Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter 5

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Volume 2 Chapter 5 – Hooky Break

Guren did not attend school for the next few days.

He managed to steal a few days of rest.


Guren opened his eyes. He was still lying on his bed. Staring at the seeing, then he looked over at the clock beside his bed.

It was 5:30.

Basically, Guren woke up at the same time every day. Maybe because he had been waking up at this time for many years that as a result of this practice, Guren would be sure to wake up at this time even without the alarm clock.

Guren got out of bed. He was wearing a casual sweatshirt. These few days, in order to repair the body from the interrogation and to recuperate at home, he ignored Kureto’s order and did not go to school, but——regarding the injuries, he couldn’t do much at all. Rather, because Guren could not move his body during the interrogation, his body had become rather stiff.

Guren moved his wrist and neck to check today’s physical condition.

“…… Mm. It’s fine now.”

He muttered as he left the room.

The Ichinose House rented out the two upper floors of the building for Guren, the only pentroom in this mansion block. Guren, Shigure, and Sayuri, the three of them, live in this 5LDK* apartment.

Walking out into the room, he saw Shigure coming out of the living area and bowing.

“Good morning, Guren-sama, it is time for breakfast.”

Then suddenly, Sayuri wearing a sailor uniform and an apron stumbled out from the kitchen.

“Today’s breakfast is fish, Guren-sama. Is this fine with you?”

Guren replied.

“Have I ever objected?”

“No, you haven’t.”

“Then you don’t need to ask.”

“But but, if you tell me what you want to eat, then I’ll be more motivated.”

After listening to her, Guren replied with a smile.


“Not again~”

Sayuri smiled happily and turned back to the kitchen.

Shigure turned to Guren and asked.

“Guren-sama, are you going to school today?”


“Your body is still……?”

Shigure said with a look of concern.

Guren shook his head and replied.

“No, the body is fine, it’s just that there is no need to go. Besides, I’ve already been exposed in a bad way.”

Guren smiled as he spoke, but Shigure could not smile.

“I’ll never forgive the Hiiragi House. They even tortured Guren-sama……”

“It’s not really that much of a torture.”


“Besides, even though I was tortured——no, even though Father was almost killed, we cannot allow anger to get to our weak selves, that would be really regretful. The problem is not with the Hiiragi House. It is that we are powerless ourselves.”


Shigure was unwilling to look at Guren.

When Guren met her gaze, he said.

“Ah, but, this is not your fault. It’s because I didn’t have enough power.”

“No, it’s not……”

Shigure’s expression was one of concern. Guren was very frustrated to see his own subordinates this way.

Then, Sayuri spoke.

“Breakfast is ready~”

Guren nodded and the three of them ate together. Even the coffee was already prepared. It was very meticulous. After breakfast, Guren sat on the sofa and turned on the TV.

The morning news was on. But because Guren rarely watched TV, he didn’t even know who the newscaster was.

But he still continued to stare at the TV and gave an order.

“Sayuri, bring my phone here.”


Sayuri brought his phone over. Guren took it and dialled his home number. After several rings, the call got through.


It was the head of Ichinose House——Guren’s father’s voice.

Guren answered.

“How is your condition?”

“How are you? Heard you were tortured.”

“I’m fine.”

“Is that so?”

“How about you, Father?”

“No problem.”

He’s lying, Guren thought. His heart even stopped during the interrogation. It must have taken more than a few days to recover. He even sounded tired.

But Guren still asked.

“Father right now is very weak, how is everything there then? The leadership is collapsing?”

Ichinose House was badly beaten up by Hiiragi House. The sound of angry voices emerging was not surprising, there was too much despair towards the Ichinose House, so the internal collapse of the『Mikado no Tsuki』——this was expected from within.

But Father answered simply.

“Everyone is already used to it.”

“…… Ah, I see.”

“This is not the first time we have been oppressed by Hiiragi House.”

“…… Ah.”

“And those from the 『Mikado no Tsuki』have always been discriminated against. Even if we wanted to betray them and seek refuge with Hiiragi House, we will never be accepted by them.”


“So don’t worry about this. Compared to this……”

Hearing Father’s words, Guren nodded his head while watching the TV. The time was fast approaching 6am.


“During the six o’clock news, they will lift the ban on information regarding the 《Hyakuya Church》.”

Father said.

At that moment, the news started.

