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Chapter 013-2 – Brahmaheart Sacred Territory

Translated by: Ken

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Reverend Waterstop just then realised what she had done. she hurriedly kept the disk-like Prayer wheel and muttered “I didn’t do it on purpose, the power of his Buddhist bowl was too huge, I…”

Ancestor Wuxuan’s face turned pale white, and finally sat down with Reverend Elysian’s help. His previously unleashed attacked had rebounded upon his body and inflicted some serious damage on him.

Six yellow glows flashed and descended as six old monks appeared in front of the Brahmaheart Sect Mountain Pass, they were following behind one of the monks who was wearing a kasaya. In his hands was a staff, and he looked to be of really old age, as his snow white eyebrows could be seen drooping down till it almost touched his shoulders. When he saw Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop, he was shocked for a moment as he cleared his throat and spoke. “So it is Senior Sisters Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop that have arrived, Cloudwake shows his respect” The people that arrived were indeed Bodhisattva Cloudwake and and Brahmaheart Sect’s five other ancestors.

Reverend Elysian laughed bitterly, “How do you do, Patriarch Cloudwake? This is embarassing, my 9th Junior Sister accidently injured your esteemed sect’s ancestor Wuxuan.” She proceeded to explain the previous happenings for the newcomers to understand.

Hearing Reverend Elysian’s recount, Cloudwake lightly sighed as he stuck out a hand onto his junior Wuxuan’s back, a buddhist wheel emerged as huge waves of buddhist power endlessly enveloped and channeled into his body.

Hai Long stood at the side as he watched Bodhisattva Cloudwake and the other 5 ancestors, he felt fear in his heart, just from the Yang energy emanating from their bodies, he got a sense that their cultivation was profoundly deep. Especially the Brahmaheart Sect Patriarch Bodhisattva Cloudwake, the Buddhist power emanated by his body was deep to no end, like a bottomless cliff, it seemed as though his two Matriarchs could not even compare.

After some time, Bodhisattva Cloudwake let out a sound and put his palms together, looked towards Reverend Elysian and said “This sect’s foolish disciple has wronged, let this one old apologise and thank you on his behalf.”

Reverend Waterstop said dejectedly: “It’s all my fault that I couldn’t control my strength, and activated the Prayer Wheel when I was in shock, that led to Ancestor Wuxuan being injured and I even destroyed his immortal treasure, I seek forgiveness from Patriarch.”

Cloudwake shook his head and said, “All things have causes and effect. Wuxuan was too rash in his anger, this is also a lesson for him. Many thanks to the two Reverend’s timely intervention, and also for helping with his Spirit Pellet, otherwise it would have been hard to even save his skin. “ Although he didn’t witness the scene personally, he could deduce the happenings just by checking Wuxuan’s condition, and it did align with Reverend Elysian’s words. He turned back to the other 5 Ancestors and said, “Wutong, Wuming my Junior brothers, I’ll have to trouble you to take Wuxuan back to cultivate, he need to cultivate behind closed doors for at least an entire year before his cultivation can recover fully.”

“Yes Sect Patriarch” The two monks supported the Wuxuan who was in an unconscious state, under the enveloping of the yellow light, they flew off into the distance.

Cloudwake gave a faint smile and said, “For you two Reverends to have come such a far distance, and I Cloudwake to not receive you, I apologise. If not for you two, my Brahmaheart Sect’s disciples would have suffered many more losses. I implore you two Reverends to forgive my past rudeness.”

Reverend Elysain replied respectfully “Sect Patriarch, please don’t be so courteous. Ancestor Wuxuan also acted on impulse only because of the death of some disciples. Ai, now I know why Sect Patriarch wanted to only allow entry based of Spirit Message Scrolls, these demonic Sects are truly vicious, to have come to your sect grounds and commit murder.”

Cloudwake lightly sighed, “Two Reverends, please let me escort you up the mountain, we can chat up there.” As he finished speaking, his gaze casually swept past Hai Long, and his eyes let out a hint of surprise, “This fellow cultivator is from the same sect as you, Reverends? How come his body contains some buddhist qi?”

Hai Long startledly replied, “Buddhist Qi, my body has Buddhist Qi? It can’t be! Senior Sect Patriarch, I don’t really feel like being a monk, don’t pull me into the Brahmaheart Sect!”

Cloudwake smiled and said, “Without approval from the Reverends, I can’t even think of allowing you into the Brahmaheart Sect. However, from my sect’s ancient records, people who possess buddhist qi and cultivate buddhism, will be able to achieve much with just half the effort. Who knows, by attaining the Buddha Realm, you can become a true Abbott.

