Chapter 881: War Is Here

The Dragon-Tiger Monarch looked at the immediate situation and couldn’t help but smile: “What an amazing coincidence. It seems like Bi’an City won’t be a bad battlefield at all.”

“Haha, then we’ll fight!” The Jian Clan Master arrogantly stated: “It is rare for everyone to be in the same place. We can settle old and new debts all together!” Having said that, he looked over at the group of Taiyang Wang and the Crystallized Sea Prime Saint.

Ye Qingcheng laughed in great spirits at this time. He stared at the group and slowly spoke: “Now that everyone is here, let’s solve all of our grievances. However, Bi’an City is an ancient city, wouldn’t it be a shame if we destroyed it?”

With that, his laws started to float around him while undergoing different permutations. With his channeling, the earth spun and an ancient battlefield rose to the top of the city.

“If we want to fight to the death, then why not enter this battlefield!” Ye Qingcheng heroically stepped inside.

Such actions left many people in fearful confusion. He was able to control the entire ancient battlefield so easily. Could it be that he also had control over the entire city as well?

“Who’s afraid of who? A fight it is then!” The Jian Clan Master brought the experts from the Jian Clan into the battlefield with a domineering cry.

“Our ravine will never forgive you for killing my grandchild!” Taiyang Wang also brought the thousand experts from the ravine forward.

“We’ll see who will have the last laugh.” The Crystallized Sea Prime Saint acted as if victory was at hand. He sneered and led his own troops forward as well. The reason for his confidence was due to his alliance with Ye Qingcheng; he knew that victory would be theirs.

The Dragon-Tiger Monarch gauged the situation before smiling: “A bit interesting, I also want to see what kind of schemes you have in store.” With that, the citadel’s force joined the fray as well.

There was no need to mention the eighteen powers. They had been on Ye Qingcheng’s side for a long time so their armies also rushed in.

Universal laws floated around this ancient battlefield that had an air of death! No one knew who created this battlefield, but it was definitely capable of withstanding attacks from Virtuous Paragons.

In an instant, two sides formed on this battlefield. The sea sect and the ravine had grievances against the Jian Clan, so they were naturally together.

Ye Qingcheng smirked. He had complete confidence in controlling the situation today.

“This time, both the Jian Clan and the Imperial Edge needs to answer for their crimes.” Ye Qingcheng uttered slowly: “The Golden Crow Prince was my sworn brother yet Miss Jian hurt him then ordered Li Qiye to kill him. The eighteen Young Celestials had deep ties with me, but the Imperial Edge murdered them. I will not let these go!”

The Jian Clan Master smilingly asked: “Bold words, but can you take charge of this situation?”

Ye Qingcheng didn’t care as he answered with beaming confidence: “Jian Clan Master, I am confident that I have the strength to do so. If the Jian Clan remains unrepentant, then I will support the sea sect and the ravine in their quest for justice!”

“It seems like you are certain of victory. What about the Heavenhoof Ravine?” The Dragon-Tiger Monarch smiled at Ye Qingcheng.

Taiyang Wang snorted in response: “Haha, even if your Beastmaster Citadel wants to get involved, we shall be together with the sea sect. Nothing could be better than Young Noble Ye being on our side. The Jian Clan must answer for their crimes!”

The ravine and Ye Qingcheng had past ties already. And now that he showed that he was capable of controlling the ancient battlefield of Bi’an City, the ravine was more than happy to join hands with him on top of their previous negotiations.

The ravine yearned for the beastworld while Ye Qingcheng had the ability to help them. Thus, the ravine must make good use of Ye Qingcheng in order to obtain their goal.

A paragon from the eighteen great sects coldly uttered: “The Imperial Edge killed our disciples so they need to answer for this as well.”

In terms of numbers, Ye Qingcheng’s camp definitely had the advantage with the ravine, the sea sect, the eighteen great powers, and his own forces.

“Monarch, it is not too late for your Beastmaster Citadel to leave!” Ye Qingcheng showed off his alliance and was sure of victory. Moreover, he still had hidden aces left!

In his eyes, the only regret was how Li Qiye was absent. Otherwise, he could deal with everything in one clean sweep!

“Is that so?” The monarch smiled in response: “So you are the decision maker in this place right now?”

“Of course not.” Ye Qingcheng smiled in a carefree manner: “If Monarch is willing to leave and not get involved with the beastworld, then I’m sure Taiyang Wang’s camp won’t make it difficult for you.”

