the next day.

After breakfast, Huang Rumeng bid farewell to Sun Hao.

A person sits on the Penlei Xianzhou and flies in the sky.

"The young man's fishing net doesn't look like a fairy!"

"But it can't be a spiritual thing, let alone a mortal thing!"

"Last time, the son used this net to fish out the dragon clan!"

Huang Rumeng held the fishing net and kept looking at it.

After watching for a long time, I still couldn't see the rank.

Put the fishing net behind the soul space.

Huang Rumeng took out a map and started to check it.

It looked serious, like a different person.

"Ghost Dragon Pond, there must be no dragons!"

"The son can catch the dragons and catch the dragons. It is completely the son's means to reach the sky!"

"Compared with the son, I don't know how bad it is!"

"Since the son wants to catch a net, he has to go to the dragon clan's lair!"

Huang Rumeng muttered to himself, looked at the map, and began to think.

Suddenly, her eyebrows raised, "I heard the mother emperor said that the dragons live in the cliffs of the sea!"

"The Cliff of the Sea seems to be here!"

"Go here!"

Huang Rumeng thought.


Layers of ripples shook around Benlei Xianzhou.

Xianzhou dived into the ripples and disappeared.



To the south of Tianluo Continent, there is an endless ocean.

In the center of the ocean, there is a sea area with a radius of five thousand miles.

This is a restricted area for the human race, known as the Cliff of the Sea.

Below the cliff of the sea, there is a city.

In the city, the palaces stretched together, majestic and magnificent.

The palace hall.


A man dressed in a golden robe sat in the main seat, happily talking about the wine.

He is the Dragon Lord of Ziyang Star-Qing Chi.

He looked at the dancing girls in front of him and shook his head repeatedly.

"Go down, go down!"

Qing Jia waved his hand.


The dancing goddess looked terrified, and all leaned back.

"A bunch of vulgar fans, I'm tired of seeing it!" Qing Jia sighed secretly.

"Lord! There is a stunner from the Divine Turtle Race to give you!"

At this time, a minister with sharp-mouthed monkey gills came forward with a flattering expression on his face.

"A group of bastards, where are these peerless beasts?" Qing Jia shook his head for a while.

"Master, it is said that they caught it, like the princess of the Sky Fox tribe—Hu Luoshao!" The pointed man said in a low voice.


Qing Jia's eyes are light, and his face is happy.

"What is the purpose of those bastards?" Qing Jia asked.

"Is such that……"

The sharp-mouthed man attached to Qing Jia's ear and whispered.

Qing Jia frowned slightly, but did not respond.

Afterwards, he said, "Bring it up and show me!"

"Yes, Lord!"

The sharp-mouthed man gave a look, a guard, and quickly retreated.

After a while.

A woman in red was brought up.

She has a hot body and is extremely attractive.

Two fox ears, towering high, guard the surroundings.

Those eyes burst out with terrible anger, as if to burn all around.

She is exactly the princess of the Yaozu Mountain Tianhu Clan—Hu Luochao.


She whimpered and couldn't make a sound at all.


Qing Jia stared at Hu Luociao, his expression stagnated.

Those fiery eyes didn't hide anything.

Sweep in a circle from top to bottom.

Afterwards, he carried his hands on his back, showing a calm expression.

"Lord, it is said that this girl has already cultivated eight tails, and only one step is short of becoming a demon fairy!" said the pointed man.

Hearing this, Qing Jia nodded secretly.

He calmly watched Hu Luo cry, "What's the matter with you? Why don't you let Princess Tianhu speak?"

"My lord, this girl is fierce, I'm afraid..." the pointed man said.

"Fierce? That would suit me too..."

Qing Jia muttered to himself, with a smile on his face.

He walked up to Hu Luociao and released the voice ban.


"Damn reptile, please let me go!"

Hu Luochi pointed at Qing Chi and cursed bitterly.

Qing Jia looked surprised.

As a dragon master, how has anyone ever been scolded like this.


The next words made him stand still.

"What do you look at? Haven't seen your aunt's grandma?"

"If you don't want to die, let your aunt's grandmother go quickly, otherwise, when my mother comes over, you will surely break the seabed and upset you!"


Scolded down.

Qing Jia's face was livid, his fists clenched, and his joints exploded.


With a slap, he slapped it.


Hu Luo cried like a kite with a broken line, flying upside down, falling into dismay.

A palm print quickly swelled up on the face.

Hu Luociao touched his face with a look of surprise.

"Damn, **** reptile, you dare to hit me!"

After speaking, Hu Luosao rushed towards Qing Chi.


Not to mention that her strength is now sealed, even if she is not sealed, how could she be the opponent of Qing Chi.


Qing Chi pinched Hu Luo's neck with one palm and let her struggle, but it didn't help.

"Dare to scold me like this, you are the first!"

"Do you think you are still painting the mountain now?"

"When you arrive in my territory, your life and death are in my hands!"

"Want to die, or to live?"

Qing Jia looked at Hu Luoshou coldly, with cold killing intent, without any cover.


Hu Luociao was caught by the throat, unable to say a word.

"If you want to live, then nod your head!" Qing Jia said.

Seeing Hu Luosao nodded, Qing Chi let go of her.

Hu Luociao stood on the spot, with a look of panic, two lines of tears in the corners of his eyes, and he slipped unconsciously.

She hid in a corner, shivering.

Qing Jia looked at this scene and nodded in satisfaction.

"Hu Luochan, listen carefully, it's easy to survive!"

"As long as you are happy to serve me, then you can live forever, otherwise, die!" Qing Jia said.

Hearing this, Hu Luochi's expression changed.

Finally, gritted his teeth and revealed a cruel look.


Hu Luociao stood up and laughed up to the sky.

She looked at Qing Chi, pointed to his nose, and cursed.

"If you want to kill, kill, want me to serve an abandoned son and dream!"

"Why? Not convinced?!"

"Do you dare to say that you are not an abandoned son? Was thrown on this remote planet by the Galaxy Dragon King, do you dare to say that you are not?"

"You are not just a discarded child, you are a waste!"

"You also dare to do majestic blessings on this Ziyang star!"

"If I were you, I would have killed myself with a stone!"

"Living like this is a waste of resources!"

"Die early and overtake birth!"


A sentence came out like a sharp knife pierced into Qing Chi's chest.

Qing Chi pointed at Hu Luo, his teeth creaking, "Bitch, since you are looking for death, I will perfect you!"

After finishing speaking, Qing Chi raised his palm and pointed it at Hu Luo, then slapped it.


The surrounding air was twisted and deformed.

"Death bitch, I let you know that the consequences of offending me are not something you can afford!"

"Die to me!"

Qing Jia frantically extracted his body's celestial power and placed it in his palm.

The power of terror was several times stronger in an instant.


The surrounding air burst like a lens.

Seeing this scene, Hu Luociao raised a smile on his lips.

"Mother, see you in the next life!"

Hu Luociao did not retreat, took a step forward, and slammed into Qing Chi's palm.


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