The newscaster that just appeared on TV spoke.

“We have just received a big piece of news. Yesterday, in Ueno, Tokyo, animals were killed by something——this news……”

“Animals were killed?”

Guren muttered. His father on the other end said.

“The conclusion is that the animals were killed by poison. And because of the possible effect of the poison residue, they have sealed off a 500 metre radius from the zoo.”

Guren visualised a map of the area. The zoo is right next to the Ueno Station, so the station must also be sealed off——there are about 200,000 people who use that station on average daily, if it really is sealed off, then that’s a major problem.

Father spoke.

“The trains are probably still in operation. But, the west exit of Ueno Station——where it leads out to the zoo is blocked off.”

“Mm, and then?”

“This information was known at 2am last night. But the information was controlled.”

“Is this the 《Hyakuya Church》’s doing?”


“What on earth happened?”

“I don’t know. It is not clear whether the animals died by poison. But it is true that the area has been sealed off.”

“So, you want me to investigate?”


“I’ll leave it to you. I have only reported what the『Mikado no Tsuki』has found out. It should be useful information to you, eh?”

Father said so.

It should be useful information to you, eh? ——in other words, if Hiiragi House and 《Hyakuya Church》 want to destroy each other, to this absurd daydreaming brat, it might be useful information.

Guren nodded.

“Ah, you’re right. Thanks for your help.”

Silence followed, then Father spoke.



“Don’t fool around. If you’re killed, then it’s meaningless.”

“I know.”

“If you’re dead, strength and rights have no meaning.”


“Ah, forget it. You have more brains than me, so it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Hearing this, Guren laughed and said.

“If I really had brains, then I won’t be so obsessed with power.”


“Alright, I’ll hang up now, Father. I still have things to do.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll visit soon.”

“It’s fine here. You just do what you have to do.”

“Mm. Alright, then I’ll go now.”


Guren hung up. On the TV, the Ueno situation has become a big problem. This is natural. This is a big problem that the surrounding areas in Ueno have been sealed off.

Sayuri spoke.

“Can’t believe there are such cruel people!”

But Guren said.

“Prepare my clothes.”

Hearing this, Shigure asked.

“Your school uniform?”

Guren shook his head.

“No, just casual clothes. I’m going to Ueno……”

Just then, the phone rang.


He looked down at the phone, it was an unrecognisable phone. He pressed the call button and picked it up.

“Who is this?”

Guren asked and the person on the other end replied.

“It’s me.”

Hiiragi Kureto’s voice.

Guren narrowed his eyes and said.

“What do you want?”

Then Kureto replied.

“Nothing much, just heard that you have refused to come to school.”

“It’s because you tortured me.”

“Are you seriously the type of guy that would say something like that?”

“But I’m really weak.”

“Haha, a person that calls himself weak, this is the first I’ve heard of it.”

“Then, what do you want?”

Kureto replied.

“Come to school today.”

“What if I refuse?”

“You don’t have that choice. This is an order. I have something for you to do.”

“What is it?”

“Come then I’ll tell you. See you at the student council room at 9am.”

The call was suddenly cut off. Kureto only cared about what he wanted to say, then hung up.

Guren frowned and looked at the TV again. On TV, there was a professor who had experience in these types of poisons, his face looked knowledgeable and reputable.

At this time, Sayuri called out from behind.

“Guren-sama, for outer wear, would you like the parka or jacket……?”

But Guren interrupted her.

“Change of plans. Bring me my uniform.”

And then he got up from the sofa.

The same route to school.

However, it looked different from usual.

The students looked at Guren from far. Whispering among each other. Usually, someone would have already made trouble, a can of coke flying over would not be unusual.

Sayuri tilted her head and said.

“What on earth is going on?”

Shigure had her guard on and said.

“…… What are these people from Hiiragi House up to?”

Then something happened. The male student who threw the coke earlier came forward.

“Ah, ah, Ichinose-kun.”

His voice was trembling and he called out to Guren. His face had a look of absolute fear.

The male student bowed his head and said.

“That time when I threw that cola at you, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that you were Kureto-sama’s subordinate……”

So this is what’s happened.

The news of Guren being under Hiiragi House had spread to the whole school. Guren ignored that student and continued walking. But, the student spoke again from behind,

“I am really sorry about that! Even if you can’t forgive me, then……”

His voice was trembling that he sounded like he was crying.

