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Within the hands of Noah’s True Sanguine Clone, ten Existential Pearls floated calmly as they represented the birth of 10 Higher Existences.

He gazed at the many beings that he had been with and met on his journey here, calling a few names to come to the forefront to receive an Existential Pearl to become Higher Existence as among them were Barbatos, the Emperor Penguin, Oathkeeper, Cthulhu, and Halcyon to name a few!

With the elevation to Higher Existences first, they would be those that stood at the forefront of the explorations of Realities to come and the collection of Cosmos within them.

His people still received a portion of his strength through the Dao of Fealty as because of the ‘low level’ of this concept, having it become applicable to the extremely high Realms Noah was achieving was becoming harder gradually!

At this point in time, the might of a Cosmic Dao could not alone act as the conduit for the strength of dozens of Nomological Edicts and even something as unique as an Ascendancy Halo.

It was a situation that called for Noah to forge an Edict with the concept and workings of Fealty at the forefront, something that could seamlessly allow his people to still carry a portion of his strength as barely a 50th of his power could now be exhibited through them due to the seemingly low level of Fealty.

But even that 50th of his power at this moment might be enough to combat Champions at the Cosmic Realm from other Realities…and Noah just had to forge something to smoothly allow the boosts of Fealty to fully continue!

This and more were occurring in the background as Noah watched the Emperor Penguin and 9 other beings absorb the Existential Pearls and be reforged into entirely different Tiers of existences.

While this occurred, Noah chose the targeted Realities they would be delving in as for this…he had abundant memories from the death of a certain person about Realities he could step into!

After all, Cecilia’s death had far reaching repercussions that didn’t just end at Loot and the knowledge of her death possibly being known by those who know her.

There were also the Emerging Realities she managed that were now without an Overseer as each of them had Champions that would either have to pledge Fealty to Noah…or perish in the river of time!


In the Ruination Sea near the expanding Infinite Empire, 10 golden cocoons soon bloomed as wondrous auras of reforged beings stepped out of these cocoons. They all gazed towards Noah with thankfulness as at the forefront, a Penguin shining in stellar gold cried out with fervor.


Cries that tried to get across many emotions, with Noah merely accepting them with a smile and waving his hands as while looking towards the ten newly born Higher Existences and those behind them, he called out as more of his own clones bloomed around the True Sanguine Clone.

“Let’s go!”

The coordinates were set onto multiple new Realities as Noah’s clones and subordinates would be the ones to step out and conquer the Cosmos within multiple Realities at a ridiculous rate of efficiency!

Across the boundless Realities.

A green-purple crown shuttled across folds of Realities as it crossed countless boundaries at speeds that would escape many existences in the lower Firmaments of Ascendancy.

The shimmering crown finally arrived at its intended target as it delved into an enormous Prime Reality, shooting past incandescent layers of space as it delved deep into a haven looking cluster of structures that spanned gigaparsecs all around and were far vaster than any Cosmic cluster!

This seemingly ancient cluster of structures had titanic statues of majestic looking Serpent Dragons, the illusory crown shooting into one of the central statues of a large Serpent Dragon as it fused into it and released a blinding light and a droning sound that seemed to cry out in mourning.


Soon after, terrifyingly powerful auras rose and arrived before the huge Serpent Dragon statue that the illusory crown had shot into- the fastest one being a cosmic-sized snake woman that had the lower body of a snake and upper body of a curvaceous human woman.

Her eyes released deadly rays of light as her Cosmic Filaments trembled, her voice coming out with wrath and poison at this time!

“My son has been killed!”


Her voice boomed out over the vast fantastical city within this Prime Reality, her poisonous eyes gazing to her side where many more beings appeared as she voiced out with great rage once more as she touched the now shining Serpent Dragon statue that bathed her with a green light which sunk into her head and seemingly filled her with information.

“Your son…the First Prince Yacucoatl has been butchered in the Domain of the Primal Titans by a vile creature at the peak of the First Firmament! Will you stand by idly this time as another one of your sons perish?!”


The words were too explosive as they revealed a hidden history and were targeted towards a middle aged man in a Humanoid form with eyes reminiscent of an ancient basilisk.

Behind his humanoid figure, the massive image of an obsidian Serpent Dragon could be seen as around this illusory image…the glow of over 10 Ascendancy Halos could be seen as their colors were fantastical to say the least.

The crimson eyes of this being released boundless power and calm as he gazed at the shimmering statue that one could see looked exactly the same as Yacucoatl, his ancient voice echoing out thereafter.

“For this…I will seek justice. Even if I have to start a war with the Primal Titans!”


The face of the poisonous snake woman who was the Matriarch finally eased as her body began to buzz with immense battle intent, her eyes filled with pain as she continued to connect to the Serpent Dragon statue that carried the last set of memories for her son. The last things her son ever saw!


Destiny weaved silently as experts of the Royal Blight Serpent Dragon Bloodline came together to learn of the shocking news of the death of the First Prince Yacucoatl.

The Great Serpent Dragon Emperor was enraged as the Serpent Dragon Matriarch was even more wrathful, a conflict bound to bloom as the result of it was yet to be known!

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