"My son, are you at home?"

Sun Hao just sat down when there was a sound outside the door.

Hearing this, Sun Hao gleamed, "Chen Daoming!"

"Brother Li, wait a minute."

Sun Hao opened the door.

"I have seen the son."

Chen Daoming bowed deeply at Sun Hao.

Afterwards, he took out a five-color **** lotus from the space ring and handed it to Su Ziyang respectfully.

"My son, I have been harassing many times, a small gift, it is not a respect, please accept it!"

Chen Daoming held the five-color **** lotus in both hands, his body trembled slightly.

He was extremely nervous, for fear that Sun Hao would look down upon him.

"Come on and bring gifts!"

Su Ziyang took the five-color **** lotus and looked at it in his hand.

The colorful light flows slowly, and you can see its extraordinary at a glance.

"The flower has five petals, five colors, and it looks pretty!" Sun Hao said.

Upon hearing this, Chen Daoming sighed secretly.

"My son, this is the last time I borrowed your hat and fur clothes, and I am here to return it."

Chen Daoming took out the hat and fur suit and handed it to Sun Hao respectfully.

"It's just a set of rain gear, you can keep it away, you don't have to send it over on purpose!" Su Ziyang said.

Hearing this, Chen Daoming's heart trembled.

How dare you claim this kind of spiritual weapon for yourself?

The son is blaming himself for sending it too late, so this test?

On Chen Daoming's forehead, fine beads of sweat overflowed, and he hurriedly clasped his fists, "My son, I don't want to return what I borrowed! You are definitely not that kind of villain!

Sun Hao shook his head for a while.

This guy, if you look down on it, you can't look down on it. It sounds so grand.

After retracting the hat and the fur clothes, the system did not deduct the value of luck, which gave Sun Hao a long sigh of relief.

"Brother Li, these words are too serious!"

"Come, please inside, let's have tea and chat." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Chen Daoming followed Sun Hao and walked into the front yard.

"I will plant this lotus first."

Sun Hao murmured, walked to the pond, planted the five-color **** lotus into the pond.

"It's pretty, but there are too few petals!"

"If my lotus flower had a lotus flower with more petals and different colors, it would be so beautiful!"

The words came out.

The lotus in the pond slowly changes.

However, Sun Hao didn't know at all.

Such a scene shocked the place when Chen Daoming's eyes were seen.

"This... Is this verbal out of law?"

", this is the lotus flower itself changing, there is a big demon in this pond, God... God!"

"There is such a big demon beside the son, it is too... terrible!"

Chen Daoming secretly wiped a cold sweat.

Her heart was shaking, but her face did not dare to change.

In case it breaks the young man and causes damage to Dao Xin, he will definitely not be able to eat it!

The two continued to walk inside.


Chen Daoming's expression was shocked, and his heart trembled.

He looked at the broken hatchet under the cherry tree, his eyes blooming with infinite brilliance.


Chen Daoming hesitated to speak but stopped.

"Brother Li, just say something." Sun Hao said.

"My son, why did you put your knife there?" Chen Daoming asked.

"Oh, you mean it? It's broken, it's useless, so I'm going to throw it away!" Sun Hao said.

"Master, this...this, can you give it to me?"

Chen Daoming asked tentatively. After saying this, he lowered his head and looked ashamed.

"You want that?" Sun Hao said.

"Since the son is not willing, then forget it."

Chen Daoming sighed secretly, blaming himself for being too greedy!

The broken hatchet, although the rank cannot be seen, it can resonate with itself.

Chen Daoming can confirm that if he obtains this knife himself, the future is boundless!

However, this kind of treasure, how can the son say that he will give it away.

Really, I dare to mention these requirements!


Chen Daoming lowered his head, afraid to look at Sun Hao's eyes.

Sun Hao frowned, "This tattered thing, he is a cultivator, can he see it?"

"If he wants it, how can he not give it?"

The corner of Sun Hao's mouth raised slightly.

"Brother Li, I misunderstood. I was thinking about how to deal with this thing. Brother Li wants it. Just take it away. You're welcome!" Sun Hao said.


Chen Daoming changed from surprise to joy, and looked at Sun Hao gratefully.

Seeing Sun Hao nodding, he quickly ran under the cherry blossom tree and picked up the hatchet as if looking at a top-quality treasure.

"You actually like broken things? The mind of the cultivator is elusive."

Sun Hao shook his head for a while and walked into the pavilion.

"Brother Li, why are you still stunned? Come on, drink tea first."

Sun Hao's voice awakened Chen Daoming.

"Thank you, son."

Chen Daoming quickly followed.

After sitting down, Sun Hao began to make tea.

"Last time it was Biluochun, this time, we change our taste and drink Dahongpao!" Sun Hao said.

"Big red pouch?"

Chen Daoming had obviously never heard of this name.

It's strange that he has heard of it, but he took it all by himself.

Only on Earth.

After some operations.

A cup of tea stood in front of Chen Daoming.

"Brother Li, drink it." Sun Hao said.

"it is good."

Chen Daoming picked up the teacup and took a sip carefully.


The tea turned into a cold breath, rushing to the meridians of Chen Daoming.

Afterwards, the cold breath flows through the meridians to the mind, strengthening the soul.

He can clearly sense that his perceptual power has increased several times.

"Enlightenment tea!"

Almost, Chen Daoming screamed.

Fortunately, held back.

"My son, do you usually drink these teas?" Chen Daoming asked.

"That's natural!" Sun Hao nodded.


Chen Daoming gasped.

Enlightenment tea is the supreme treasure.

It is said that there is an enlightened tea tree in that place, which is in the hands of a super power.

This tea tree can only collect more than a dozen leaves in three thousand years.

If a leaf flows out, it will definitely cause a **** storm and make countless big forces rush to it.

The big power that grabs the tea will not be willing to use it, but will treasure it, and only give it to them after the evil genius appears.

Just now, the son didn't use a piece of tea, it seemed that he used dozens of enlightened tea leaves.

Thought of this.


Chen Daoming gasped again.

His back was cold and his body trembled with excitement.

"I...I can actually drink enlightenment tea, this...this is a dream!"

Chen Daoming muttered, looking at Sun Hao.

But seeing him calmly, without any fear.

Looking at it, you are not afraid of being snatched by others!

In front of this kind of peerless treasure, there is still this state of mind.

Big boss, real boss!

The son's strength, I'm afraid it is not an ordinary power, it is likely to be the old monster of crossing the robbery!

"Ma, I was drinking tea with Old Monster Du Jie!"

Chen Daoming took a few breaths again.

He strongly controlled the trembling body to prevent Sun Hao from discovering the abnormality.

However, this scene was clearly captured by Sun Hao.

"Cultivator, don't eat fireworks, but in front of my tea ceremony, you have to bow your head!"

"Such a delicious tea, even if you are a cultivator, you still can't praise it?"

Sun Hao muttered, his face calm.

"Still, what should I give to Brother Li?"

"By the way, those wood carvings, maybe Brother Li will like them."

Thinking about this, Sun Hao secretly made a decision.


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