Owari no Seraph - Volume 2 - Chapter Ep

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Volume 2 Epilogue – Sayuri’s Love

“…… Ah, Guren-sama.”

A girl’s voice.

Guren opened his eyes slightly after hearing her.

“Guren-sama. Guren-sama.”

The girl continued to call his name. Guren already knew who it was.


Guren looked towards the direction of the voice. Then realised where he was.

Not at the school in Shibuya.

And also not at Ueno where he lost consciousness.

He is in the Aichi mountains where only the Ichinose House and followers of the 『Mikado no Tsuki』live. In a big mansion in the town centre, Guren was resting in the bedroom inside.

Sayuri had been waiting on the other side of the sliding door the entire time. Whenever he was injured during training, Sayuri and Shigure would be taking turns taking care of him.

Sayuri opened the slide doors slightly.

Guren looked at her and tried to get up.

Sayuri, suddenly widened her eyes,

“You’re, you’re awake!”

Her voice was full of joy. Sayuri rushed into the rush, no, more than that, she threw herself on Guren and hugged him tightly.

Due to the pressure on his body, Guren’s chest suddenly started hurting. Looks like a broken rib. Left hand also feels heavy. Not only my fingers, but the whole arm was in plaster.

Sayuri almost started to cry.

“You haven’t woken up, I was worried to death! Guren-sama, you’ve already…… been in a coma for a month…… Everyone, everyone said that you wouldn’t wake up…… I…… I never believed……”

From her words, I roughly figured out what happened.

Sayuri couldn’t hold back the tears in her eyes. Her face became wet. To hide her embarrassment, Sayuri put her face on Guren’s chest,


And started to cry.

Guren lowered his head and saw Sayuri crying,


It has already been…… a month, huh?

It should be July now.

This has been a long period of time. A really, really long period of time. Since the situation can change at a moment’s notice, a month can be deadly.

Guren stroked Sayuri’s head on his chest and sat up.

Guren wanted to confirm the time, but there was no clock in the room. But, from the half-opened sliding door, he could tell it was late at night.

Guren asked.

“…… What is the date today?”

But Sayuri was still,


Crying on his chest.

Guren smiled wryly and stroked her hair until she calmed down. Then asked again,

“Sayuri, what date is it today?”

Sayuri lifted her head from his chest with a look of annoyance on her face and said.

“…… You still care about the date in your situation?”


“…… Please don’t do any more dangerous things. You’re always making everyone worried about you. Even if I had a few lives, it wouldn’t be enough!”


“Why don’t you just live here peacefully? Like Guren-sama’s father, just live here peacefully away from the centre of it all.”

I’ve been lectured by Sayuri.

Peacefully live life——

Indeed, this is a choice. Grovelling at Hiiragi family’s feet, living in fear like a slave——I also really don’t have this choice.

That is, it’s just not for me. I’ve never even thought of this before.

Guren spoke.

“It really is dangerous following me. If you don’t want to any more, I can remove you from……”

Sayuri angrily interrupted him.

“I never thought about leaving you!”


“I don’t mean it that way!”

Sayuri started to cry again. She looked at Guren, her face started to redden——

“Guren-sama, you’ve always……”

Saying that, Sayuri went silent.

Guren asked.

“Always what?”

Sayuri did not say a word.

“Always what? Don’t just stop halfway.”

Sayuri raised her eyebrows and stuttered.

“Guren-sama, up until now, you’ve always……”

“Spit it out.”

“Always liked Hiiragi Mahiru?”

Sayuri asked the question finally.

When she said it, tears overflowed from Sayuri’s eyes. Like they had been accumulating for a long time.

“…… The reason why you’ve never stopped gaining power was to take back Hiiragi Mahiru?”

Her voice was shaking.

It seems she has been thinking about this the whole time. Guren looked at Sayuri silently. It seemed that Sayuri was a bit shy that she buried her head in his chest again.

“I’m, I’m sorry…… I’m just talking nonsense….. and starting crying……”

Her words choking.

Guren shook his head.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“…… B, but……”

“You’re right. I did all this for one selfish reason, you see……”

Sayuri then interrupted him.

“No, that’s not it!”

“Not it?”

“No, I’m not blaming you.”

“Then what is it?”

