Chapter 470: 470

Chapter 470: Watch Your Mouth

In the few days that followed, Fang Zhao spent most of his time in the art and cultural center with the students .

The students also found that Fang Zhao matched the remarkable reports about him . Regardless whether the topic was firearms, mechas or art examinations, Fang Zhao could keep up .

At the beginning, Gu Mang had even been worried that Fang Zhao wouldn’t be able to control the young students . They had all grown up on Planet Yin, which was a much different environment . There were bound to be some conflicting views during the rehearsal process .

Gu Mang was especially wary of a few of the troublemakers and had decided to seek them out for a private chat . However, after observing for two days, he realized that there was no need for it .

Gu Mang didn’t have anything to do so he went to find other instructors to chat .

Rest lounge in the art and cultural center .

“Gu Mang, why do I feel that you have a lot of free time recently?” someone asked .

“I’m not needed at the rehearsal . Fang Zhao is more than enough, so I don’t have much to do besides chatting with you guys . ” Gu Mang pulled over a chair and sat down .

An instructor beside Gu Mang raised an eyebrow . “Fang Zhao is directing the whole orchestra alone? You didn’t get anyone to assist him?”

“I did! But there is nothing to worry about . Fang Zhao is handling it personally . He wrote the musical score and even personally conducts during rehearsals . ”

“Can’t others share the workload? We also have professional musicians here . ”

“It’s not the same . Nobody can compare with Fang Zhao when it comes to understanding the chosen piece . ”

A thought occurred to the other instructor and he gave a wry smile . “Those rascals aren’t causing any trouble??”

“They are well-behaved!” Gu Mang replied .

“Tsk, Gu Mang, you can tell that to an outsider, but there is no need to pretend in front of us . Aren’t we all too familiar with the mischief those kids get up to?”

“Eh, I am really telling the truth this time . If you don’t believe me, you can go down and take a look at any time . ” Gu Mang chortled .

The other instructors really didn’t believe it . They hurried over to observe the youth orchestra together before returning with surprised looks on their faces .

“A rare sight, right? It’s like they’ve undergone a personality swap . Maybe they’re past that phase now?”

Gu Mang recalled something and began laughing . “Of course it isn’t that simple . Just yesterday, during the rehearsals, a Heavy Mecha student didn’t perform too well so Fang Zhao had a talk with him . ”

The other few instructors revealed knowing grins .

Heavy Mechas generally rushed to the front during battle and were bold and fierce . Those who came from this specialization usually had similar personalities .

Sometimes, these brash youths could be too overwhelming . It wasn’t something any random person could handle .

Were those youngsters really that easy to keep in line?

They weren’t the type to give in to others that easily . How could they simply accept the command of an outsider?

Against Fang Zhao, that Heavy Mecha student was the vanguard .

“What did he do?” the instructor asked .

“He hollered at Fang Zhao, saying, ‘Bring it on if you can!’”

“And then?”

“Fang Zhao really took him on . ”


“In a musical showdown or in…” An instructor put on a boxing stance and threw some air punches .

“Both . They competed with instruments and martial ability . It has to be said, Fang Zhao is really talented!”

“Wasn’t that a tremendous psychological blow to the student?”

“No, Fang Zhao is very considerate . From my observations, there wasn’t any lasting psychological damage . After that, the students were more well-behaved during rehearsal time . ”

“I say, those troublemakers need to learn some discipline! Instrument showdowns at the drop of a hat! Who do they think they are?”

“Youths are ignorant . They need to understand that there is always someone better than them!”

“Look at this incident . That student seems to know his place now . They are well-behaved because Fang Zhao can keep them under control!”

“But, back to the topic . I just saw the program plan for them . It isn’t any less intensive than our normal program . I feel exhausted just from watching Fang Zhao handle so many matters all by himself . Can he sustain this?”

In the past, he had seen a number of Fang Zhao’s past deeds on authoritative media outlets . Fang Zhao’s constitution was definitely slightly stronger than that of other artists . But, he had thought that Fang Zhao would have some difficulty dealing with students with military training since Fang Zhao was from the art field .

“Yeah, I see these other invited artists all brought along helpers . Those assistants are well versed in art and can fight, so they should be quite helpful . Did Fang Zhao bring along an assistant?”

