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Chapter 013-1 – Brahmaheart Sacred Territory

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The young acolytes thoroughly checked the spirit message scroll, then returned them to Reverend Elysian and respectfully said, “Senior please proceed upwards. My humble sect is located at the top of this mountain, there will be people to receive you there.”

Reverend Elysian properly kept the Spirit message scroll, then proceeded up the mountain with Reverend Waterstop and Hai Long following close behind. Just as Whiterock was about to follow behind them, a young acolyte used a hand to block him and said, “Senior, please kindly show me my humble sect’s spirit message.”

Whiterock was taken aback as he said, “I am a disciple of the Thousand Wisdom Valley, and came upon the orders of Uncle-masters Youngcrane and Purplecrane, the spirit message scroll is with them, they should be around the mountain peak area, hence I don’t have the scroll. We’re all fellow Dao cultivators, can you give some leeway?”

The young acolyte stubbornly shook his head and replied, “Sorry Senior, my Patriarch has given orders that those without the spirit message scrolls are to be denied entry. There are exact instructions regarding this within the scroll, if masters want to bring their disciples in, they have to be present with the scroll, I’m sorry but please return.”

Whiterock furrowed his brows, “Why are there such rules. Elysian, Waterstop, my two Dao friends, look at this…”

Reverend Waterstop replied helplessly, “Since this is orders from Brahmaheart sect, we’re unable to help you. I think it’s best if you go and look for your masters.”

Whiterock let out a sigh and looked at the obstinate acolyte, then at Reverend Elysian and the group,finally helplessly shaking his head, “Alright then, seems like I will have to descend the mountain first.” With that, he turned and headed down. Just as Hai Long’s group of 3 were about to continue up the mountain, a sudden change occurred, two miserable cries resounded, the two acolytes who were obstructing Whiterock were put down on the grown, pale expressions on their faces. Whiterock retracted the hands he were using to press on their heads, and coldly said, “You’re truly tired of living, you even dared to block my road.” His previous aura of righteousness disappeared, and a ruthless, sinister one replaced it.

The remaining young acolytes were all frightened, some of them took out items from their chest as they hurriedly rushed towards Whiterock.

Whiterock gave a smirk as he outstretched his arms, big volumes of dark light scattered out which sealed away roughly 100 square metres of space. Hai Long’s party of 3 as well as the other young acolytes were trapped within.

Reverend Waterstop gave a cold humph, “So it was the work of a demon, you dared to deceive us, you won’t be spared.” A green light exploded and shimmered as a flying sword appeared from her back and pierced towards the dark lights set by Whiterock.

Whiterock gazed upon Waterstop’s pretty exterior and gave a nasty grin, “Little wench, for you to realise now, it’s a little too late. Wait till I take care of these little monks, I’ll find somewhere to have fun with you, Ai, AH!”

Reverend Waterstop’s flying sword changed fluidly, when the green power came into contact with the dark lights, they were abrubtly contained, with a huge glow being let out, Whiterock was shocked as he retreated over 10 metres, obviously at a loss. How could Reverend Waterstop not be surprised at Whiterock’s shock? From this one exchange, she knew that her opponent possessed a high cultivation, it was definitely not limited to the Illustrous Dao Stage.

Reverend Elysian hid Hai Long behind her back and said “Junior Sister, capture him alive and let Patriarch Cloudwake deal with him.” At this time, the little acolytes’ messages have already been sent out as several red comet-like streaks could be seen in the air.

Reverend Waterstop replied and performed some incantations, “Boundless Qiankun, I borrow power from Heaven and Earth, Slow!”

Whiterock was just about to unleash his magical treasure, when he felt his whole body become sluggish, as though everything was slowing down, his body could only move after using a lot of effort. He angrily howled “Good wench, you cultivation is actually this high, I was blind. We’ll meet again in the future.” A mist of blood came out of Whiterock’s mouth as huge waves of black fog slowly covered his body, just as Reverend Waterstop was about to attack using her powers, she already lost sight of Whiterock. She couldn’t help but furrow her brows, “Such a powerful evasive skill, seems like his cultivation has at least reached the Dawn Raising stage.”

