Kiss Goodnight, Mr.Ji - Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: I Miss You

“Um… I’m calling to ask if you’re here yet.” Ye Shengge suddenly realized something. “Have you had dinner yet? No, if it’s in France… it should be lunch.”

Ye Shengge had done a little calculation and it was around noon in Paris.

Ji Shiting nodded and said, “Lunch just ended. And?”


Ye Shengge was dazed. She suddenly remembered how this man oftentimes didn’t mean what he said.

“And… I miss you.” Ye Shengge covered her face and said. She couldn’t help despising herself for being shameless. “That’s the reason I called you.”

Ji Shiting paused and smiled, “Really?”

Ye Shengge was encouraged by his chuckle.

“It’s true! As true as steel!” Ye Shengge added. “You have to take care and rest properly. My heart will ache if you get too tired.”

Her tone was so sweet that it sounded fake.

However, Ji Shiting couldn’t help gulping.

“Okay, I’ll remember that.” He sounded amused. “What time are you filming tomorrow?”

“Six…” Ye Shengge said, and her ears started to burn.

“Sleep early.” He smiled again. “Goodnight.”

“Okay… Bye!” Ye Shengge hung up the phone.

She held her burning face, and her heart pounded fast.

She didn’t know whether it was her imagination, but Ji Shiting chuckled a couple of times on the phone tonight. Was it because of those sweet words?

That’s right. She was getting better at coaxing him. She knew that oftentimes this man’s harsh words weren’t heartfelt. As long as she showed her concern for him, he would be easy to talk to. That had been the reason she blurted out those sweet words, but why was she blushing?

Besides, it felt strangely like she had been teased…

The more she thought about it, the more unsettled she became. Ye Shengge covered her head with the blanket and ordered herself to sleep.

The next day, Ye Shengge arrived at the set early. The first scene was hers.

After three scenes, she breathed a sigh of relief and went back to the makeup room to rest. However, Mu Xiaoya walked out from the opposite side and blocked her way, given her a look of sarcasm.

“Move aside.” Ye Shengge wasn’t in the mood to argue with her.

Mu Xiaoya adjusted the necklace on her neck and chuckled. “Actually, I’m curious. Which rich and ugly person couldn’t even get a newbie and had to choose you? It’s been hard on you, to actually be able to sleep soundly at night. But then again, would there be any outstanding men that would like you? You’ve been with your brother for three years, yet he hasn’t even touched you once has he?”

She sounded smug and vicious.

“I know, because Mu Yanhuai is sleeping with you,” Ye Shengge said. “I wonder if the rich second-generation heir who’s been chasing you knows that you’re sleeping with your brother.”

Mu Xiaoya’s face stiffened, then she sneered, “That’s just a rumor. What evidence do you have?”

Ye Shengge looked at her and smiled. “Didn’t Mu Yanhuai tell you? I replaced the video of the Prime Prize awards show. I still have the complete version so you better stay away from me. Otherwise, I’ll show it to your fans and show them how vile their goddess is.”

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