Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1393

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Chapter 1393: 1393

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Jiang Yu pursed his lips and his breathing became heavier.

“There’s one thing that needs to be corrected.” He opened his mouth slowly, his eyes still fixed on her face. I don’t hate you, even when you were at the peak of your pestering.


Jing Tong was stunned for a moment, and then the corners of his mouth twitched, revealing an expression that was about to smile. “Oh, really? I really can’t tell.”

Jiang Yu clenched his fists.

After a few seconds of silence, he explained, ” “To me, dating was the last option. I’d rather stay in the Army when I have time. I didn’t reject you because I hate you.”

Jing Tong bit her lower lip.

“I don’t hate it, but I don’t like it either. Otherwise, you don’t have to refuse, do you?” She laughed at herself. but there’s no point in saying this now.

Was it meaningless?

“at least i owe you an apology. No matter what, I shouldn’t have let you down for your sincerity.” The man said word by word.

Jing Tong could actually hear a bit of regret in his voice.

No, this must be her illusion.

She shook her head. it’s nothing. I’ve said it before. It’s not your fault that you don’t like me. Besides, I’ve already let it go.”

Jiang Yu’s left hand suddenly loosened and lifted, but after a moment of hesitation, he finally put it down.

Jing Tong also noticed his movements. At that moment, she even suspected that this man had originally intended to touch her face-this guess suddenly gave birth to some complicated feelings in her heart.

“Sorry, I scared you.” The man’s voice had returned to its usual calm, but the hidden hoarseness seemed to have nothing to do with desire. but please remember, I’m not sexually apathetic. Some of your actions are enough to make me impulsive.”

Hearing him say this, Jing Tong’s eyes uncontrollably glanced at his lower body.

Before she could figure it out, she heard the man’s increasingly hoarse voice. “You seem to be very curious. It’s not that you can’t look at it, but let me remind you that the more you stare at it, the harder it will be to calm down.”

Jing Tong quickly retracted his gaze, his face burning.

Is Yingluo possessed? What’s there to see in that place! He made it seem like she was very interested in him!

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it before.” She said stubbornly, ” your size there is only so-so. It’s not attractive at all!

Jiang Yu’s pupils suddenly contracted and his face turned cold. He had been restraining himself from touching her body, but now he seemed to have lost control and pressed his hot and hard body against hers.

Jing Tong screamed, ” ah! her two hands were on his shoulders, intending to push him away, but the man firmly held her behind him.

“You’ve seen it before?” The man’s voice sounded very calm at first, but it inexplicably gave Jing Tong a feeling of hidden turbulence.

She tried to shake off his hand, but no matter how hard she struggled, his arm did not move at all.

Only then did Jing Tong realize how big the gap was between her and this man’s strength. The physical difference between men and women was already big enough, not to mention that Jiang Yu was no ordinary man.

She was both frightened and angry.

“That’s right! I’ve seen it many times overseas!” She retorted fiercely, ” I’ve seen a lot of black people. Their place is spectacular!

Jiang Yu’s hands suddenly clenched, and Jing Tong couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

“Jiang Yu, are you crazy?!” She was exasperated.

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