Chapter 459: An Unbelievable Scene

When it came to Di Zuo’s record, people from the Sacred Nether World could talk about it forever as if it was a common household topic.

At the age of ten, he could defeat Royal Nobles; at fifteen, he triumphed over Ancient Saints. And when he became eighteen, he alone soared into the North Ridge Country at the eastern Nether Border. This country — with an ancient lineage — could not stop Di Zuo’s rampage throughout the entire land as he overthrew its royal family. An army of 500,000 cavalry formed a blockade, but it was still unable to deter his path.

While in the sky and under the combined attacks from Enlightened Beings and Ancient Saints, Di Zuo fought till the sky itself collapsed as he killed his way into the North Ridge’s capital. Amidst the fierce crowd of experts, Di Zuo eventually killed the North Ridge Ghost King who possessed the strength of a Heavenly Sovereign.

After that battle, the ancient North Ridge Country collapsed. From then on, it was separated into many smaller countries and no longer had any semblance of its former prestige.

Di Zuo shocked the world as his fame reverberated throughout the four desolaces. All were frightened as other geniuses were overshadowed by Di Zuo’s record.

Some devilish geniuses were not happy with Di Zuo being listed as one of the three heroes, but after hearing about this battle, they could only become silent for a long time before resigning themselves with a lamenting sigh.

The battle of one against an entire ancient country — how domineering and unbeatable was this? This battle placed Di Zuo into a supreme position amongst the younger generation.

From then on, when people referred to Di Zuo, they would also add the word “Sir.”

Today, Di Zuo’s eventual arrival at Necropolis would turn the excited anticipation of many geniuses into resignation.

Countless people were full of hope, ambition, and even confidence for the treasure mountain in Necropolis coming into being or the eventual opening of the Prime Ominous Grave. This turmoil would bring about a new change, allowing an opportunity for them to shine and create a new, illustrious reputation.

But now, after hearing about Di Zuo’s arrival, all of these ambitious youngsters couldn’t help but feel their aspirations collapsing.

The three heroes were like unsurpassable mountains who continuously pressured all the minds of the younger generation. Even the most arrogant genius would have to acquiesce in the face of a devilspawn like Di Zuo. 1

After hearing this news, someone playfully commented: “Tian Lunhui is coming and Di Zuo is also leaving his cultivation session… If Chan Yang also comes, then all three heroes will be here!”

A ghost king shook his head and explained: “I’m afraid Chan Yang will not be able to come down. After all, people from the Ancestral Domain will not be able to descend for the next few dozen years. However, if all three were to be here, then the fate of this world would be in their hands.”

The three heroes of the Sacred Nether World: Di Zuo, Tian Lunhui, and Chan Yang. However, Chan Yang had never showed himself again after going to the Ancestral Domain.

Despite his lack of presence, his fame was no less than Di Zuo’s or Tian Lunhui’s. In the end, anyone that was chosen by the Ancestral Realm would surely be amazing.

While people were discussing these three, Li Qiye ran very quickly while carrying Qiurong Wanxue and finally reached the deeper territory of this ocean.

Many young cultivators were stuck here without being able to go any further. They congregated to find a viable solution.

Many in the group were heaven’s proud sons. Ghost Insect Evil Child, Titanic Crescent Saint Child, Divine Spark Prince, Golden Child, Ghost Monk, Hundred Clans Child… Which of the people listed here was not famous?

However, once they reached this part of the ocean, all of them became dumbfounded at the scene before them. Their mouths were wide open, unable to be closed for a long time.

No one dared to go any closer, they only stared at the scene from a safe distance.

Those who arrived earlier smilingly said to the shocked ones who came after: “Are you scared? I was also the same when I just got here.”

Those who could look at the entire sea would find that it was divided into two halves. One half had a golden color while the other half was as black as ink!

However, this was not its most compelling aspect. The golden half was at the boundary of the division while the black sea was situated at the far horizon.

Everyone would see a scene that they would never forget at this place; this was a miracle that shocked their very souls.

Countless Yang Nightfish gathered at the border of the golden sea. There were definitely more than a million.

They lined up in an orderly manner. Those that were closer to the edge of the golden sea were bigger than those behind them.

Many caught these Yang Nightfish in Nightsea and found that they were not very large and were all of a uniform size.

However, this scene made them realize that the fish they captured before were only of the smallest type.

The fish here ranged from the size of a water basin to the size of flood dragons that spanned hundreds of meters.

Meanwhile, the lone fish at the edge of the golden sea was an incalculable monstrosity. A flap of its tail could send water all the way to the nine heavens while a single gulp could swallow the entire sky.

It was not only the biggest Yang Nightfish at this place but also the biggest fish in the world. Perhaps it was the only Fish King amongst all other existences.

The gathering of these fish created a scintillating brilliance that shot all the way up to the sky. The bloody clouds in the sky began to change. The clouds of blood in the sky were arranged in a particular array that formed a frame. Meanwhile, the lights that were shot up by the fish were woven into an unparalleled immortal article as innumerable immortal runes floated up and down.

The clouds of blood in the form of a paper frame contained endless power to help the essence of the fish turn these runes into an immortal article.

Anyone would be frightened by this development. None dared to stare at this supreme immortal article because it would cause people to vomit blood by looking at it for too long.

A genius was skeptical of this, so he lifted his head to look at the article for three seconds, then he immediately died while vomiting blood right afterward. Because of this, the geniuses floating in the sea, such as Ghost Insect Evil Child and Titanic Crescent Saint Child from emperor’s lineages, didn’t dare to look at the article for long either.

Behind the Fish King, this article in the sky poured down orderly divine chains like a waterfall to create invincible universal laws as if it was the paragon of all weapons.

This scene was already astonishing enough, but it was far from over.

Opposite of the golden ocean was the black sea. At it’s edge, hundreds of thousands of ferry handlers were in a formation.

People who had been to Nightsea had never seen so many handlers like this before. Some once assumed that there were only one hundred handlers at most, but now, they knew that this was certainly not the case.

Standing right at the edge of the black sea was an enormous black shadow akin to a giant. Its foot was trampling the ocean while its head towered over the sky.

The shadow’s head was not revealed, but it exuded a dark air that caused others to feel the creeps; it was as if this shadow had come from the depths of hell. Anyone who looked at this shadow would shiver in fear!

The countless ferry handlers present all spewed out a never-ending black blood energy that eventually aggregated into a mysterious and strange-looking magical rune that hovered over the head of the gigantic black shadow. This rune sent down red strands of light that pierced into the head of this giant!

Nobody dared to look at this eerie and mysterious rune. A young expert who wasn’t afraid of evil forces wanted to study this black rune. After looking at it for five minutes, he suddenly fell down as his soul was devoured; he didn’t even have the chance to scream.

A Fish King swallowing the sky and a gigantic black shadow were confronting each other in this ocean, dividing it into halves — one golden and one black.

They both exuded a presence that caused people to tremble and forced them to stay far away.

Judging from their posturing, the two seemed to be especially cautious. The moment they took action, it would mean the rending of the heaven and earth, the annihilation of all existences! This dominating scene caused everyone to sit on the sideline, waiting. And it wasn’t only because of this inevitable battle. Without a ferry handler, cultivators could not venture past the black sea.

This black sea was just like the old Nightsea. Once one sets foot inside, they would drown in this black water. Without a ferry handler, death was assured!