Then a “uuuh~” sound came from Sayuri. Almost like she was moaning. After a few “uuuh~”, she looked determined and then said,

“…… Ah, ah, this……”


“Actually, I was jealous…… Guren-sama, you really like Hiiragi Mahiru…… I, I……”


“So there is no room left for me……”


Guren tiredly said.

“So you wanted to say that?”

“Ehhhhhhh, what, what are you saying? I really took a lot of courage to say that.”

Sayuri looked surprised.

But Guren frowned and replied.

“Didn’t I just wake up from a coma? Don’t drag me into your foolish conversations.”

“Fool, foolish…… No, no, no, talking about that during this time would not be very sensible……”

As Sayuri looked at Guren, her face turned bright red,

“Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’ve accidentally confessed!!!!!!”

Now Sayuri was screaming.

Really so noisy.

Guren really wanted to laugh. In fact, he smiled. Then his ribs started to ache.

Sayuri noticed it,

“Ah, ah, Guren-sama, are you in pain?”

Hearing her concern, Guren shook his head.

“No, not a problem.”

“Then, Guren-sama……”

“What do you want to say now?”

Sayuri spoke. She stared straight at Guren.

“…… Then, I, I’m unable to fill the gap in Guren-sama’s heart?”

Guren didn’t expect her to ask this. After that mangled confession, her expression this time was serious.

It looked at Sayuri made up her mind to tell me this after I woke up.

Her face was all red, but she looked serious.

“I really admire Guren-sama.”

Guren looked at Sayuri. From the ajar sliding door behind, the moonlight fell on her, making her look very elegant.

If she wasn’t following me, she would be a normal, happy high school student. Good style, intelligent, blessed with good looks. There is no need for a girl like her to be fighting to the death against enemies.

And also to like someone like me who might die at any time,

“You’re an idiot.”

Hearing Guren’s words, Sayuri smiled.

“Liking Guren-sama, this feeling, ah so silly~ I have…… ahh~ I’ve only ever thought about it twice.”

“Haha, really?”


But Guren replied.

“I cannot respond to your feelings.”

All of a sudden, Sayuri changed her expression.

“Then, then, I really……”

“No, it’s not that I hate you.”


“I just don’t have time. Your foolish ambitions are a handful for me. So you should just give up”

“That, that, that, but, but, then, that means I still have a chance?”

“No, I said you should give up……”

“But you don’t hate me right?”


“So that means that you like me?”

“What on earth is your train of thought?”

“Ah then can you touch my head one more time?”

Sayuri was ready to hug Guren,

“Alright, STOP~!”

Then the sliding doors opened and Shigure rushed in and gave Sayuri a kick.


Then Sayuri went flying out. Shigure looked at the Sayuri rolling on the ground and said in a low voice,

“Sneak—ing a—round? ——Isn’t that a bit too much?”


“Before your confession, I was protecting you as a friend, but now, I can’t!”

“But, but, Yuki-chan, I wanted my head to be touched one more time!”

“That aside, haven’t you forgotten that Guren-sama was in a coma for a month! Have some self-restraint!”

“Auh, yes.”

Sayuri nodded.

Shigure looked at Guren and asked.

“Guren-sama, how is your body?”

Guren replied.

“I’m fine.”

Guren said as he moved his body. His body was more flexible that he expected. Generally speaking, being bedridden for a month would have weakened the body, but it didn’t happen to him.


Then Guren looked at his right hand. His arm was fully grown and his fingers were flexible. He used his fingers to strongly grab the tatami mat. Even his fingers got stuck into it.

Then, there was a voice in his head.

Mahiru’s voice.

『But you’re no longer human. Though your arm was cut in half, you can even see a scar on it. A little by little, your soul……』

Is being devoured by the《Oni》——that was what she wanted to say.

Guren looked at his right hand, then stood up. He lifted the sleeve of his yukata. Where his arm was cut, there really wasn’t a scar there.

“My hand…… what happened?”

Shigure answered.

“Apparently it was fractured, but you have showed great resilience. The cast was taken out in just two weeks.”

Shigure was referring to the left hand. Looks like she doesn’t know anything about what happened to the right. So that means that before I lost consciousness, my right hand was already fine.

No, even the fracture. The left hand that was injured by the vampire couldn’t have healed that quickly. But, she said that they took off the cast in two weeks. Is this healing ability human?

“Hand me my phone. The one that isn’t bugged.”

Shigure took out a phone from her pocket. Looks like this is a new one. Shigure always prepares a few phones.Guren dialled the number for the『Mikado no Tsuki』sorcery research lab.