Gu Mang had a complex expression . “He did, but his assistant is looking after his dog . His assistant wouldn’t be able to help much anyways since he doesn’t have a music background . ”

Another instructor shook his head and lamented, “Fang Zhao is really too young and lacks experience! He should have brought along a helper . I see others have assistants who help with planning and instruction, while his assistant is actually busy walking the dog!”

“One assistant and two bodyguards, actually . They’re all looking after his dog . I don’t know what he is thinking . I just can’t understand how the minds of young people work nowadays,” Gu Mang said .

“He is but a slave to his dog!”

“I heard that dog is worth a lot!”

Gu Mang sighed . “Who knows . When I was over there, I saw him checking messages about his dog . During breaks, he even calls to ask about it!”

At this very time, Fang Zhao, the person being discussed by all these instructors, was in a call with Nanfeng .

It was currently break time, but Fang Zhao wasn’t actually calling to check in on Curly Hair’s behavior .

This morning, Planet Yin’s spaceport inspection team had come looking for Fang Zhao . They wanted to invite Curly Hair to the spaceport . Some spaceport service dogs were having their examinations . The inspection team wanted Curly Hair to come try it out to compare him against Planet Yin’s service dogs .

Fang Zhao wasn’t too bothered about the examinations . His main concern was whether Curly Hair would be able to keep his mouth shut once he became excited . He had sent all three of Nanfeng, Zuo Yu and Yan Biao to watch Curly Hair, but he still didn’t feel at ease . He had requested Nanfeng to send an update every half an hour .

Nanfeng spoke to Fang Zhao via video chat . “Hello, Boss, we are still at the spaceport . Everything is fine here!”

The spaceport wasn’t a place where video calls were freely permitted . Cameras weren’t allowed to be turned on there . Video calls could only be taken in designated area .

Nanfeng was surrounded by four walls, and there weren’t any items that suggested he was in a military facility . Even the table, chairs and lights were all generic models .

“Has the examination started yet?” Fang Zhao asked .

“Not yet . It appears there was some issue at the mines, so they were sent on an impromptu mission . They just got back half an hour ago,” Nanfeng explained the situation to Fang Zhao briefly .

“The majority of service dogs here on Planet Yin are large-sized . There are only two medium-sized dogs, and none that are small-sized . Curly Hair is the smallest over here . However, our Curly Curls isn’t afraid of them! He even went up to greet them!”

Nanfeng beamed as he recalled the scene just now . “Boss, do you know? Curly Hair doesn’t pale in comparison to those impressive looking Planet Yin dogs . He really makes us proud . ”

There was a subtle change in Fang Zhao’s tone . “…He what?”

Nanfeng was beaming with pride and wasn’t able to detect the change in Fang Zhao’s tone .

“Nothing much . Curly Hair just went over to greet those Planet Yin dogs . ”

“How did he do that?” Fang Zhao asked .

“He just went over to sniff and lick the lead dog . Don’t worry, Boss . They didn’t fight . It really was just licking . ”

“How did the dog that was licked react?” Fang Zhao asked .

“Like it was scared . It tucked its tail back and even yelped . Afterwards, it avoided Curly Hair whenever they met . ” Nanfeng sounded very pleased . “Our Little Curls is just so impressive!”

In Nanfeng’s opinion, everything was rather ordinary . Some large service dogs could be capable and still have timid natures . Some could even be afraid of small dogs .

Fang Zhao raised an eyebrow . He didn’t let Nanfeng continue and said, “Put Curly Hair on . I want to speak to him . ”

“Alright! Come, Curly Hair . Boss wants to talk to you . ” Nanfeng directed the communications device lens towards Curly Hair .

Curly Hair came over with a droopy tail and whimpered as though he had a guilty conscience .

Fang Zhao stared at Curly Hair without saying anything . Curly Hair’s ears drooped down .

Then, Fang Zhao said two things .

“Behave . ”

“Watch your mouth . ”

Nanfeng shuddered from the two seemingly ordinary commands .


Certainly, Curly Hair had just been reprimanded again! Perhaps he would be sent to face the wall later!

Nanfeng was puzzled as to why Curly Hair was reprimanded .

Why is Boss being so strict towards a dog?

Wasn’t it just a lick?

“What did he do wrong?” Nanfeng whispered to Zuo Yu .

“I don’t think he did anything wrong,” Zuo Yu replied .

What was wrong with a dog licking another dog?

Nothing was wrong with that!

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