Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1310

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Chapter 1310: I can’t wait to crush her bones and scatter her ashes.

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“””I know,”” Qiao yanze stuck out his tongue and licked the blood at the corner of his lips, his low and hoarse voice carrying a hint of mockery. Yinian’s mother, Wen Yan, was one of father’s mistresses. You couldn’t do anything to father, so you took your anger out on them.”” ”

“””Do you think it’s that simple?”” The corners of Mrs. Qiao’s eyes were red, and her usually neat hair was messy. She no longer had the demeanor of a noble lady. she’s not your father’s only mistress. Why do I have to make things difficult for her? “” That woman appeared beside your father when I was pregnant with you. She knew that I was pregnant, but she still tried all kinds of ways to show off to me. Even when I gave birth to you, she pestered your father and didn’t let him come to see us mother and son. After that, she even threatened my position. What’s more hateful is that even with that, your father still couldn’t bear to let her hate me. I wanted to burn her bones and scatter her ashes!”” ”

“The more Madam Qiao spoke, the more agitated she became, and her expression could even be described as frenzied. ”


“Qiao yanze’s hands clenched slowly, his expression still cold, but there were more and more dark emotions gathering in his eyes. ”

“””After that, Xuxu, hehe, I set up a trap for her and her first love. Your father saw it with his own eyes, and he finally gave up on that woman. Xuxu, li Yinian still doesn’t know who she had given birth to with! I’m not afraid to tell you that I’m also responsible for her quick death after giving birth.”” As Mrs. Qiao said this, a look of satisfaction flashed across her face. her daughter was later sent to a welfare home and then adopted by the Li family. I know everything, but I just didn’t care. But I didn’t expect you to be with that b * tch’s woman. It’s fine if you’re just playing with her, but what did you tell me? If you want to marry her, how can I tolerate that b * tch’s daughter being my daughter-in-law? Unless I die!”” ”

“After Madam Qiao finished speaking emotionally, she suddenly covered her face with her hands, her voice almost pleading.””Yanze, of all people, why is it that b * tch’s daughter? Back then, she forced us mother and son to that point. Yingluo, Listen to Your Mother this once and forget about her, okay?”” ”

“After saying this, she began to sob, looking weaker than ever. ”

“Qiao yanze looked at her steadily, his breathing heavy and slow, and he did not speak for a long time. ”

“On the balcony three meters away, li Yinian had slid down the wall and was sitting on the ground, tears streaming down her face silently. ”

“At this time, the sky was completely dark, and the lights in the distance were gradually lit up. The tears in her eyes reflected the lights, making them blurry and bright. ”

“She thought numbly, if this was the truth, her sacrifice was not in vain. After all, Madam Qiao hated her to the core, and her birth mother was indirectly killed by Madam Qiao. Despite so much hatred and entanglement, it was still impossible for her to be with Qiao yanze. ”

“After what felt like a century, Mrs. Qiao’s sobbing finally stopped. ”

Qiao yanze closed his eyes and finally spoke.

“””Mom, you know what? When I first found out about the existence of the report, I thought it was real.”” He said in a hoarse voice, “” because I can’t believe that you’re so cruel to Yinian and me just because you don’t like her. However, the results have disappointed me. “” ”

“Madam Qiao was stunned. She slowly raised her head and looked at him, her eyes pleading weakly, “” “”Yanze Xuanji”” ”


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