Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1307

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Chapter 1307: What dating? don’t make it sound so disgusting.

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“If she had known earlier, she would not have let go of this man no matter how cold he was. ”

“Now that she had finally managed to get in touch with this man again, and it seemed that Qiao yanze still remembered their old relationship, of course she had to seize the opportunity. How could she tolerate someone else messing things up? ”

“Who knew how much influence li Yinian had on Qiao yanze? Although she didn’t want to believe it, she didn’t dare to take the risk. ”


“””Li Yinian, don’t be so disgraceful.”” She said sternly. ”

“Li Yinian laughed. if you give up the recording studio, I’ll consider my dignity. Wanwan. ”

Li Yinian pretended to take out her phone as she spoke.

“””Wait!”” Su qinxue grabbed her wrist, and her eyes were cold. swear that no matter what happens, you’ll never get back together with him. Otherwise, if no one wants you for the rest of your life, I’ll let you have the recording studio! ”

Shang Tianyi and Xu Chuchu did not expect things to develop to this stage. They looked at li Yinian in shock.

“Li Yinian smiled faintly and said without hesitation, “” “”I swear!”” ”

“””Wait,”” A low and cold voice suddenly interrupted her. ”

Shang Tianyi and the others turned around in shock. Su qinxue looked over li Yinian’s shoulder in surprise.

“””Yanze!”” She smiled charmingly and walked past her with light steps towards the door. ”

“Li Yinian was the only one who did not move at all. Her back was still facing the door, and the smile on her face had disappeared completely, leaving her as cold as ice. ”

“Shang Tianyi couldn’t help but look at her. “”Using thoughts to escape”” ”

“Li Yinian still did not move, but that did not stop her from hearing the movements behind her. The man’s voice was very low, so she couldn’t hear him clearly. However, su qinxue’s displeased grunt clearly fell into her ears. After a while, su qinxue probably realized that it was useless to make a fuss, so she could only bear with her grievances and give up the recording studio. Her assistant quickly took her supplies and left. ”

Then came the sound of the man’s footsteps.

Li Yinian clenched her fists tightly.

“””He’s gone,”” Shang Tianyi said in a low voice. ”

“Not only that, Qiao yanze did not look at them at all. After su qinxue and the others left, he immediately turned around and talked to the higher-ups beside him, as if he was just passing by to take a look. ”

“If su qinxue hadn’t been chased away, Shang Tianyi wouldn’t have believed that this man was here for Yinian. ”

“””Let’s get to work,”” li Yinian said calmly. ”

“Perhaps it was because of Qiao yanze’s actions just now, the staff in the recording studio were more in awe of her, so the recording went smoothly and they left three hours later. ”

“””I have something on tomorrow morning, so I won’t be accompanying you. Let Chu Chu accompany you.”” Shang Tianyi said as he walked, “” you all sleep at my place tonight. ”

“Li Yinian was about to nod when Xu Chuchu chuckled. “”It’s not convenient, right, brother Tianyi?”” ”

Shang Tianyi glared at her.

“””What’s the matter?”” li Yinian asked, puzzled. ”

“Xu Chuchu immediately explained,””sister Yinian, you don’t know yet, right?”” Brother Tianyi is in love! Is it one of the company’s male idols, Qin Zhuan, or did he take the initiative to pursue brother Tianyi?”” ”

“Li Yinian was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “” “”That’s great, why didn’t you tell me?”” ”

what dating? don’t make it sound so disgusting. We’re just fixed friends! Shang Tianyi rolled his eyes.


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