Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1344

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Chapter 1344: Find another bridesmaid.

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“””Yup,”” Qiao fengnian laughed bitterly. it’s all my fault for giving him so many ambiguous hints and promises. It’s all my fault for dragging it out until now to make a decision. I was the one who killed your big brother, and I almost caused you to die. ”

“Madam Qiao suddenly pinched him hard. “”That’s right, it’s all your fault! You used to hang out with the little demons outside whenever you were free. How many days did you stay at home? How many days did you spend with the children? If you hadn’t neglected the children’s guidance, how could you be so embarrassed?”” ”

“As she spoke, Madam Qiao started to cry again. ”


“Qiao fengnian didn’t retort, but the bitterness on his face intensified. ”

“your mother is right. I, Yingluo, “” he took a deep breath. anyway, I’ll hand the company over to you completely in the future. I won’t interfere. Hanhan, I’ll teach him about Hanhan and Li Yinian myself. I know everything, so don’t blame your mother. It’s all my fault.”” ”

“Qiao yanze pursed his lips tightly, only replying hoarsely after a long time, “” “”Please take care of your body. Mom, you too.”” ”

“Mrs. Qiao cried so hard that she couldn’t speak, and could only nod. ”

“Qiao fengnian carefully reached out his hand and tried to wipe her tears, but he was pushed away by Madam Qiao. ”

“Qiao fengnian retracted his hand in embarrassment and looked at Qiao yanze. “”You should rest first. We still have to attend to your big brother’s funeral, Hanhan. Let that girl, Yinian, stay here and take care of you.”” ”

Qiao yanze nodded slightly. He closed his eyes suddenly as he watched his parents leave.

“From now on, the Qiao family could finally be at peace. Qiao yanxun had paid with his life for all this. ”

“However, the price was too heavy, so heavy that he could not breathe. ”

“His body was still weak, so he was extremely tired after being awake for a while. Although he wanted to wait for li Yinian to walk in and get her most important promise before going to sleep, he could not take it anymore. ”

“When he woke up again, he saw Ji shiting and his wife. ”

The two of them were sitting on the sofa and talking intimately.

“””Have you sent out Wanwan’s invitation? What if we miss someone?”” ”

“””There’s sister Xiu and uncle Jin. What do you have to worry about? Just wait to be the bride.”” ”

“””This is my pre-wedding syndrome, Yingluo.”” ”

Ji shiting smiled and rubbed her hair. He turned and met Qiao yanze’s eyes.

“””He’s awake.”” He curled his lips. ”

“””Aiya! You’re finally awake!”” ”

The couple stood up from the sofa and walked to the bed. They smiled and admired his sick face.

“Qiao yanze furrowed his eyebrows, the anger in his heart rising. ”

“””Are you here to see me or to laugh at me?”” ”

“””Of course I’m here to visit you!”” Ye Shengge smiled and said, “” do you feel okay? “” ”

“it’s not convenient for you to work while you’re recuperating, but you’ve just taken over Fengqiao. It’s the busiest time for you. Ji shiting smiled. do you want me to introduce you to some capable helpers? “” ”

“Qiao yanze said with a cold face, “” there’s no need. I can handle it. However, I might not be able to make it in time for your wedding. I’m sorry.”” ”

“””It doesn’t matter if you don’t come.”” Ye Shengge smiled even more happily. I’ll do it with my thoughts. ”

“””She has to take care of me.”” Qiao yanze snorted coldly. you should find another bridesmaid. ”

“””Oh, now that you mention it, I suddenly remember that I need to find another bridesmaid!”” Ye Shengge was annoyed. I’m not feeling well now! ”

“””Is it inconvenient for you?”” Qiao yanze raised an eyebrow. why? “” ”


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