Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 1421

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Chapter 1421: 1421

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Jing Tong still maintained his shooting posture, but in fact, he was already gritting his teeth.

“I clearly aimed!” She turned her head and glared at a certain man. it’s your school’s system that’s too lousy!


If she could only get two or three rings, she would accept it! Missed the target? It was too embarrassing!

Jing Tong refused to believe this fact.

Jiang Yu raised an eyebrow and reached out his hand.”Why don’t you give me the gun and I’ll help you test if there’s a problem with the system?”

Jing Tong angrily retracted her gaze.

She wouldn’t go so far as to humiliate herself.

“Humph, Humph.” Jing Tong put on her headphones again and focused on aiming.

Although she had played with guns in the past and was not completely inexperienced, she had long forgotten about it after such a long time. At this time, she only felt that the target in the distance was a ball. She couldn’t see the ring at all, let alone aim.

However, if she missed the target again, she would definitely be laughed at by this man.

Jing Tong secretly gritted her teeth, but even when her palms started to sweat, she was still unable to fire the shot.

At this moment, her wrist was grabbed by the man from behind and he raised it slightly.


Through the headphones, the man’s voice was not clear, but Jing Tong still subconsciously pulled the trigger.

Jiang Yu also let go of her wrist.

The moment Jing Tong took off his headphones, he happened to hear an electronic voice. “Eight rings.”

She was stunned and subconsciously looked at the man beside her.

Jiang Yu also happened to look at her. The man’s dark eyes revealed a smile. “Your results are not bad.”

Jing Tong, however, angrily shifted her gaze away. “It’s not my own ability, Zhenzhen.”

Duan Zhe seized the opportunity to speak. you’ll be fine after more practice, miss Jing. With the Head of Department teaching you, you’ll definitely improve rapidly. I’ll go to the door to keep watch. Don’t let any suspicious people in.

With that, Duan Zhe quickly ran away.

Jing Tong cursed this spineless Lackey in her heart.

Jiang Yu stared at her with his dark eyes and said in a deep voice, ” “Do you want to continue?”

Jing Tong felt her face burning.

Without enough strength to face-slap, it seemed useless to hold on to the so-called backbone.

However, she had always been good at finding excuses for herself.

She lifted her chin and emphasized sternly, ” I allow you to teach me, and even have some physical contact with me, but please put away your messy thoughts, Minister Jiang!

Jiang Yu shook his head gently and said in a calm tone, ” “I don’t have any messy thoughts in the first place.”

“That’s good.” Jing Tong raised his brows. I can tell if you’re up to no good.

Jiang Yu exhaled slowly, as if he couldn’t do anything to her. “Yes.”

Only then did Jing Tong nod in satisfaction. He turned around to face the target and raised his gun.

“Let’s start.”

The man smiled faintly and finally said in a deep voice, ” spread your legs.

Jing Tong’s little heart couldn’t help but tremble! Why did these few words sound so coy?

“Shoulder level.” Jiang Yu’s steady voice sounded again.

Jing Tong,”Yingluo.”

She was glad that the man couldn’t see her face at this time. Otherwise, if he could see what she was thinking, she would have to find a hole to hide in.

She gritted her teeth and did as she was told, but she still felt a little uncomfortable.

Jiang Yu held her shoulders and helped her adjust her posture. “Relax your shoulders.”

The temperature of the man’s palm was very high. In order to make her relax, he used some strength, so the temperature was even hotter. It not only burned her shoulders, but also her heart.

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