"Girl Xuemei, come and take a look, how about?"

Sun Hao's voice awakened Xue Mei.

She looked at the Escape Talisman in Sun Hao's hand and mumbled for a long time without saying a word.


Xue Mei only felt weak, and said these two words.

this moment.

She was hit hard in her heart.

The technique of drawing amulets that has always been proud of has been beaten hard.

The ancient demon in front of him, this kind of talisman painting technique, is so unimaginable.

If I could learn it, wouldn’t it...

The more I thought about it, the more excited Xue Mei became, and for a while, it was difficult to calm down.

"No, I'm here to get the Tai Chi Tower. Other things are not worth mentioning!"

Xuemei sighed and calmed down.

"you flatter me!"

"Miss Xuemei, if you like it, this talisman will be given to you!" Sun Hao said.


Xue Mei was stunned in place, unable to believe that all this was true for a while.

God-level rune seals are so valuable that it is impossible to imagine.

Even if Lei Jie dominates that class of characters, seeing this class of talisman seals, they will win their hands at all costs.

He must have lost a lot of spirit with this peerless Fu seal.

Just give it to yourself?

"Thank you!"

Xuemei held the Fuzhuan in her hand, as if she had obtained a treasure, anxious.

Seeing this scene, a smile on Sun Hao's face was fleeting.

The gift is accepted, and the heart door opens.

She should not be so guarded.

When the time is right, you can ask her some questions.

Sun Hao can confirm that it is by no means a coincidence that she looks the same as Rumeng.

Among them, there must be inexhaustible links.

If I don't find the reason, I always have a premonition of anxiety.

"Miss Xuemei, the food should be ready, let's go eat!"

Sun Hao's words just fell silent.

"My son, Miss Xuemei, the meal is ready!"

At this time, Huang Rumeng's voice came.



Time is fast, and one day is in the blink of an eye.

After a day of getting along, Xue Mei was surprised to find that this ancient demon didn't even have a bit of violence.

On the contrary, it is very kind and easy to get along with.

Whenever she looked at Sun Hao, Xue Mei's eyes always had a trace of apology, "Could it be that I was wrong? He is not the ancient demon?"

"Then why can he surrender to Rift Ancient! That's an ancient beast!"

Thinking of this, Xue Mei looked towards Rift Konggu, with a trace of fear in his eyes.

"Little girl, do you always look at me with this look?"

"Are the words "very wicked" written on the head of this seat?"

Two roars shook Xue Mei's mind.

"Is it right?" Xue Mei looked surprised.

"Of course it's not right. Although this ancient beast is a fierce beast, it is the first blessed beast in eternity!"

"I will stare at this seat again in the future, I am welcome!"

The ancient atmosphere of the cracked space was surging, and Xuemei's face was shocked.

"Yes... I'm sorry!"

Xue Mei suppressed her inner shock and stood still, her expression constantly changing.

"Am I really wrong?"

"Among the ancient fierce beasts, there are also good ones?"

In the moment of Xuemei stunned.


There was a sound outside the courtyard.

Huang Rumeng quickly stepped forward and opened the courtyard door.

When she saw Luo Liuyan, she took Luo Liuyan into the front yard.

"My son, man..."

Luo Liuyan stopped talking after seeing Xue Mei.

"It's okay, it's all friends, just talk about it!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Luo Liuyan clasped his fists, "Master, the people have been found, there are more than four thousand people in total, and they are all standing outside the courtyard now!"

"Master, look?" Luo Liuyan asked.

"More than four thousand people?"

A look of surprise appeared on Sun Hao's face.

Unexpectedly, more than four thousand reliable people could be found.

This girl Liu Yan is really good!

"That's OK, let's go out!"

After speaking, Sun Hao took the two daughters and walked straight out.

With doubts, Xue Mei followed behind and walked out of the hospital gate.

"Meet the son!"

The neat voice blasted through the sky.

Everyone's face is filled with fiery and admiring eyes.

That kind of respect from the bones, without any disguise.

Xue Mei looked at this scene, and it took a long time to calm down.

Even the mother emperor could not achieve this level.

More than that, it was crushed by Emperor Wei, which made people awe.

These people are completely different.

It's all respect from the bones.

Today, who can do this?

Will so many people respect an ancient demon like this?

Totally impossible!

"Is he really not an ancient demon?"

"Then how did he tame Ripples?"

Xuemei muttered to herself, full of curiosity, writing on her face.

"You don't have to be polite, please hurry up!"

"Thank you son!"

Everyone flattened, their eyes fixed on Sun Hao, showing an expression of death.

It looks like a soldier who is going to die.

"I'm looking for you today, it's no big deal!"

"I want everyone to listen to me!"

Sun Hao looked at everyone and said.

"Listen to music?"

"No way, deliberately looking for someone to listen to the song?"

"Is it okay to listen to music if people are willing?"

"What is the difference with the devil's behavior?"

Xue Mei thought secretly, staring at Sun Hao.

I saw that Sun Hao sat in front of the guqin and began to pluck the strings.


The piano sounded, and the colorful spirit shook out from Sun Hao's fingertips.

In an instant, it shrouded thousands of people in front of them.

The colorful gods quickly penetrated into their bodies, strengthening their bodies and enhancing their strength.

Everyone sat cross-legged on the ground and began to absorb these colorful gods.

Xuemei stood on the spot, looking at these colorful gods, opened her mouth wide, and mumbled for a long time without spitting out a word.

"This...this is the gods!"

"He would actually be born when he played the piano, God!"

"He... Is he a god?"

At this moment of thought, Xue Mei gasped in countless breaths.

"If I can absorb some divine essence, then my physical body can't be greatly enhanced!"

"The realm of strength will also increase rapidly!"

Xue Mei looked at the colorful divine essence that kept flowing, and his eyes were full of envy.

She stretched out her hand to touch the colorful gods.

However, Qi Cai Shen Yuan seemed to be spiritual and kept a fixed distance from her.

She can't touch it even if she runs out of options.

"Hey, it looks like I'm just an outsider!"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao and sighed secretly.

On his face, there was a look of malaise.



There was a sound of breaking the membrane of the realm.

Xue Mei's expression was startled, looking at the breakthrough person, her pupils couldn't help but shrink.

I haven't waited for her to recover.


Dense sounds kept ringing.

"This is just a breath of time, so many people have broken through into the fairyland?"

"He can play a song, so many people can break through to the fairy?"

"If I didn't see it with my own eyes, how can I believe it!"

Xue Mei looked at Sun Hao with a trace of worship in his eyes.

Afterwards, she looked at the two seals in her hand, and couldn't help showing a wry smile.

In front of such gods, these two talisman seals were just a joke.

"It seems that the gods have no intention of killing themselves!"

"Otherwise, I would have died ten thousand times earlier!"

Xuemei collected the talisman seal in the soul space.

Nerve tightly, relax at this moment.

In the next second, the abnormal change emerged.


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