Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari


Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction.

As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!

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3 Years, 8 Months ago

The novel starts strong, but the ending sort of slips up. Turns out that the original ending for this, that the author had in mind, was a bad end, and due to the outcry of fans, he extended the ending to give it one that resonated better with the fans, a good ending. While it succeeded in being a better ending, it still ended up feeling a little rushed. If you can work past that, and the huge amount of absolute bullshit that is inflicted upon our protagonist during the early arcs by various bad guys, then I’d highly recommend reading this wherever you can, and supporting it if you have the cash.

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