Reverend Elysian laughed lightly, “Hai Long is extremely mischievous, but in terms of cultivation he truly does possess talent surpassing others, as to the buddhist qi in his body, I didn’t realise this. Actually he’s not from my direct disciple line, he belongs to Skyrock’s Ancestral line, and has only cultivated for 4 years. He’s just entered the Crouching Tiger stage not long ago.

Cloudwake shockingly replied, “Entering the Crouching Tiger stage with just 4 years of cultivation, he is truly a genius. Seems like, I really should make a trip to the Cloudlink Sect, and have a discussion with Sect Patriarch Heaventake. Hoho”

Hai Long didn’t expect the Brahmaheart Patriarch to be so easygoing, and goodwill appeared in his heart as he smiled “It is a pity that I still want to find a Dao Companion in the future, and can’t be a monk! I am still unable to break away from the 6 mortal desires.”

Actually, the presence of Buddhist qi on Hai Long’s body is largely related to the Eccentric within the monkey group. Also, the iron bar he carried on his body also seemed to possess Buddhist Properties.
Patriarch Cloudwake laughed raucously and surging yellow lights appeared. Hai Long could only feel his body become light and he was suddenly quite high above the ground. Together with Reverend Elysian and Waterstop who were also supported by the yellow light, they flew towards the mountain peak.

Reverend Elysian laughed “Sect Patriatch’s power is profound, Junior Elysian here is in awe. From the looks of it, seems like you’re about to enter the Mercurial Stage.”

Cloudwake smilingly nodded “It took me 3 years to reach the middle of this stage. Alas, compared to your esteemed sect patriarch Heaventake, I pale in comparison.”
Cloudwake lightly sighed. “People from the three worlds and nine dwellings, all have nirvanic hearts, the power of heaven is hard to fathom, what he attains and who he joins in the future is hard to say.”

Reverend Elysian said, “Regardless, Sect Patriarch is Brahmaheart Sect’s most likely candidate to attain and step into the Buddha Realm to become an Abbott. When leaving the mountain, 9th Junior Sister and I still thought the world was at peace, the righteous were flourishing, and the so-called evils and demons wouldn’t dare have any movements. But on the road here, we realised we were wrong. The previous two encounters with the demons who had cultivations that were not weak, especially the one that impersonated as a disciple of the Thousand Wisdom Valley, not only was his power strong, he definitely had some concealment treasure with him, if not he wouldn’t have escaped Waterstop and my divine senses.” At this moment, she also reiterated her encounter with the three-eyed demon as well as the Thousand Curse Banner.”

Hearing Elysian’s recount, Cloudwake couldn’t help but furrow his brows and said with a low voice “The demons are now running too wild, they even dared to make use of an object as nefarious as the Thousand Curse Banner. Seems like we cannot sit and watch any longer, we need to form an alliance and get rid of these demonic and evil sects to restore peace to our continent. Right now almost all our friends from the various sects have arrived, they also brought with them stories of what’s happening at the plains, let’s discuss when we reach the peak to see how we can best allocate our forces.”

Reverend Elysian and Reverend Waterstop nodded their heads, while Hai Long beside them was feeling slightly bored. He understood that with his current cultivation he wouldn’t make any difference to this demon extermination conquest, thinking of the level of his power, he couldn’t help but feel dejected.

Reverend Elysian said “Sect Patriarch, our journey here was to find out the current situation, could we please request that you don’t reveal our cultivation in case we attract unnecessary troubles?”

Sect Patriarch Cloudwake smiled and said “This old monk understands, I’ll refer to you two as Daoists when the time comes, this time round, two of the five Pentashine Immortal Grotto’s immortals came, the Lotus Sect’s Patriarch personally came, the other sects also sent some of their core members, this can be said to be a heroes gathering of the seven sects, for Daoist Brother Heaventake to allow two Reverends to come along, it is already giving this old one a lot of face, if there’s a chance, I will definitely visit your sect to pay respects.”

The yellow light ray was travelling very quickly, in the span of a sentence, it had already arrived at the mountain peak. This was Brahmaheart Sect’s main ground, Hai Long gazed across and could only see a huge temple built on the ground in front of him, the palace hall was shimmering, as if light of Buddha was shining on it. Auspicious and pure chanting resounded out, bringing peace to all who listened, and gave them the urge to bow down and worship. As Hai Long watched this grand scene, the iron bar within his chest suddenly trembled and let out a stream of hot qi and began to resonate.


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