disappoint those who called him Immortal Emperor Yi Shi’s reincarnation. Although he was the latest to cultivate amongst the three heroes, his cultivation speed was the fastest. Currently, his cultivation was unfathomable!

Some in the Sacred Nether World believed that Immortal Emperor Yi Shi inside Tian Lunhui was awakening in order to become an Immortal Emperor once more in this generation!

Tian Lunhui, who had been keeping a low profile for a long time, suddenly coming out from his cultivation session and going to Necropolis set off huge waves. Even ghost kings from the previous generation were very wary of Tian Lunhui.

“This man has the knowledge of an Immortal Emperor. If he explores Necropolis, perhaps he could unlock its secret and even obtain the treasure mountain!” A ghost king exclaimed with a changed expression after hearing about Tian Lunhui’s arrival.

Everyone knew that Tian Lunhui might be Immortal Emperor Yi Shi’s reincarnation. If this was the case, then with his rich knowledge, there was a big chance of him solving Necropolis’ mysteries and obtaining the treasure mountain.

The news of Tian Lunhui going to the eastern Nether Border was first received by the territory’s largest lineage — the Myriad Bones Throne.

“Since Tian Lunhui has come out, how could I, Di Zuo, be missing?” An extremely domineering voice and attitude came out from inside the Myriad Bones Throne.

Di Zuo, one of the three heroes, finally declared his intention!

This message was also spread across the world, resulting in the sadness of many young men. Even Heavenly Sovereigns from the previous generation lamented with soft sighs.

Di Zuo was qualified to be arrogant. As one of the three heroes, he was no lesser than Tian Lunhui.

Although his birth did not shock the world like Tian Lunhui’s and he didn’t have the halo of an Immortal Emperor at that time, becoming the inheritor of the Myriad Bones Throne was indicative of his abilities. In a sect that produced three emperors, devilish geniuses were as common as stray dogs. Di Zuo being able to rise to the top and seize his fame spoke plenty to his strength.

If Tian Lunhui was born as the heaven’s proud son, then Di Zuo had used his own strength and talent to earn his name.

As his name would suggest, the throne of the kingdom was Di Zuo’s alone. He alone was invincible, basking in all the glory. His talents and strength deterred the entire world as his battle record would cause others to turn pale.

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  1. Yi Shi = First Era; Er Shi = Second Era. 
  2. Totem here might just be a marking or a tribal tattoo, not a totem pole. 
  3. San Shi = Third Era