"Intentionally seeking death?"

"How can I be as you wish!"

There was a sneer on Qing Chi's face.

He hurriedly retracted his palm, making Hu Luo scream empty.


Hu Luociao fell to the ground, touching his face.

"not good!"

Hu Luociao looked up.

But seeing a force covering her body, it instantly wrapped her up.

It didn't work for her to struggle.

"Wonderful lady, since you are begging to die all your life, I won't let you wish!"

"When I get bored with you, I will give you a little bit..."

Qing Jia said each sentence with a cruel smile on his face.

When Hu Luo heard this, two lines of tears slipped down from the corner of his eyes, the color of despair filled his face.


"Yes, master!"

Everyone retreated.


The door is closed.

Qing Chi grabbed Hu Luosao's sleeve and tore it forcefully.


There was a cracking sound.


The wretched smile resounded throughout the hall.

"Smelly lady, scream, scream!"

"Even if you call Po Tian, ​​no one will come to rescue you!"

"In Dragon Palace, I am the sky here!"

"I wanted to befriend you, but you don't know how to promote it!"

"Don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Qing Chi's face was full of arrogance.

"no, do not want……"

"Please kill me, kill me!"

"If you move me, I won't let you go as a ghost!"

The desperate cry kept ringing.


At this moment, a loud shout came from outside the hall.

Immediately after.


The door of the temple was knocked open, and an old man ran in quickly, bowed in front of Qing Chi, "Master!"

"What a disappointment!"

There was a flash of anger on Qing Chi's face.

He looked at the old man who was kneeling on the ground, "High priest, what's the matter with you?"

"Go back to the Lord, I am incompetent, unable to push forward!" said the old man.

"What? Even your eighteen priests can't push it?" Qing Jia said.

"Yes, Lord!"

The old man nodded, his expression wilted, "A person who eats the dragon clan has a mysterious aura!"

"Any way is exhausted, and there is no way to break it!"

When the old man finished speaking, he bowed his head in shame.

"In that case, what use do you want!"

After speaking, Qing Jia raised his hand and slapped it out.


A transparent right palm, as fast as lightning, hit the old man directly.


With a loud noise, the old man flew out and hit the ground hard.


Blood was spit out, and the old man was lying on the ground, looking wilted.


Qing Jia's expression was stagnant, and he was unbelieving.

The palm of his hand just now was just a lesson to the high priest.

Unexpectedly, he was about to be beaten to death?

"Lord... Lord!"

"I...we were beaten back. Except for me, the other priests...are dead!"

The high priest beckoned like a gossamer.

Qing Jia's complexion changed slightly, and he ran forward and helped the high priest up, "High priest, I don't allow you to die!"

"Lord, yes... I'm sorry, Weichen can't do it!"

" must remember that you must never slaughter the human race, otherwise, our race is in danger!"

After saying this, the high priest tilted his head, and there was no movement.

"Do not!"

Qing Jia let out an unwilling roar.


The tables and chairs around, one by one cracked and burst into dust.

The rock on the ground has been lifted up layer by layer.

The entire hall was trembling violently, as if it was about to collapse.

Qing Jia's eyes were blood-red, staring at Hu Luoshou who fell on the ground, and walked towards her step by step.

"Damn humans, **** ants!"

"Even if you eat my people, you even killed the high priest!"

"This revenge is not in vain as a dragon!"

"The army of our clan will surely step all over the mountains and rivers, trample all of you under your feet, and stom you into mud!"

Qing Jia said each sentence, carrying Hu Luo cry and walked to the apse.

"Please kill me..."

Hu Luo screamed like a gossamer, and uttered a desperate voice from time to time.

At this time.


There was a loud noise.

The whole hall was humming.

Qing Jia stopped, stood still, and shouted, "What's the matter?"

"call out……"

A figure rushed forward.

"Go back to the Lord, the human monks invaded the Dragon Palace!"


Qing Chi threw Hu Luociao on the ground, his joints blasted.

"It's the opposite? They dare to enter the Human Race restricted area!"

"Send an order, send a guard to attack me!"

"Yes, Lord!"


Qing Jia turned into an afterimage and hurried away.

Soon, he came outside the palace and saw the scene in front of him, his pupils shrank.

I saw a woman in white with a face towel standing in the water.

The water is rippling and the hair is wandering.

The graceful figure is a peerless stunner.

Compared with Hu Luochan, I don't know how much it is stronger.

Immediately, Qing Jia couldn't bear to look away.

This woman is Huang Rumeng.

She glanced around, and finally fell on Qing Chi.

Beside Huang Rumeng, a group of Dragon Clan soldiers with spears in their hands flinched.

"Hello girl, my name is Qing Chi, I belong to the dragon clan..."

Qing Jia stretched out his hand.


"call out……"

The little weak and boneless hand patted over with a palm.

The water flow reverses, and a huge palm formed by the water flow condenses into shape.

Suddenly, it was drawn on Qing Chi's face.


There was a dull sound, and the whole bottom was shaking.

The green chick flies upside down like a broken kite.

Wherever he went, it was fragmented.

"Boom! Boom..."

One by one, the dragon soldiers were hit by the aftermath and broke into dust.


Like a meteor falling to the ground, Qing Chi crashed into the city.

A rushing wave hits, spreading in all directions, and within two miles of the radius, it moved to flat ground.

The whole seabed, whistling constantly.

Everyone jumped up and down in the sea, drifting left and right, and their bodies could not stand firmly.


A group of Dragon Clan soldiers stared at Huang Rumeng blankly, their faces full of unbelief.

One palm knocks the dragon master into the air, this terrifying strength is unimaginable.

The problem is that she didn't even use any power.

Only relying on the physical body can have such power?

Human race, when did such a terrifying power emerge?

How strong is she?

Why is she here?

The color of doubt filled everyone's faces.

Every dragon soldier stayed in place, not daring to move.


There was an explosion.

The green chick drilled out of the ground and turned into a cyan dragon with a length of five kilometers.

A layer of cyan flame ignited on his body.


The sea seemed to be boiling and began to boil.

"Damn humans, humble ants, dare to hurt me!"

"Today, even if the king of heaven comes, I can't save you!"

"Cry, scream, scream..."

"Even if you cry out, no one dares to save you!"

The cyan dragon stared at Huang Rumeng, his eyes cracking.

"Kill me, whoever kills her will eat her!"

With this sound.


The killing sound shook the sky.

Thousands of Dragon Clan soldiers rushed in like a torrent.


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