Guren didn’t have a choice but to reply.

“You’re forgiven, so just shut up now.”


“So noisy. Just shut your mouth.”

“Tha—thank you!”

He still sounded like he was going to cry.

Then, Shigure looked at Guren.

“…… Just now, what he said.”

Guren nodded.

“It’s true. I just haven’t told you.”

“During the interrogation, you were ordered to become his subordinate?”

But Guren replied to this.

“No. It’s the same as before. We have always been under the Hiiragi House, haven’t we?”

“But, this also means that, pretending to be his subordinate…… But, one day there will be……”

Sayuri interrupted her. For some reason, her voice had a rare tone of blame.



“If Guren-sama said that it has always been the same, then it is exactly what he said.”

Shigure widened her eyes,

“Ah….. I suppose so.”

Almost as if she had understood something, she nodded her head. It looked like she had decided already.

Shigure continued.

For some reason she had an apologetic expression on her face,

“I apologise for being so panic stricken. Guren-sama, the thought that you suffered so much when I wasn’t there, from then onwards, I couldn’t sleep.”

Hearing this, Guren laughed.

“Ha, the one who was tortured was me and you can’t sleep?”

“…… I apologise deeply.”

“But, it can’t be helped that you’re disheartened. Right now, it is difficult to win over Kureto.”

At this moment, it is not an individual’s strength, but the rightful group’s power that will lead to a landslide victory.

Even though I would like to gain power during the conflict between 『Mikado no Tsuki』 and 《Hyakuya Church》, in order to find more about those two beaten out organisations and actively collect information, I know it’s not as simple as that.

Then Shigure nervously said.

“I’m, I’m not that disheartened……”

“If you say so. As long as you’re willing to follow me, then it’s fine.”

Hearing this, Shigure did not speak again. Sayuri, who was seemingly happily blushing, said,

“How about me? I’m also thinking the same thing as Guren-sama, right?”

“You’re too noisy.”


She raised her hand and had an expression of shock on her face as she went over to Shigure’s side. She pouted,

“Only Yuki-chan is that cunning all the time~”

And said so.

Shigure smiled,

“…… Guren-sama surely likes Sayuri!”


“Because Sayuri is always cheerful, and good at cooking, as for me……”

Then Shigure stopped.

Sayuri was also silent.

The two of them looked over with some kind of unexplained expression, but Guren had absolutely no interest in these meaningless conversations.

Guren looked lazily to the side.

At the entrance of the First Shibuya High School was a man standing there with a group of other students.

Brown coloured hair, narrow snake-like eyes. A ring on his lip.

Hiiragi Seishirou.

The guy who viciously beat up Sayuri in the sorcery selection examination.

It looked like Seishirou’s target was Guren, his eyes glared annoyingly at Guren’s direction.

This moment, Shigure and Sayuri reacted. They stepped forward as though to protect Guren.

“Guren-sama, please step back……”

But Guren said.

“Ah, don’t need to protect me. I don’t have to hide my power anymore.”

At the same moment,


A clear expression of joy emerged on Sayuri and Shigure’s faces.

Sayuri said,

“Then, then, then that means that Guren-sama had finally showed his true powers to those people from the Hiiragi House?”

Shigure couldn’t help but be pleased and said.

“Heh, heheh, those people must surely have been shocked. They finally know who they are dealing with……”

This time, Seishirou yelled out.

“Oi, Ichinose rat!”

Guren raised his head.

“What do you want?”

Seishirou laughed.

“Oi, oi, just because Kureto thinks highly of you, your attitude has changed so much? What is it? You have nothing to fear when you look into Kureto’s eyes?”

Hearing Seishirou’s words, those following him laughed. The people here aren’t scared of Kureto. Anyway, it seems that because Seishirou is a Hiiragi, so as long they flatter him, they should be fine.

Seishirou spoke.

“What Kureto does has nothing to do with me. I do whatever the hell I want to do.”

Hearing that alone, Guren had understood. That guy feels inferior to Kureto. Even though they are both Hiiragi, no matter how you look at it, the difference in power between him and the student council president is big.

“I won’t let you off. Besides, it’s so strange to allow someone from the trash Ichinose House to become a subordinate, isn’t it? Don’t you feel the same way?”

He pretended to ask those around him.

The students all burst into laughter.