“Hah.” Taiyang Wang laughed and added: “I can indeed consider Virtuous Nephew’s suggestion. If your citadel leaves now, we can go on as if nothing had happened.”

“What great confidence.” The Jian Clan Master sneered before the monarch could respond: “Ye Qingcheng, do you really think you are in charge and can do as you please?”

“No.” Ye Qingcheng said with a smile: “Of course, if Jian Clan Master requires my mediation, then I’ll try my best. Keep in mind that Miss Jian killed the Diamond God and ordered Li Qiye to murder Brother Golden Crow. This will not be easy…”

“Alas, the heavens always leaves a path for men! Despite Brother Golden Crow’s death, if Miss Jian is willing to stay by his wake and marry him, then perhaps this could solve the grudge between the two sides…”

His words made him sound determined to resolve the grievance, but it was more of a deliberate attempt to cause even more trouble, to strengthen the resentment between the two sides until it eventually resulted in a battle to the death!

“Bullshit!” Jian Wushuang immediately cried out. Her bow lit up as she unleashed a piercing arrow straight at Ye Qingcheng.

Ye Qingcheng raised both of his hands as a treasure appeared before him. “Boom!” This treasure was able to stop Jian Wushuang’s extremely fast arrow.

“Hmph, does your Jian Clan want blood for blood that badly?!” The prime saint sneered and went straight for Jian Wushuang.

“Your sea sect is nothing! Your father’s Jian Clan will definitely trample your sect!” The Jian Clan Master was famous for protecting his own; he ordered his experts to attack the sea sect!

“Your clan is quite bold, but the Beast Realm is not a place for you to show off!” Taiyang Wang sneered and also began his attack on the Jian Clan.

“Since when does your ravine make decisions for the Beast Realm?” After seeing the ravine going to assist the sea sect, the Dragon-Tiger Monarch maneuvered to surround them with his own troops.

The two sides had long running grudges beforehand; this was especially true for the Jian Clan, the sea sect, and the ravine. Meanwhile, the ravine and the citadel had a more discrete competition since both of these two powers wanted to rule the Beast Realm.

“Die!” The fight erupted in an instant. Several thousand experts and Virtuous Paragons joined the brawl.

Ye Qingcheng couldn’t help but smile after seeing the outbreak of war. This was exactly what he wanted.

At the same time, Mei Aonan came to challenge him: “Ye Qingcheng, I will kill you today!” She entered the battlefield with a gallant figure just like a goddess of war — worthy of admiration.

“I’m afraid this will be difficult…” Ye Qingcheng smiled: “Your Imperial Edge needs to settle the blood feud with the eighteen sects before you can challenge me.”

“That’s right.” A paragon from the alliance sneered: “Blood for blood. You killed three thousand of our disciples, so we will destroy your Imperial Edge!”

“Kill all of them, don’t leave a single person alive!” Mei Aonan didn’t bat an eyelash as she issued her command.

“Haha, that’s more like it!” The Golden Ant Tyrant and the others let out strange howls. He commanded the experts from the Imperial Edge to rush at the army of the eighteen sects.

“Die!” The great alliance also roared as their army flooded the Golden Ant Tyrant’s troops.

Mei Aoxue, standing next to Mei Aonan, had a chilling glare while emitting a horrifying aura. He turned around and left to prepare to assassinate the paragons of the alliance.

Mei Aoxue was definitely a terrifying character. Despite his lack of fame while being the Jian Clan’s descendant, he had the power to kill paragons.

“You want to leave? You have to get past us first!” However, before Mei Aoxue could leave, thirty-six people arrived from above with a momentum capable of suppressing the entire domain.

All of them had white hair and emitted powerful auras. Some were peak Heavenly Kings while others were ordinary paragons!

“Eight-armed Ancestor, Anti-current Monarch…” People outside of the battlefield murmured after seeing these thirty-six men: “Thirty-six Royal Ancestors, these are the most powerful warriors under Ye Qingcheng’s banner. It seems like he is using all of his forces this time to do something big!”

These old men were Ye Qingcheng’s most powerful warriors. Some were persuaded to stand with him while others noticed his unlimited potential and volunteered their service. There were also those who challenged him, lost, and then decided to stay in his camp, such as the Eight-armed Ancestor and the Anti-current Monarch.

The weakest among them was a peak Heavenly King. Many were even paragons. The support of these ancestors meant that Ye Qingcheng had thirty-six great powers behind him, some even being imperial lineages.

This could be considered as one of his biggest trump cards since the backgrounds of these ancestors were even more powerful than the other eighteen sects. This was a resource that allowed him to vie for the world!