Martial God Asura - Chapter 4428

Chapter 4428: 4428

Chapter 4428: A True Monster


A cold glint carrying great killing intent flashed across the sky . It was a killing intent so powerful that it caused even the waves below to turn turbulent, and the scent of death could be smelled in the air .

This was the intensity of the attack that Yin Daifen was directing toward Chu Feng .

Her sword harnessed her strength as a rank seven Utmost Exalted level cultivator, and its prowess was devastating .


But just as her sword was about to impale Chu Feng, the latter suddenly raised his forefinger and middle finger and clasped them tightly together .

Just like that, he actually caught Yin Daifen’s sword between his fingers, putting a halt to the devastating might gushing in his way .

Yin Daifen tried her best to tug her sword out, but to her horror, her efforts turned out to be futile .

It was as if the sword had already fused as one together with Chu Feng’s fingers . It wouldn’t even budge at all .

Such a situation caused terrified shudders to run through her body .

“You must have used quite a lot of cultivation resources in order to raise your cultivation swiftly . Even though your cultivation has reached rank six Utmost Exalted level, and you managed to activate your Divine Power too, raising your cultivation by a rank, your fighting prowess is nothing remarkable at all .

“Your energy is simply too loose . At this rate, your accomplishments as a cultivator will be limited . ”

After blocking Yin Daifen’s attack, Chu Feng leisurely pointed out Yin Daifen’s flaws .


However, Yin Daifen’s face had already turned pale in fright by now . Her eyes were filled with horror, as if she was staring at a demon .

She had loosened her grip on her Incomplete Exalted Armament, and she was retreating intuitively out of fear .

“Shocked? Confused? Are you unable to understand why I was able to block your attack with ease?” Chu Feng asked with a smile .

After that, his surroundings began to change . An invisible cloak began to loosen around him, revealing an armor with lightning crackling around it, making it look incredibly domineering .

It was no other than the Lightning Armor .

On top of that, there was also a Lightning Mark on Chu Feng’s forehead, forming the Divine character .

Seeing the Lightning Armor and the Divine Character Lightning Mark, Yin Daifen was so shocked that her mouth opened agape .

She noticed that there was another energy emanating from Chu Feng’s body . It was quite similar to the energy she harnessed, but it was even stronger than hers .

It was a Divine Power that was above hers .

One must know that it was incredibly difficult for someone who possessed the Heavenly Bloodline to be able to utilize the Lightning Mark at Utmost Exalted level .

If a cultivator was able to raise his cultivation by a single rank through the Lightning Mark, it would already be concrete evidence of his unimaginable talents .

However, Chu Feng had not only grasped the Lightning Mark and Lightning Armor, but he also managed to cultivate the Divine Punishment Mysterious Technique too .

On top of that, his Divine Power was even stronger than hers .

If not for the fact that she was seeing it with her own eyes, she would have never believed that it would be possible for anyone to accomplish all of this .

More importantly, even though he had relied on all of these skills to raise his cultivation up to rank seven Utmost Exalted level, just like her, she could clearly feel that his fighting prowess was far above that of hers .

They might be in the same cultivation level, but they weren’t in the same class in terms of fighting prowess at all .

“Y-you… What kind of monster are you?!” Yin Daifen exclaimed as she looked at Chu Feng with a look of disbelief .

She was so shaken up that her body and her voice were quivering uncontrollably .

“Did you think that I wouldn’t know what you are up to? I admit that my spirit power wouldn’t be sufficient to deal with you after you enhanced your cultivation level with your skills, but that doesn’t mean that I have no means of dealing with you .

“I knew that you were planning to raise your cultivation outside before dealing with me in this world, but the first thing I did after entering this area was to raise my cultivation level too . It was just that I used my spirit power to conceal my own prowess so as to give you false hope that you might just stand a chance against me .

“I thought that you would reveal your true face with that, and I must say, you really didn’t let me down,” Chu Feng said .

“You scoundrel…”


Right after hearing Chu Feng’s words, Yin Daifen turned around and fled .

After witnessing Chu Feng’s means, the fighting will inside of her had vanished without a trace . She knew that she wouldn’t stand a chance against him at all .

It was her utter defeat, and she had no choice to admit it . She had lost not just in terms of fighting prowess, but even in terms of character and wits too .

It was as if her heart was transparent before Chu Feng . Everything, including her thoughts, had been seen right through .

