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At the same time, Noah was getting introduced to a portion of the Isles of the Gilded Forge as the titanic figure of the Golden Flash Monos led him into the beginning of the tall golden structures that made existences the size of Cosmos seem like mere ants.

“This place is known as the Isle of Gold- one of the many Isles within the Isles of the Gilded Forge as this can be considered the most bustling domain within this Prime Reality!”

Monos put his golden hammer away as he floated forward with his hands behind his back, Noah following behind curiously as he took in the intricacies of what he was seeing.

He was proficient in understanding the structures of buildings and cities due to the Architect feature of the Infinite Empire, but the structures he was seeing now were too grand and built uniquely that they gave him many ideas for designs!

Most of the structures shone with a gilded color as one could see castles as tall as skyscrapers, and buildings taking the shape of furnaces and forges laid out intricately across this city that was known as the Isle of Gold.

Auras of countless beings could be felt within this City as those in the Firmaments of Ascendancy made up a stark minority, with 95% of the auras Noah could sense being those at the Universal Filament Realm and below!

The last 5% included existences in the Cosmic Realm and the Cosmic Filament Realm Higher Existences could only be felt in specific portions of the Isle of Gold.

And this…was just one of the Isles of the Gilded Forge!

The scene of Titans moving about freely and happily within the city could be seen as establishments that looked like restaurants were releasing profound smells, and areas that held the similitude of shops could be seen advertising huge weapons and items that shone with a fantastical glow of Loot.

Monos was leading Noah into the depths of the Isle as they passed figures of powerful Titans who bowed towards Monos and looked at Noah curiously, the two of them very quickly floating along a golden pathway that seemed to be built from translucent glass.

The buildings were split into two sides of this translucent pathway as it led towards the tallest structure Noah could see in the Isle of Gold- an enormous furnace-shaped building lined up with many doors and hoisting the symbol of a golden hammer at its forefront.

It was within this huge structure that Noah could sense powerful auras similar to Monos before him as the voice of this being echoed out while they floated forward.

“Within our Isle of Gold, young promising Titans always try to prove themselves- and we have them go through the Trial of Forging in the Auric Forge you see before you.”


As Monos spoke, a powerful aura similar to his flashed towards their direction as another Golden Titan in the Third Firmament of Ascendancy came to float before them, the eyes of this being hardened with age and wisdom as he seemed much older than Monos!

He was adorned in a white robe with gold inscriptions, a pristine beared adorning his head and his hair danced with fantastical golden flames. He seemed like a being constantly shining gold as he was extremely unique to look at.

“Little Monos, why bring this straggler here? Even among pure born Primal Titans, it’s not easy to find common Forgers…and finding exceptional ones is even harder! I know you seek talent, but do you really think you will find more talents from beings that merely stumbled into our Bloodline?”


The aged Golden Titan was filled with wisdom as he spoke, Monos smiling lightly as he nodded his head in respect even though they were of the same stage of power.

“Elder Agonia, it’s just by chance and Intuition that I dragged this one along. We have new Fledgling Forgers trying to prove themselves today as well right? This little thing will just join them and we can see if he is worthy of the Primal Titan Bloodline!”

Noah looked on curiously as these beings spoke, his own mind being filled with many ideas even though he was going along with the flow right now!

He followed Yacucoatl because it was a path towards a glorious victory, and he followed Monos right now for the same reason.

Within this Prime Reality known as the Isles of the Gilded Forge, the Isle of Gold he was currently in had a glorious path for him to follow and benefit from!

“Mmm…come then! Let us see if this one has anything to do with the path of forging.”

The one known as Elder Agonia spoke while beckoning them forward, their figures entering the enormous building that was the Auric Forge in front of them as they were just some of the many beings entering this huge golden structure.

The inside of it glimmered with an aurelian light as Noah felt the heat and essence within this place intensify to a terrifying degree, the figures of Titans standing before huge furnaces and carrying tools of Blacksmiths being seen all around as they were busying themselves with their own work!

Noah could see dozens of forges with stellar bodies brighter than many suns contained in furnaces releasing intense heat, many Titans smelting weapons and all sorts of items using the heat of these stellar bodies as one could feel immense pride and hard work permeating throughout this Auric Forge.

Noah followed the figures of Monos and Elder Agonia as they went towards the center of the Auric Forge which held a circular raised platform with ten exquisite Forges releasing a splendorous glow, many Titans surrounding this elevated platform and discussing amongst themselves as they looked at 8 Fledgling Forgers waiting to show their skills on the platform.

The 8 ‘Fledgling Forgers’ already on the platform seemed like young Primal Titans with immense pride, two curvaceous female Primal Titans being seen among them as a large amount of the focus was placed on them.

“Little guy, take the 9th forge and let’s see whether you truly have the standing of a Titan. Then we can see about mediating with those vile Serpent Dragons if they come asking for you.”

The eyes of Monos released a powerful glow as he and Elder Agonia floated above the raised circular golden platform, Noah’s figure finally entering the eyes of the many Titans clustered around this place as questioning gazes began to fall in his direction!

“Who’s this guy? Haven’t seen him around at all before this…”

“Someone that won the favor of Elder Monos again trying to see if they are actually worthy Forgers? Haha!”

Titans of immense power all ranging in the First Firmament of Ascendancy and very few in the Second Firmament were clustered in this area, their gazes and the gazes of the 8 Fledgling Forgers that were already on the raised platform turning to scrutinize Noah as he floated forward calmly!

His mind was unfazed even with the many powerful experts all around, taking in the gaze of all these beings calmly as when it came to the profession of forging…he held boundless confidence because of nothing else but his Infinite Empire!

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