"Brother Chen, the two girls, since we all know each other, today, no matter what, we must finish our meal before leaving!"

"Today, you have a good food!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

Before anyone else could answer, Su Yiling spoke first.

Since the last time I drank white porridge and ate radish, I have eaten the marrow and know the taste, which is unforgettable.

It would be impossible to fix it for a few lifetimes if I could just sit there for a while.

Luo Liuyan opened his mouth, unable to say anything.

"My son, then I'm going to cook." Huang Rumeng said.

"Okay." Sun Hao nodded.

"I'll help!"

Luo Liuyan's two daughters followed Huang Rumeng and left quickly.

At the scene, only Sun Hao and Chen Daoming were left.

Chen Daoming lowered his head, his expression nervous.

"Brother Chen, come, let's drink tea."

"Okay, son!"

Chen Daoming nodded, his face full of expectation.

The two were seated.

Sun Hao said, "Brother Chen, I drank Biluochun and Dahongpao last time. This time, let's change our taste and drink Tieguanyin!"


A trace of doubt appeared in Chen Daoming's eyes.

Obviously, this name has not been heard.

Sun Hao smiled slightly and began to make tea.

"Brother Chen, have you been to Jiangyang City recently?" Sun Hao asked.

The words came out.

Chen Daoming's body trembled.

The test is coming!

Stay for a while, must remember every word of the son.

No, every expression and every action must be written down.

If you can't realize it, talk to Senior Liu Yan.

Chen Daoming made a secret decision, his expression was extremely solemn, "Master, I have been there!"

"Then have you seen a puppet?" Sun Hao asked.

Jiangyang City, a puppet?

What is the son implying?

"My son, I have seen it." Chen Daoming answered truthfully.

Hearing this, Sun Hao looked at Chen Daoming with a look of admiration on his face.

Being able to escape from that kind of invulnerable monster proves that this kid is good at strength.

"Human puppet clan is a kind of evil race? Then do you know that there are other evil races besides human puppet clan?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, in addition to the human puppet clan, there are also corpse puppet clan, heart-chewer clan, soul puppet clan..."

Chen Daoming began to introduce it seriously.

Each race is introduced in great detail.

Sun Hao frowned secretly when he heard this.

Two days ago, the shop Xiaoer looked miserable, still lingering in his heart.

The head was gnawed through and the brain was drunk, it was terrible.

"Such a race should not exist in this world."

Sun Hao threw the dead branches in his hands.


The dead branches fell into the Yaochi without turning aside, and there were bursts of water.

Chen Daoming looked at this scene with a shock.

"My son, this is for me to destroy the evil race!"

"I understand!"

Chen Daoming clenched his fists, his eyes gleaming with excitement.

"Brother Chen, sorry to make you laugh!"

Sun Hao withdrew his emotions and sat down again.

"Where, where!" Chen Daoming said.


The fragrance of tea overflowed, drifting towards the backyard.


At this time, a duck cry sounded.

After Chen Daoming heard it, he looked up.

Seeing the sky, Chen Daoming's pupils shrank and his complexion changed drastically.

"This...this is the Nine Heavens God Luan, I... my God! It... is it here to grab the son's tea?"

"It's over, in front of this kind of beast, I can't even move a finger!"

Chen Daoming muttered to himself, his face pale.

He blankly watched the Nine Heavens God Luan descend from the sky, unable to do anything.

The huge wings seem to cover the entire sky.

The wind was blowing and howling ceaselessly.

Infinitely overwhelming, rolling in.

Chen Daoming stands in place like a statue.

It's not that he doesn't want to move, but that he can't move at all.

"This... why is there Nine Heavens God Luan?"

"Too... terrible!"

In the next second, he was even more frightened.

I saw that after Shenluan landed, it turned into the size of a rooster.

At this time.

The pressure on the body suddenly disappeared.

Shenluan quickly walked to Sun Hao, rubbing his neck against Sun Hao's trousers.

It looks like a licking dog to please its owner.

Oh my God.

Nine Heavens God Luan is pleased with the son?

Isn't it here to grab the son's treasure?

Is it raised by the son?

Think so.


As thunder blasted in his mind, it shocked him for a long time to be unable to calm down.


The pet raised by the son turned out to be the Nine Heavens God Luan.

My ancestor!

How to keep a beast

In this world, except for the son, who can do it?

How strong is the son?


The son is so powerful, what about the master behind him, the Master Tongtian?

That is simply the supreme existence!

One thought ends here.


Chen Daoming took a few breaths, his body trembled.

"Xiaoying, do you want to drink?" Sun Hao said.

This name was taken by Huang Rumeng, so Sun Hao called it like this.


Yingyou nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

"No, the guests didn't drink, how can you move first!"

After speaking, Sun Hao poured a cup of tea for Chen Daoming and handed it to him.

Chen Daoming felt Yingyou's bad eyes, his expression stagnated, and he picked it up somewhere to drink.

"Brother Chen, drink." Sun Hao toasted.

"This... this, son, give it a cup." Chen Daoming said.

"Not urgent!"

Sun Hao seemed to have noticed something wrong. He looked at Yingyou's body exploding like a cockfighting, and he couldn't help but frown slightly.

This guy doesn't want to live anymore.

Daring to stare at the cultivator like this, if he goes mad and kills you with a single knife, he can't protect himself, but he is a master who can survive in front of a puppet.

Really ignorant.

Sun Hao looked at Yingyou and said, "Why are you staring at the guests like this? Don't be honest, be careful I make you a roast chicken!"

The words came out.

Yingyou was so frightened.

Hurrying down at Sun Hao's feet, shivering.

Chen Daoming watched this scene, and there was a storm in his heart, and he couldn't calm down for a long time.

In front of the son, the beast must also lie on its stomach.

What is the identity of the son, so terrifying.

"Brother Chen, drink." Sun Hao raised his cup.

"Thanks... Master Xie."

Chen Daoming also raised his cup and took a sip.


The fragrance of tea fills the mouth.

After the tea is taken in, it turns into a stream of incomparably pure immortal power, rushing to the body meridians.

Through the meridians, the body and meridians are improved.

At this moment, Chen Daoming felt that his physical body was rapidly strengthening.


Chen Daoming trembled in his heart and his face was shocked.

With a small bite, his physical body became stronger several times.

After this one cup, his body, afraid of being hundreds of times stronger?

Chen Daoming looked at Sun Hao with gratitude in his eyes, "My son, don't worry, I will eradicate the evil race!"

Have a cup of tea.

Chen Daoming's body has become a thousand times stronger.

Even if it is a high-grade spiritual weapon, I am afraid that I can't hurt myself.

If facing the blood evil now, Chen Daoming is confident and can blow him into dust with a punch.

"My son's great kindness, nothing to repay!"

Chen Daoming looked at Sun Hao with gratitude.

"Continued Cup."

Before Chen Daoming could react, Sun Hao continued to pour him a cup.

Just now, this guy drank a cup of tea and got 100 blessing points.

How can you not give him another drink?


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