She felt Chu Feng was a true monster . He accomplished what humans shouldn’t have been able to . At the very least, none of her peers were as sly and perceptive as Chu Feng was .

She couldn’t even fathom a way how she could possibly defeat such a person .


But just as she was about to run, another silhouette suddenly flitted right in front of her, blocking her path . At the same time, a powerful palm strike was thrust toward her .

By the time she realized what was going on, a hand was already gripping her throat tightly .

It was Chu Feng . He had blocked Yin Daifen’s route and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her up .


Yin Daifen struggled desperately out of pain . Two streams of hot tears were flowing down her rosy cheeks . Deep regret could be seen deep in her eyes .

She knew that she was a goner .

The person standing before her was a person who wasn’t intimidated by the Cloudsky Immortal Sect at all, or else he wouldn’t have made a move against her in the first place .

In the first place, she had known that if she were to fail to get rid of Chu Feng, her own fate would be death .


But contrary to her expectations, after scaring Yin Daifen, Chu Feng simply flung his sleeves and tossed Yin Daifen to the side . He didn’t kill her or make things difficult for her .

This left Yin Daifen feeling deeply bewildered .

“I’m not a person who is kind enough to repay enmity with kindness . You would have already been dead by now . Do you know why you’re still breathing at this very moment?” Chu Feng asked .

“You… Is it possible that… you really know my elder sister?” Yin Daifen asked .

“That’s right . I’m only sparing you out of face for your elder sister,” Chu Feng said .

“But… how could my elder sister possibly know you?”

Yin Daifen still found this matter a little hard to believe .

“You are aware that your elder sister was at the Red-dress Holy Land prior to returning to the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, right?” Chu Feng asked .

“Yes, I’m aware of that . My elder sister went missing, and she eventually grew up at the Red-dress Holy Land… Great heaven! You really do know my elder sister!”

Those words made the doubt on Yin Daifen’s face dissipate without a trace .

“If not for that, do you think that you would have stood a chance at all?” Chu Feng replied coldly .

“My deepest apologies . I really didn’t think that you would really know my elder sister . Had I known that you were friends with my elder sister, I wouldn’t have shown such disrespect to you!”

As Yin Daifen spoke, she couldn’t help but sob out of a mixture of fright and relief . She knew that she was practically knocking on death’s door a moment earlier .

“Stop crying . I can’t stand looking at girls crying . Also, even though I said that I’ll spare you from death, I didn’t say that I’ll let you off that easily,” Chu Feng said .

“Then… young master Chu Feng, what do you want me to do?” Yin Daifen asked .

“Tell me about the affairs between you and your elder sister,” Chu Feng said .

Yin Daifen was still afraid that Chu Feng was going to torture her and make her do something unreasonable, but when she heard that the request he had of her was so simple and easy, she unhesitatingly divulged everything regarding her elder sister .

She and her elder sister were disciples chosen personally by the Cloudsky Immortal Sect’s sectmaster .

Both of them were extremely favored by the sectmaster, especially her elder sister . Her elder sister had been born with a pair of peculiar eyes, such that even the sectmaster had great expectations for her in the future .

However, an accident that occurred when they were younger caused her elder sister to part from them .

As for what happened subsequently, it was just as Chu Feng knew .

Yin Zhuanghong was later picked up by the Red-dress Holy Land’s sectmaster, who then raised her up .

On the other hand, Yin Daifen grew up in the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, and due to her position, she lived a privileged life respected by many . Due to that, it gave rise to her haughty and domineering personality .

As for their parents, as it turned out, they were just ordinary mortals . While their mother was expecting the two of them, their father, due to having offended a cultivator, was killed in cold blood .

While their mother was an ordinary mortal, out of view that she had given birth to two outstanding children, the Cloudsky Immortal Sect’s sectmaster bestowed her with the privileges of an esteemed guest after taking in Yin Daifen and Yin Zhuanghong into the sect .

As for the names of the two sisters, it was given to them by their own mother .

One thing that was worthy of note was that even though their mother was an ordinary mortal, she had a terrible temper . Due to her relatively high standing within the Cloudsky Immortal Sect, there was no one who dared to get on her bad side, and most people strove to avoid her wherever possible .

In fact, Yin Daifen even said that she felt that her domineering personality might have been picked up from her mother, resulting in her being unable to control her emotions .

Given that it was coming from Yin Daifen herself, it sounded surprisingly credible .

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