Reverend Elysian nodded her head and added “He seems like a cultivator from the demonic sects, when facing a stronger opponent he actually used an evil evasive skill, he should already have escaped over 100 li. These demonic cultivators are truly savage, they actually dared to make trouble on Brahmaheart Sect’s holy ground. If not for us being here, the Brahmaheart Sect might have suffered quite a heavy loss.

At this moment, all the young acolytes had gathered around and respectfully bowed towards Hai Long’s group of 3, “Many thanks for Senior’s Benevolence.”

Reverend Elysian faintly said, “We’re of the same Dao, it’s natural for us to help, don’t stand on ceremony. It’s just, why would Bodhisattva Cloudwake send you guys to guard the mountain pass? If there were Sect members of the Elder generation around, your two brothers wouldn’t have gotten injured just now.”

Just as the young acolytes were about to reply, 10 streaks of light landed in the vicinity, it seemed to have sprung from the mountain pass up ahead and landed in front of Reverend Elysian. A loud and clear voice resounded, “What situation required sending me an urgent cry for help?”

Looking at the figure of the new entrant, all the young acolytes hurriedly paid respects, “Respects to Ancestor Wuxuan!”
These 10 lights that made an abrupt entrance were actually Brahmaheart Sect experts responding to the cry of help. They were headed by a well-built male who looked about 60 years of age that carried a copper bowl in his right hand. His body was shrouded with a yellow glow, he had thick brows and fierce eyes, and gave off a powerful presence. He was one of the 6 Ancestors of the Brahmaheart Sect. As he stabilised his posture, he looked at the dead disciples on the floor. Coincidentally, Reverend Waterstop was standing beside these two disciples. Ancestor Wuxuan had cultivated for countless years, but this time his anger took over as he shouted without listening to the acolytes’ explanation, “Evil demoness, you dared to offend our sect, look at my magical treasure. Destruction is boundless, countless and formless.” Yellow lights roiled around as the huge copper bowl shot out from his hands and expanded in the air, a Brahmic symbol shone from the bowl and chants emanated out, heading towards Reverend Waterstop. Daoist Wuxuan’s oppressive aura made him seem like a descended evil-extinguishing deity.

Reverend Elysian jumped from shock and hurriedly cried out, “Ancestor don’t, we’re not the enemy.” But she was late by a step as the huge copper bowl already move to cover Reverend Waterstop.

Reverend Waterstop when facing such a strong and sudden attack, was stupefied. She had never exchanged blows with others for over a thousand years, and hence was slightly inexperienced in dealing with opponents. In order to preserve her life, she shrunk her body and retreated at the speed of lightning, her azure halo suddenly appeared behind her back, with a feminine cry, a plate-like structure unknowingly flew out, and floated in front of her while glowing with gold light, obstructing Ancestor Wuxuan’s buddhist bowl.

“Ninth Junior Sister, NO.” Although Reverend Elysian cried out in shock, she was already too late to stop the battle between Wuxuan and Waterstop, in her helplessness, she also unleashed her magical power, and formed a huge layer of azure light that floated towards Ancestor Wuxuan and Reverend Waterstop. Her delicate hands endlessly formed gestures, as she imbued 13 streams of power into the green light.

“Hong——” The entire holy mountain of Brahmaheart Sect violently vibrated. Reverend Elysian’s display of power finally defended against the golden explosion, and did not cause any harm to the surroundings. The earth-shaking noise made Hai Long momentarily deaf. To his shock, he saw Ancestor Wuxuan’s precious copper bowl turn into dust, and he himself slammed against Reverend Elysian’s barrier as fresh blood sputtered. On the other hand, Reverend Waterstop was left standing there in a daze as her circular plate magical treasure was hovering in front of her, shining bright.

Reverend Elysian flashed behind Ancestor Wuxuan without hesitation as she struck 7 acupoints on his back and stuffed a green coloured medicinal pill into his mouth, then finally heaved a sigh. She looked towards Reverend Waterstop and said, “9th Junior Sister, how can you casually use your prayer bow? Luckily Ancestor Wuxuan’s Buddist Bowl had already reached the Treasured Artifact stage, if not he would have been crushed into dust!


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