But not everyone. Only those in Seishirou’s group were laughing. Everyone else is scared of Kureto, so they remain on the sidelines. Always following the stronger side.

After all……

“Besides those with the Hiiragi name, don’t I have the same status as everyone else……”

Guren said softly.

In order not to become overwhelmed, he desperately tried to keep up with the situation and tried to avoid the spotlight.

Seishirou looked towards the other students,

“What the hell are you doing? Laugh dammit!”

And cried out.

However, the other students kept quiet and did not listen to Seishirou.


Seishirou started to become anxious.

Guren watched all this,


And thought that he could use this person.

This man with the Hiiragi name.

This man who is very interested in power, but cannot match up to Kureto. Knowing that he cannot beat him, yet he still refuses to acknowledge this because of his ego, this is very useful indeed.

Guren took a step forward.

“Oi, you bastard, who said you could just move!”


“Don’t you dare ignore me!”



The moment that Guren passed by Seishirou, Seishirou reached out to Guren’s shoulder.

Guren grabbed his arm.

Seishirou reacted quickly. Staring with this eyes, he brushed away Guren’s hand. This movement isn’t a normal kind of fast. Of course, he is a Hiiragi. I’m afraid that he is above even Mito and Goshi.

Seishirou smiled and raised his first and aimed it in Guren’s direction.

“I’ve seriously been underestimated, I’ll teach you to know your own place……”

And violently hit him.

But he was no longer able to speak, Guren had already placed a talisman on Seishirou’s neck. Guren only needed to say the incantation and Seishirou’s throat would be blasted off by the talisman, even his head might come flying off.

Seishirou realised this.

Seishirou got a big shock at Guren’s movement that didn’t seem to match his power, especially having placed a talisman on his own neck. His eyes widened and tried to stop it with his hand, but Guren had already grabbed his hand and pulled it towards his own cheek. Seishirou’s fist had hit the side of his face.


Seishirou lost his balance, and Guren fell together with him.

Looking up at Guren’s body, Seishirou said in shock.

“Your, your…… power, what on earth……”

Guren leaned beside Seishirou’s eye and spoke softly.

“Please keep quiet, Seishirou-sama. I bring a secret message from Hiiragi Tenri-sama.”


Then, as if he understood, Seishirou’s whole body tensed up.

Hiiragi Tenri, the name of the head of the Hiiragi House.

The father of Kureto, Seishirou, and Mahiru.

The house affiliated with 『Mikado no Oni』, one of their top people.

Seishirou stared at Guren and asked.

“Father’s secret order….. what is it?”

Of course it’s bullshit.

But Guren continued.

“I cannot say the details of the matter. But Tenri-sama suspects that there is an inside traitor related to the April attacks by 《Hyakuya Church》.”

“…… Ah.”

“But regarding the current investigations, it appears that Seishirou-sama has been cleared of suspicion.”

Seishirou was nervous to reply.

“Of, of course! The elite Hiiragi blood flows within me!”

Looking at this guy who called himself elite, Guren tried hard to hold back his laughter and continued speaking.

“But, that person has been hiding very well, and he has not revealed his true colours.”

Seishirou carefully considered this.

“Is it Shinya? That guy is always so strange, Also, he is adopted——”

“No. It’s Kureto-sama.”


“Kureto-sama, in order to get rid of the competition between the next candidates for the head of the house Mahiru-sama, that’s what he had done right? This type of interference——”

“Is what Father has deduced?”

Seishirou asked.

But, Guren wilfully put on an expression that showed that he couldn’t say anymore.

“Seishirou-sama. Regarding this matter, please keep it secret——this is an order. If other people find out that I have leaked this out……”

At this, Seishirou nodded his head.

“Of course. If Kureto really is the traitor, then it can’t get out. But, this matter, why did you tell me?”

Hearing this, Guren looked like he had a hard time answer and was being vague.



“It’s really hard to say……”

“Quickly tell me. It’s an order.”

Hearing this order, Guren then said.

“…… What I believe is that Tenri-sama regards you quite highly. Everyone outside thinks that Kureto-sama will be the next candidate, but I think that Tenri-sama doesn’t seem to trust Kureto-sama.”

Obviously hearing this, Seishirou’s expression became very lively.

“So, I believe you show great promise, that……”

“Sucking up to me, eh?”

Guren put on an expression of shame and nodded.

Seishirou suddenly cheered up.

