A transparent wave spreads around in a spherical shape.

In the blink of an eye, it enveloped a radius of two thousand miles.

this moment.

In the early days of the mine, all the creatures were held in place, unable to move.

Even Zhang Tianming and others were imprisoned all over at this moment.

Except for the consciousness, the body seems to be out of touch, even if you move your eyes, you can't do it.

"call out……"

Suddenly, eight sounds of breaking through the air came quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it fell to the sky above the blood-refining sky array, up and down.

If you look closely, it is exactly eight ancient bronze coffins.


In the ancient bronze coffin, it kept shaking, and it seemed that there were monsters struggling inside.

In one of the coffins, a thin old man hugged his head and kept howling miserably.

After a while, the skinny old man tilted his head and instantly lost consciousness.

outside world.

Blood Refining Heaven Array.


Strands of blood flew from the big array, entwining each other, forming eight thick red blood ropes.


The blood rope quickly grew longer and fell on top of eight ancient bronze coffins, winding around the bronze sarcophagus.

In the blink of an eye, he tied the ancient bronze coffin into zongzi, turning it into a blood coffin.


The blood line was like silk, burrowing through the gap in the coffin and pouring into the bones of the coffin.

Not in a moment.


The eight bones opened their blood-red eyes one after another, and the fierce light seemed to penetrate nine days.

The eight bones did not move, quickly absorbing the power of the large array.


Eight ancient bronze coffins slowly fell on the blood-refining sky formation, suppressing eight directions.


The blood awns on the big formation quickly poured into the coffin along the blood rope.

The blood light on the battlefield became lighter and lighter.

Seeing, it will disappear completely.

At this time.


The skin of the creatures who were set in the mines of Taichu broke open.

The blood on their bodies fluttered out uncontrollably.

Formed a blood line, quickly flew towards the blood refining formation.

From a distance, it looks like countless red hairs flying in the wind.

"It's over!"

Everyone in the Evil Suppression Alliance sensed the loss of blood energy on their bodies, and they could only think of these two words.

"Master, lord, I didn't shame you!"

"My son, I am willing to continue to be your **** in the next life!"

"My son, goodbye!"

A shout, resounding in my heart.

Although they were afraid, they did not regret it.

"I'm okay?"

Zhang Tianming's expression was stagnant, and he looked around, revealing his unbelief.

He felt that his restraint was quickly disintegrating, and he soon regained his freedom.

"what happened?"

Zhang Tianming waved the branch in his hand, looking puzzled.

"call out……"

Whenever the branch swings, the blood line in the sky will move away.

It's like a mouse meeting a cat.

"It turns out that these flesh and blood are afraid of the branches of the Shenhun Shenmu, now we are saved!"

Looking at the desperate cultivators, Zhang Tianming waved his right hand.


Thousands of branches flew out of his soul space and fell in front of everyone.

When it hit the blood line, it cut off instantly.

What was cut off at the same time, there was also the power imprisoned on them.

Everyone returned to freedom.


Zhang Tianming didn't dare to stand still, and led everyone to the sky.

At the same time, waving the sinking branches in his hands.

Seeing, they were about to flee.

At this time.


There was an explosion.

One of the eight ancient coffins burst open.

A zombie with red hair all over sat out in a daze.

The violent and cruel breath came on.


Two red lights shot from the eyes and swept over everyone.

this moment.

Zhang Tianming and others were sinking into hell, shaking uncontrollably.

A chill rushed from his back to the soles of his feet, making his whole body cold.

Zhang Tianming was horrified to find that his strength was rapidly losing.

Soon, I couldn't even move a finger.

"Jie Jie..."

The red-haired zombie grinned and gave out strange smiles.

That kind of sound, coming into the ears, made people feel weak.

"This seat is finally resurrected, Jie Jie..."

"Now today, it must be the Lord!"

"Human ants, tremble!"

"Jie Jie..."

The red-haired zombies looked up to the sky and laughed, and there was no peace for a long time.

It took a long time for the red-haired zombies to withdraw their emotions and stare directly at Zhang Tianming and others.

"It's so strong, it's delicious!"

The red-haired zombie looked at Zhang Tianming and the others as if looking at a bunch of delicious food.

The corners of the mouth drooled, and it fell unconsciously, dripping to the ground.


The rocks on the ground were corroded into holes.

"I'm coming!"

The red-haired zombie stepped out and instantly stood in front of Zhang Tianming.

Afterwards, he stretched out his claws, aimed at Zhang Tianming's head, and grabbed it.

"It's over!"

Sensing that unstoppable force, Zhang Tianming's face was desperate, and he waited quietly for death.


The claws will grab Zhang Tianming's head.

At this time.

"Naughty animal!"


Immediately afterwards, a stick pierced the air and fell directly onto the red-haired zombie's claws.


A dull metal symphony sounded.

"call out……"

The red-haired zombie's body flew upside down and fell directly to the ground.


A figure came quickly, standing in front of Zhang Tianming.

This figure, with golden retrievers all over his body, holding a stick, looks like an ape.

Unlike other apes, this ape has six ears.

"Six-eared macaque?"

Zhang Tianming trembled and fell into despair.

The six-eared macaque has a fierce name spread throughout the ancients, but it is even scarier than the red-haired zombie.

Now, there is absolutely no possibility of survival.

"Why are you still stunned, why don't you go back?"

At this time, there was a shock in my mind.

The power tied to Zhang Tianming and them all shattered.

This sound is like the sound of heaven.

After Zhang Tianming heard it, he couldn't help but dig his ears out, with a look of surprise on his face.

Afterwards, he took the crowd and flew to the sky, watching from a distance.


The red-haired zombie stepped out of the ground and instantly stood in front of the six-eared macaque.

"Ka Ka..."

It twisted its neck and made waves of bone rubbing.

After turning the whole head around his neck, his eyes were directly on the six-eared macaque.

"The blood is surging, and the body is like a King Kong. If this seat robs you, it will be no problem to restore your peak strength!"

"God helped me too!"

"Jie Jie..."

The red-haired zombie opened his mouth wide, showing his mouth full of fangs.

The bursts of sharp laughter resounded through the world!


The six-eared macaque snorted coldly and waved the iron rod in his hand without being polite.

"call out……"

A sound of breaking through the air sounded.

The iron rod hurriedly hit the red-haired zombie's head in an instant.


A metal symphony sounded.

This stick made the unred zombies fly upside down.

The red-haired zombie stood on the spot, with a faint red glow floating on his body, and what he held in his hand was the iron rod of a six-eared macaque.

It looked at the six-eared macaque, grinning.

The salivation in the mouth kept flowing out, it looked like seeing a piece of delicious food.


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