“Guren-sama——so you’re really awake?”

“Yeah, sorry to have made you worry. This time, I need you to do something for me.”

“What can I do?”

“About the 《Kiju》research, are we still doing it?”

“You mean……《Kiju》? But that is a curse that cannot be developed……”

Guren interrupted the other person.

“Someone has succeeded. I’ve touched their equipment and I may have been cursed.”


The other person immediately became nervous.

“So we need to find a way to resolve this. The experiment subject will be me. Study the curse inside my body, and then we can also progress with the 《Kiju》research.”

“…… I understand. Then when shall we start……”



Guren hung up the phone. Then turned to Sayuri and Shigure next to him and asked.

“Tell me. The chimera body part that I was holding, did the Hiiragi House take it away?”

The two of them tilted their heads and thought for a while,

“Body part? Guren-sama, you weren’t holding any such thing like a body part.”

Then, Guren understood who took it. Shinya.

“Sayuri, what’s Shinya’s number?”

Sayuri told Guren. Guren immediately dialled it.


Guren didn’t say anything and quickly hung up.

Then, Shinya used another number to call again.

“Alright, who are you? You didn’t have to worry even if you had said something, that phone wasn’t tapped.”

Guren spoke.

“Because you’re not that important to the Hiiragi House?”

“Ohh, you’re Guren. So you’re finally awake?”


“I even thought you had died. Mito couldn’t stop crying.”

“Haha, that’s fine with me.”

“So, now, what’s the reason for this call? The chimera piece?”

“Yes. So did you take it? Or the Hiiragi House?”

Shinya replied to his question.

“I’ve hidden it.”

“Give it back.”

“Haha, I thought you’d say something like that. But, I’m not that confident that I can conceal this from the Hiiragi House and 《Hyakuya Church》while I send it over to Aichi. So Guren come back to Tokyo. There is no truth there.”


“And the 《Hyakuya Church》is going to initiate contact. Because Mahiru had betrayed them, they hope to get some information from us. About the 《Kiju》 and the chimera business, it seems that they might reveal some information to us.”


“Together with me, engulf the Hiiragi House from the inside……”

Then, Guren,

“You’re an idiot, you’ve said too much.”

And immediately hung up.

Ten days have passed since then.

It was already in the middle of July.

Soon it would be the summer vacation.

Guren was once again in class at First Shibuya High School. But he was totally late, it was already 8:15.

It was the middle of the morning period. Homeroom teacher Aichi Saia was in front at the podium talking to the class.

Guren opened the doors to the classroom.

And walked in.

Then all at once, the students and homeroom teacher looked at him.

Of course, this also meant Mito and Goshi.

Mito looked shocked, then her face full of happiness, she looked like she was almost going to cry.

Goshi was also smiling happily.

But Guren ignored them all. He just walked into the classroom and sat at his seat.

Shinya who was seated next to him greeted him.

“Hey, welcome back.”

“Just shut up.”

“You’ve arrived a bit late.”

“I had a lot of things to do.”

“Really? I also have a lot of interesting things to report to you.”

“You talk too much.”

“And you’re always saying such mean things.”


“Hehe, doesn’t matter. While you were being Sleeping Beauty, the war has progressed a lot. So let’s work hard together eh?”

Hearing Shinya’s words, Guren looked at the classroom, then turned to look outside the window. He gazed outside, his mood the same as the cloudless sky.

If what Mahiru said is true——

If the world will really end this Christmas, then this might be the world’s last peaceful summer.

Staring at the piercing sun, Guren muttered softly.

“My war had already begun during my childhood.”


Shinya seemed like he didn’t hear what Guren had said, so Guren didn’t say any more.

He only continued to stare outside the window at the sun that seemed to make people drowsy.

“It’s hot as hell, damn.”

Guren complained softly.

The time was ticking away, second by second.

Towards the end of the world.

Towards the bloodline of the World.

It is a day that no one wishes it would come.

No, no one would even think of such a thing.

However, the time still ticks away, towards the end of the world.

Later, there would be people who would say, humans are too arrogant.

And other people who would say, humans have committed the unforgiveable sin.

This is the truth of the story.

Before the extinction of humanity——until the end of the Seraph sound their horn, the hammer of judgement will fall on the world, humans will sadly struggle to call out the story of love——

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