“If this is the case, thank you for telling me.”

“But this matter, Tenri-sama, he……”

“No problem. Don’t worry. Then you being Kureto’s subordinate……”

Guren nodded.

“It’s Tenri-sama’s order. Tenri-sama ordered Kureto-sama to manage the unknown intentions of the Ichinose House trash. But the truth is——”

“You’re monitoring Kureto?”


“Alright, I understand. I’ll help you. Then, what do we do now? Do I forgive you? Or…..”

“Just as usual. I do not want to let Kureto-sama to find out about our relationship.”

Seishirou became happier and happier. To be participating in framing Kureto, he was so happy he couldn’t help himself and nodded vigorously.

“I understand. Then let’s fight.”


“No problem. It won’t hurt.”

Seishirou’s fist flew towards Guren’s face. But there was no pain. It was really ingenious, it looked like Guren had been severely hit, but the fist stopped before it touched the skin.

Seishirou shouted.

“…… Ha, so you know who’s powerful now, you Ichinose trash. If you’ve learnt your lesson, then don’t come after me again!”

Guren lay on the ground and answered.

“…… I apologise deeply.”

Seishirou stood up and said.

“As long as you know it. Oi, let’s get out of here.”

Then, Seishirou and his gang had quickly left. He and his followers were all laughing as they walked off.

Seeing them, Guren couldn’t help but smile. Just like that, Seishirou is dragged into this mess. Believing that lie, even if this misunderstanding continues, his movements will become stranger and stranger. Under such circumstances, so the traitor in contact with 《Hyakuya Church》 could be Seishirou. Asking questions about this development, it should be this simple.

Even if Seishirou found out about this trap, he also can’t explain it so easily. No matter what, this sort of meaningless lie cannot be seen through, for someone with the Hiiragi name, it’s bad for him.

So Seishirou already cannot get out of this trap.

Guren sat up.

Then Shigure and Sayuri came over.

Shigure spoke.

“Ah, Guren-sama.”

“What is it?”

“I thought that you would give that guy a severe beating.”

But instead Guren smiled and answered.

“No, I can’t possibly give the guy who beat up Sayuri this kind of outcome.”


Sayuri made a sound.

Guren stood up and asked.

“So, how much did you see? Did you see the talisman I pulled out?”

The both of them were surprised and shook their heads. Looks like they didn’t see anything. That’s good. If these two couldn’t see it, then what just transpired, I’m sure no one else saw it too.


“You two need more practice.”

After Guren said this, Sayuri then asked.

“Then, Guren-sama. What happened just now?”

“I won’t tell those who couldn’t see it.”


Shigure then spoke.

“To be beaten up so badly, but still no injuries. This is to say that you weren’t hit at all? It seemed that you and Seishirou had said something…… As your attendants, we would like to fully grasp the situation.”

Guren replied to this.

“My subordinates may be forced to drink truth serum during torture, so I will not reveal what happened to you.”

Then Sayuri said.

“That’s not a problem. Before the torture, I would think of a way to commit suicide, we have long been trained to……”

But, Guren interrupted her.

“That’s why. If I don’t reveal this information to you, then you won’t have to kill yourself. So, this is how it is for now. I’ll ask for your help when the situation has progressed a bit. So……”

Now that I’ve done this, the gears have begun to move.

While I don’t want to reveal the situation with Seishirou, but, if I really want to get involved in the war between《Hyakuya Church》 and 『Mikado no Oni』, then in order to come up on top between this fight, I need to make a drastic move.

If I don’t do this, I’ll get further away from Mahiru.

So I have to act.

What can be done before this point of time, I didn’t know. But, according to Mahiru, the world will be destroyed at Christmas. Although it is not clear what kind of disaster it would be, but it is clear that it will bring about chaos.

But, before that, I have to build up a strong position.

Now it’s June.

Only six more months.

So Guren said.

“…… It might be that our days at school are numbered. I’m afraid that we might be involved in the war. If this is the case, even if you don’t die, others will. The worst case scenario is that everyone will end up dead. So before we come to this, let’s happily enjoy the last moments at school. It might be your last chance to wear the school uniform.”

Saying this, watching his two attendants wearing the sailor uniform, Guren smiled.

*5LDK stands for 5 bedrooms, Living room, Dining room, Kitchen. This is how Japanese homes are described in real estate ads.   

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