Martial God Asura - Chapter 4427

Chapter 4427: 4427

Chapter 4427: Taking a Life

Looking at the distribution of keys, Long Xiaoxiao bit her lips tightly with a grudging look in her eyes . She was very unhappy .

She felt that undergoing the examination together with Chu Feng was an ideal opportunity for her to get close to Chu Feng, but not only did this opportunity not fall into her lap, the one who got into the same group as Chu Feng was Yin Daifen even!

While Long Xiaoxiao knew that Chu Feng felt repulsed by Yin Daifen at the moment, she still felt insecure as Yin Daifen was fairly good-looking . There was no way she could rest assured with such a beautiful woman by Chu Feng’s side .

There was one person present on the scene who was even more unhappy than Long Xiaoxiao though, and that person was no other than Fu Feiyue . He glared at Chu Feng with eyes that looked as if he wanted to swallow the latter whole .

“Chu Feng, I don’t care where you came from, but I can tell you clearly that Junior Yin is the personal disciple of our sectmaster . I know that we have our grudges due to what happened earlier, but you are equally at fault too . Let’s just call it quits and not pursue this matter any further, alright?

“From now onward, if you dare to disrespect or attempt something on Junior Yin while you’re alone with her, I can guarantee you that our Cloudsky Immortal Sect won’t let things off easily!” Fu Feiyue warned Chu Feng coldly .

“Hm? Disrespect or attempt something on her when we’re alone together? What kind of things are you talking about?” Chu Feng glanced at Fu Feiyue as he asked this question intentionally .

“You know best in your heart what I mean . If you dare do it, I won’t spare you!” Fu Feiyue spat .

“Is that so? I wasn’t intending to do anything initially, but after hearing what you have said, I’m quite curious to know how you will not spare me . I wonder what I should do…” Chu Feng replied .

“You!!!” Fu Feiyue’s face turned livid .

He had intentionally brought the Cloudsky Immortal Sect in order to instill some deference into Chu Feng so that he wouldn’t dare to do anything to Yin Daifen . Yet, who could have thought that not only was his warning useless, but it even convinced Chu Feng to do the opposite?

So, what he was doing was bringing harm to Yin Daifen instead?

“Senior, you don’t have to worry . I trust that young master Chu Feng isn’t such a person . The two of us will get along peacefully with one another . ”

Surprisingly, Yin Daifen suddenly spoke out at this moment .

The contempt she carried toward Chu Feng had vanished, and her tone became far more polite than before . It was almost as if she had cast aside the differences they had to work together for the examination .

“Junior, you can’t let your guard down around that man!” Fu Feiyue’s worry for his junior only grew after seeing the attitude she was taking toward him .

He didn’t wish to see his junior walking too close with that hideous creature .

“Senior, please rest assured . I know what I’m doing,” Yin Daifen replied with a smile .

“Are you done chatting?”

The old woman suddenly interjected with an impatient tone .

“Elder, we’re ready!”

The crowd replied hurriedly .

“If you’re ready, enter through the door . You and you, take the first door . You and you, take the second door…”

One by one, the old woman assigned a wooden door to each of them and told them to enter it .

Right after she was done speaking, the four wooden doors around the Godwish Palace also opened on their own accord, as if inviting them in .

Looking through the opened wooden doors, the interior was completely dark . It was impossible to make out anything at all, so there was no way of knowing what they would face inside .

That being said, none of the eight of them hesitated to enter . The old woman was simply too domineering for them to dawdle around .

If they were to wait even a second more, there was no saying what the old woman might do .

However, before heading through the wooden door, Chu Feng still sent a voice transmission to Long Xiaoxiao, advising her to take care and remain on her guard . After all, Long Xiaoxiao was assigned to the same team as Yu Hong .

In Chu Feng’s view, Yu Hong was simply not a good person .

“Little benefactor, you can swallow your worries back in . I won’t allow myself to be taken advantage of by anyone else,” Long Xiaoxiao replied with an extremely confident tone .

Seeing that the lass was prepared, Chu Feng was able to put aside his worries .

Long Xiaoxiao might appear to be naive to those who weren’t familiar with her, but as someone who had grown up in the Dragon Clan, a place filled rife with politics and conflicts, she was definitely no pushover .

Following that, Chu Feng stepped into the wooden door the old woman had pointed out to him earlier on .

One thing that was noteworthy though was that Yin Daifen didn’t step through the wooden door right away .

In the instant that Chu Feng passed through the wooden door, he swiftly scanned his surroundings to assess his current position .

It was a whole new world beyond the wooden door, but this world wasn’t particularly big . He could see the boundaries of the world .

At this very moment, Chu Feng found himself floating in midair, and beneath him was a vast ocean . Glancing on top though, he realized that there was a massive stone monument above him .

Describing the stone monument as massive might be an understatement . It spanned over a length of a hundred thousand meters, covering the entire sky .

On the stone monument, there were obscure characters inscribed on it . These characters were peculiar and hard to read . It would take a great deal of deciphering in order to grasp them .

Chu Feng’s instincts told him that the greatest secret of the examination lay on the stone monument .

“This feeling?”

All of a sudden, Chu Feng felt a killing intent surging from behind him .

It was from Yin Daifen . She had just passed through the wooden door to enter this area too .

However, at this very moment, she had a green mist shrouding her body, and her cultivation had risen all the way to rank seven Utmost Exalted level .

More importantly, she was already wielding her Incomplete Exalted Armament in her grasp . As soon as she appeared, she directed her pink sword toward Chu Feng, aiming to pierce through his body .

From the very start, this lass had no intention of letting Chu Feng go . She intentionally feigned reconciliation earlier so that Chu Feng would let down his guard, and it was also an intentional move on her part to allow Chu Feng to pass through the wooden door first .

It was so that she could raise her cultivation outside before heading in to catch Chu Feng off-guard, such that he wouldn’t be able to use the earlier formation to hinder her anymore .

With her current strength, there was no need for her to fear Chu Feng anymore .

So, she made her move as soon as she entered this world .

Furthermore, it was no ordinary attack that she was launching against Chu Feng at the moment . She was clearly aiming to take his life!

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